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Early Modern Cultures of Translation

Author : Karen Newman
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"Would there have been a Renaissance without translation?" Karen Newman and Jane Tylus ask in their Introduction to this wide-ranging group of essays on the uses of translation in an era formative for the modern age. The early modern period saw cross-cultural translation on a massive scale. Humanists negotiated status by means of their literary skills as translators of culturally prestigious Greek and Latin texts, as teachers of those same languages, and as purveyors of the new technologies for the dissemination of writing. Indeed, with the emergence of new vernaculars and new literatures came a sense of the necessary interactions of languages in a moment that can truly be defined as "after Babel." As they take their starting point from a wide range of primary sources—the poems of Louise Labé, the first Catalan dictionary, early printed versions of the Ptolemy world map, the King James Bible, and Roger Williams's Key to the Language of America—the contributors to this volume provide a sense of the political, religious, and cultural stakes for translators, their patrons, and their readers. They also vividly show how the very instabilities engendered by unprecedented linguistic and technological change resulted in a far more capacious understanding of translation than what we have today. A genuinely interdisciplinary volume, Early Modern Cultures of Translation looks both east and west while at the same time telling a story that continues to the present about the slow, uncertain rise of English as a major European and, eventually, world language. Contributors: Gordon Braden, Peter Burke, Anne Coldiron, Line Cottegnies, Margaret Ferguson, Edith Grossman, Ann Rosalind Jones, Lázló Kontler, Jacques Lezra, Carla Nappi, Karen Newman, Katharina N. Piechocki, Sarah Rivett, Naomi Tadmor, Jane Tylus.

Handbook of Graph Theory Second Edition

Author : Jonathan L. Gross
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In the ten years since the publication of the best-selling first edition, more than 1,000 graph theory papers have been published each year. Reflecting these advances, Handbook of Graph Theory, Second Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the main topics in pure and applied graph theory. This second edition—over 400 pages longer than its predecessor—incorporates 14 new sections. Each chapter includes lists of essential definitions and facts, accompanied by examples, tables, remarks, and, in some cases, conjectures and open problems. A bibliography at the end of each chapter provides an extensive guide to the research literature and pointers to monographs. In addition, a glossary is included in each chapter as well as at the end of each section. This edition also contains notes regarding terminology and notation. With 34 new contributors, this handbook is the most comprehensive single-source guide to graph theory. It emphasizes quick accessibility to topics for non-experts and enables easy cross-referencing among chapters.

Sweetness and Strength

Author : Lene Østermark-Johansen
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First published in 1998, this volume explores the reinvention of Michelangelo in the Victorian era. At the opening of the nineteenth century, Michelangelo’s reputation rested on the evidence of contemporary adulation recorded by Vasari and Condivi. Travel, photography, the shift of his drawings into public collections, and, in particular, the publication of his poems in their original form, transformed this situation. The complexity of his work commanded new attention and several biographies were published. As public curiosity and knowledge of the artist increased, so various groups began to ally themselves to aspects of Michelangelo’s persona. His Renaissance reputation as a towering genius, a man of great spiritual courage, who had journeyed through and for his art to the depths of despair, was important to the Pre-Raphaelites and other artists. His love for his own ‘Dark Lady’, Vittoria Colonna, aroused excited speculation among High Church advocates, who celebrated his friendship with the deeply religious woman-poet; and the emerging awareness that some half of his love poetry was dedicated to a younger man, Tommaso de’ Cavalieri, was of intense interest to the aestheticists, among them Oscar Wilde, Walter Pater and J.A. Symonds, who sought heroic figures from societies where masculinity was less rigorously defined. In this original and beautifully illustrated study, Lene Østermark-Johansen shows how the critical discussion of the artist’s genius and work became irretrievably bound up in contemporary debates about art, religion and gender and how the Romantic view of art and criticism as self-expression turned the focus from the work of art to the artist himself such that the two could never again be viewed in isolation.

Commerce Business Daily

Author :
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The Pictorial Field book of the Revolution

Author : Benson John Lossing
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This work is a pictorial history of the American Revolution.

The pictorial field book of the Revolution or Illustrations by pen and pencil of the War for independence

Author : Benson John Lossing
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Gardner s Art through the Ages Backpack Edition Book F Non Western Art Since 1300

Author : Fred S. Kleiner
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GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES: BACKPACK EDITION, BOOK F: NON-WESTERN ART SINCE 1300 is part of an easy-to-carry, six-volume set. Author and award-winning scholar-professor Fred Kleiner continues to set the standard for art history textbooks, combining impeccable and authoritative scholarship with an engaging approach that discusses the most significant artworks and monuments in their full historical and cultural contexts. The most widely read and respected history of art and architecture in the English language for over 85 years, the book's 15th edition includes nearly 200 new images, new pedagogical box features, images that have been upgraded for clarity and color-fidelity, revised and improved maps and architectural reconstructions, and more. Over 40 reviewers -- both generalists and specialists -- contributed to the accuracy and readability of this edition. GARDNER's has built its stellar reputation on up-to-date and extensive scholarship, reproductions of unsurpassed quality, the consistent voice of a single storyteller, and more online resources and help for students and instructors than any other art survey text. For half-year and Western-only courses, books within the six-book set can be purchased individually. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Drawings of Choice from a New York Collection

Author : Josef Helfenstein
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Drawings of Choicereflects the wide range of contemporary drawing—from the casual sketch To The elaborate picture, presenting preparatory studies as well as accomplished, technically labored drawings. The book includes works by 46 artists from an extraordinary, privately held collection of contemporary American drawings from the 1960s To The present that emphasize the crucial role that drawings play in the development of the artistic process. Represented are works by prominent American artists, As well as younger, lesser-known artists. The collection is particularly strong in its group of minimal and conceptual art from the 1960s and 1970s, by artists such as Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Richard Serra, and Lawrence Weiner. The very personal character of this collection and especially its exceptionally high level of quality make it a perfect subject For The study and teaching of contemporary drawing and art in general.

Infrastructure Planning and Management

Author : Jonathan Lewis Gifford
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Contains papers presented at two parallel conferences held in Denver, Colorado, June 21-23, 1993. This work covers a range of issues, research, and applications in the area of infrastructure management. It also explores the issue of uncertainty in infrastructure planning. It is useful for engineers, planners, and technicians.

Master Drawings

Author : National Gallery of Canada
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In Fant Non Sens

Author : Sara Pankenier
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The Use of Computer Graphics in Archaeology

Author : Dale R. Croes
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306090 06 Shifting Infrastructures

Author : Alexander Briseno
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"306090 06> SHIFTING INFRASTRUCTURES will examine the current technological infiltration into civic and social realms, where physical and cultural infrastructures are redefining themselves as shifting, modulating, entitites across diverse spatial and temporal scales."--Page 3.

A Portrait of the Hindus

Author : Robert L. Hardgrave
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The Flemish Artist Francois Balthazar Solvyns (1760-1824) Is Little Known, But His Series Of Etchings Of The Hindus Provide A Rich And Compelling Portrait Of India Two Hundred Years Ago. With Commitment To Faithful Representation And With The Sensibilities Of An Astutely Observant Artist, Solvyns Portrays The People Of India In Their Occupations, Festivals And Cultural Life With Immediacy And Sympathy.

Can t Buy Me Love

Author : Jonathan Gould
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That the Beatles were an unprecedented phenomenon is a given. In Can’t Buy Me Love, Jonathan Gould explains why, placing the Fab Four in the broad and tumultuous panorama of their time and place, rooting their story in the social context that girded both their rise and their demise. Nearly twenty years in the making, Can’t Buy Me Love is a masterful work of group biography, cultural history, and musical criticism. Beginning with their adolescence in Liverpool, Gould describes the seminal influences––from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry to The Goon Show and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland––that shaped the Beatles both as individuals and as a group. In addition to chronicling their growth as singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists, he highlights the advances in recording technology that made their sound both possible and unique, as well as the developments in television and radio that lent an explosive force to their popular success. With a musician’s ear, Gould sensitively evokes the timeless appeal of the Lennon-McCartney collaboration and their emergence as one of the most creative and significant songwriting teams in history. Behind the scenes Gould explores the pivotal roles played by manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin, credits the influence on the Beatles’ music of contemporaries like Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, and Ravi Shankar, and traces the gradual escalation of the fractious internal rivalries that led to the group’s breakup after their final masterpiece, Abbey Road. Most significantly, by chronicling their revolutionary impact on popular culture during the 1960s, Can’t Buy Me Love illuminates the Beatles as a charismatic phenomenon of international proportions, whose anarchic energy and unexpected import was derived from the historic shifts in fortune that transformed the relationship between Britain and America in the decades after World War II. From the Beats in America and the Angry Young Men in England to the shadow of the Profumo Affair and JFK’s assassination, Gould captures the pulse of a time that made the Beatles possible—and even necessary. As seen through the prism of the Beatles and their music, an entire generation’s experience comes astonishingly to life. Beautifully written, consistently insightful, and utterly original, Can’ t Buy Me Love is a landmark work about the Beatles, Britain, and America.

The New Art History

Author : Jonathan Harris
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The New Art History provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental changes which have occurred in both the institutions and practice of art history over the last thirty years. Jonathan Harris examines and accounts for the new approaches to the study of art which have been grouped loosely under the term 'the new art history'. He distinguishes between these and earlier forms of 'radical' or 'critical' analysis, explores the influence of other disciplines and traditions on art history, and relates art historical ideas and values to social change. Structured around an examination of key texts by major contemporary critics, including Tim Clarke, Griselda Pollock, Fred Orton, Albert Boime, Alan Wallach and Laura Mulvey, each chapter discusses a key moment in the discipline of art history, tracing the development and interaction of Marxist, feminist and psychoanalytic critical theories. Individual chapters include: * Capitalist Modernity, the Nation-State and Visual Representation * Feminism, Art, and Art History * Subjects, Identities and Visual Ideology * Structures and Meanings in Art and Society * The Representation of Sexuality

The Pictorial Field book of the Revolution

Author : Benson John Lossing
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Australian Children s Books 1989 2000

Author : Marcie Muir
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Excavation of the Iron Age Roman and Medieval settlement at Gorhambury St Albans

Author : David S Neal
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Gorhambury, just north of Verulamium, was the site of a substantial Roman villa complex which was excavated between 1972 and 1982 as part of a programme designed to test the interrelationships between villa sites in the Verulamium area and to examine trends in their growth, decline and prosperity. The villa was found to have grown out of a settlement belonging to the late Iron Age. A series of ditches of this phase enclosed an aisled barn, a nine-post granary and a circular house; these were the beginnings of a sequence of structures on the same spot which show increasing signs of Roman influence, all of which lay within the limits of the farmstead established at this early period. Timber buildings of the first half of the first century were followed around AD100, by a small but luxurious villa, rebuilt in the late second century, and thereafter in a gradual decline until its apparent abandonment around AD 350. Work on virtually the whole of the farmstead area has enabled a full sequence of plans of the main houses and all the ancillary structures - including barns, subsidiary housing and bath-houses - to be presented in the report. The catalogue of finds is an attempt to show the full range of material recovered from this working farmstead.

Graphic Science

Author :
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Vols. 3-13, 1961-71 one issue each year includes a directory issue: Purchasing directory.