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A Journey Through France in War Time

Author : Joseph G. Butler
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "A Journey Through France in War Time" by Joseph G. Butler. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

The Train Journey 4 Moon over Marseille Erotic Short Story

Author : Barbara Nordström
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Clara can't wait to go on holiday with her friend Minna. They're going to interrail in Europe, and drink rosé as they hang out by the pool at Minna's parents' house in the South of France. Unfortunately, Minna cancels last minute. Clara feels abandoned and doesn't know what to do. Should she just stay home? But the ticket is already paid for, and Clara decides to travel on her own. She'll go to Italy and France and experience Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome. It'll be a cultural and sensual trip that Clara won't soon forget. This is the fourth part of 'The Train Journey.' Barbara Nördstrøm is an erotic writer.

Mac on the Road to Marseille

Author : Christopher Ward
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Mac returns to Paris for another adventure with her taxi-driving friends, this time getting mixed up in a crazy cabbie road race to Marseille with her new driving partner, Blag Lebouef, and the mystery of some missing national art treasures.

The Saturday Magazine

Author :
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Travels Through Spain in the Years 1775 and 1776

Author : Henry Swinburne
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Author : Sean Longden
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THE TRUE STORY OF THE 41,000 BRITISH SOLDIERS WHO WERE LEFT BEHIND AFTER THE EVACUATION OF DUNKIRK, MAY 1940 'Meticulously researched, very well written and deeply moving' Andrew Roberts 'Few readers will be unmoved by Sean Longden's account' Dominic Sandbrook At 2am on the morning of the 3rd of June 1940, General Harold Alexander searched along the quayside, holding onto his megaphone and called "Is anyone there? Is anyone there?" before turning his boat back towards England. Tradition tells us that the dramatic events of the evacuation of Dunkirk, in which 300,000 BEF servicemen escaped the Nazis, was a victory gained from the jaws of defeat. For the first time, rather than telling the tale of the 300,000 who escaped, Sean Longden reveals the story of the 40,000 men sacrificed in the rearguard battles. On the beaches and sand dunes, besides the roads and amidst the ruins lay the corpses of hundreds who had not reached the boats. Elsewhere, hospitals full of the sick and wounded who had been left behind to receive treatment from the enemy's doctors. And further afield - still fighting hard alongside their French allies - was the entire 51st Highland Division, whose war had not finished as the last boats slipped away. Also scattered across the countryside were hundreds of lost and lonely soldiers. These 'evaders' had also missed the boats and were now desperately trying to make their own way home, either by walking across France or rowing across the channel. The majority, however, were now prisoners of war who were forced to walk on the death marches all the way to the camps in Germany and Poland, where they were forgotten until 1945. 'Sean Longden is a rising name in military history, and is able to uncover the missing stories of the Second World War' Guardian

The Fool s Journey the History Art and Symbolism of the Tarot

Author : Robert M. Place
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This is one of the best resources for understanding the Tarot's mystical symbolism. It includes an updated history based on Place's The Tarot: History Symbolism and Divination, which "Booklist" said " may be the best book ever written on ...the tarot." This edition adds color illustrations of key works and comparative illustrations from the Renaissance, from alchemical texts, from ancient Egypt, and from occult sources. It views the Tarot as a 500-year visual conversation between artists, mystics, and occultists. The work is based on the 2010 Tarot exhibition at the LA Craft and Folk Art Museum, curated by Place, and includes the Visconti-Sforza Tarot, the 1st Italian printed deck, the oldest Tarot of Marseille, The 1st occult reference, the 1st occult Tarot, the 1st modern Tarot, the 1st New Age Tarot, and examples from popular modern decks including the Twilight Tarot, the Legacy Tarot, the Deviant Moon Tarot, the Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, and Place's Alchemical Tarot.

An Account of Tibet

Author : Ippolito Desideri
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In Desideri's account we receive the first accurate general description of Tibet: from the eatural world to the sociological and anthropological aspects of the people and a complete exposition of Lamaism.

Beyond the Last Blue Mountain

Author : R M Lala
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An exhaustive and unforgettable portrait of India's greatest and most respected industrialist. Written with J.R.D. Tata's co-operation, this superb biography tells the J.R.D. story from his birth to 1993, the year in which he died in Switzerland. The book is divided into four parts: Part I deals with the early years, from J.R.D's birth in France in 1904 to his accession to the chairmanship of Tatas, India's largest industrial conglomerate, at the age of thirty-four; Part II looks at his forty-six years in Indian aviation (the lasting passion of J.R.D's life) which led to the initiation of the Indian aviation industry and its development into one of India's success stories; Part III illuminates his half-century-long stint as the outstanding personality of Indian industry; and Part IV unearths hitherto unknown details about the private man and the public figure, including glimpses of his long friendships with such people as Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and his association with celebrities in India and abroad.

Report from the Select Committee on East India Communications

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on East India Communications
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