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Jiu Jitsu for Small People

Author : Bryan DeLuca
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The Prepper Next Door

Author : Charlie Palmer
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A book for practical preppers (those planning for emergencies or disasters). Discusses food storage, water purification and collection, sanitation, first-aid, bug-out bags, bug-out vehicles, home and self-defense, firearms and shooting, providing lights and utilities, and aspects of home construction. -- AUTHOR BIO Charlie Palmer became a prepper back in the early 1980s when he first read The Survivor newsletter. Today he recommends people make modest preparations for natural disasters and other emergencies. His interests include do-it-yourself repairs, shooting, welding, machining, and outdoor survivial.

Fight Write

Author : Carla Hoch
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Whether a side-street skirmish or an all-out war, fight scenes bring action to the pages of every kind of fiction. But a poorly done or unbelievable fight scene can ruin a great book in an instant. In Fight Write you'll learn practical tips, terminology, and the science behind crafting realistic fight scenes for your fiction. Broken up into "Rounds," trained fighter and writer Carla Hoch guides you through the many factors you'll need to consider when developing battles and brawls. • In Round 1, you will consider how the Who, When, Where, and Why questions affect what type of fight scene you want to craft. • Round 2 delves into the human factors of biology (think fight or flight and adrenaline) and psychology (aggression and response to injuring or killing another person). • Round 3 explores different fighting styles that are appropriate for different situations: How would a character fight from a prone position versus being attacked in the street? What is the vocabulary used to describe these styles? • Round 4 considers weaponry and will guide you to select the best weapon for your characters, including nontraditional weapons of opportunity, while also thinking about the nitty-gritty details of using them. • In Round 5, you'll learn how to accurately describe realistic injuries sustained from the fights and certain weapons, and what kind of injuries will kill a character or render them unable to fight further. By taking into account where your character is in the world, when in history the fight is happening, what the character's motivation for fighting is, and much more, you'll be able write fight scenes unique to your plot and characters, all while satisfying your reader's discerning eye.

Global Perspectives on Women in Combat Sports

Author : Christopher R. Matthews
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This volume offers a wide-reaching overview of current academic research on women's participation in combat sports within a range of different national and trans-national contexts, detailing many of the struggles and opportunities experienced by women at various levels of engagement within sports such as boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts.


Author : David Baldacci
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Redemption is the fifth heart-pounding Memory Man thriller from number one international bestseller David Baldacci. FBI consultant Amos Decker returns to the scene of a family tragedy, and is confronted by more than just painful memories. A felon on a mission. When Decker returns to Burlington, Ohio, he is tracked down by his first homicide arrest, Meryl Hawkins, a man who still maintains his innocence. A rookie’s mistake. With Hawkins recently released from his life sentence, Decker finds himself questioning what had once seemed watertight evidence. Is the real killer still out there? A murderer at large. As the body count rises in a new crime spree, Decker and his former partner Mary Lancaster dig deeper and reopen the old case – and old wounds. Back in his home town and plagued by the ghosts of his past, Amos Decker is compelled to discover the confronting truth in the fifth Memory Man thriller of David Baldacci’s number one bestselling series.

The Simple Truth

Author : David Baldacci
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The Simple Truth is a tense courtroom drama with a fast-paced plot from bestselling author, David Baldacci. As a young conscripted soldier, Rufus Harms was jailed for the brutal killing of a schoolgirl. Yet, after twenty-five hard years of incarceration, a stray letter from the US army reveals new facts about the night of the murder – and the evil secret shared by some of Washington's most powerful men. Fearful for his life, Harms seizes his one chance to escape. But within hours the only people who knew about the letter have been hunted down and eliminated. As the unknown assassins close in on Harms, ex-cop turned criminal attorney John Fiske is drawn into the web. His younger brother is already a victim, the woman he loves is under threat. For the truth and the chance of a future, he will never give up the fight. But for both men time is already running out. Their enemy is buried deep within the system and completely ruthless when protecting the truth . . .

Yoga Journal

Author :
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For more than 30 years, Yoga Journal has been helping readers achieve the balance and well-being they seek in their everyday lives. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds. We are dedicated to providing in-depth, thoughtful editorial on topics such as yoga, food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel, and fashion and beauty.

Combat Sports Medicine

Author : Ramin Kordi
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Sports medicine and sports science are relatively new and rapidly developing fields of knowledge. During the past 2 decades, a significant body of scientific knowledge has been published in these areas. However, there is a demand for practical ref- ences which address sports medicine and science in the context of different sports. This demand is higher in some sports including combat sports, which are highly physically and mentally demanding, and cause challenging issues such as risk of blood-borne infections, weight reduction, head injuries, stress management, and safety for women and children. This book has been developed to meet the needs of the practitioners who work with combat sports athletes in order to improve their health and performance. Combat sports include four Olympic sports (boxing, wrestling, judo, and t- kwondo) and other popular sports such as karate, kick boxing, and Wushu. These sports are popular in most countries of the world, both at competitive and rec- ational levels. Combat sports are practiced by people of different ages for a variety of reasons such as to gain fitness and health benefits and to learn self-defense.

The Homing Beacon of Martial Arts

Author : Adrien Breton
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This book presents a harmonized approach to three major martial arts namely, karate, jiu-jitsu, and judo. The first part deals with the philosophical aspect of life and looks at how balance should be achieved between opposites such as soft and hard, hot and cold, violence and non-violence, masculine and feminine, etc. (yin-yang) which are found in nature, rather than adopting the modern tendency which is to try to favour only one side of the equation to the detriment of the other. It illustrates how martial arts can help us develop ""mastery"" of these so-called opposites so as to live in harmony with our spiritual being instead of ignoring it and favouring the development of the ego, source of all our misery. The second part of the book covers the basic technical aspect of gross and fine motor skills and is addressed to advanced practitioners. It stresses the need to keep an open mind with reference to cultures and provides an extensive glossary (Japanese, English, and French).

The Invention of Martial Arts

Author : Paul Bowman
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"The Invention of Martial Arts examines the media history of what we now call 'martial arts' and argues that martial arts is a cultural construction that was born in film, TV and other media. It argues that 'martial arts' exploded into popular consciousness entirely thanks to the work of media. Of course, the book does not deny the existence of real, material histories and non-media dimensions in martial arts practices. But it thoroughly recasts the status of such histories, combining recent myth-busting findings in historical martial arts research with important insights into the discontinuous character of history, the widespread 'invention of tradition', the orientalism and imagined geographies that animate many ideas about history, and the frequent manipulation of history for reasons of status, cultural capital, private or public power, politics, and/or financial gain. In doing so, The Invention of Martial Arts argues for the primacy of media representation as key player in the emergence and spread of martial arts. This argument overturns the dominant belief that 'real practices' are primary, while representations are secondary. The book makes its case via historical analysis of the British media history of such Eastern and Western martial arts as Bartitsu, jujutsu, judo, karate, tai chi and MMA across a range of media, from newspapers, comics and books to cartoon, film and TV series, as well as television adverts and music videos, focusing on key but often overlooked texts such as adverts for 'Hai Karate', the 1970s disco hit 'Kung Fu Fighting', and many other mainstream and marginal media texts"--