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Jungle Soldier

Author : Brian Moynahan
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Arctic explorer, survival expert and naturalist Freddy Spencer Chapman was trapped behind enemy lines when the Japanese overran Malaya in 1942. His response was to begin a commando campaign of such lethal effectiveness that the Japanese deployed an entire regiment against him, hunting for him as they did for no other. He was wounded, and racked by tropical disease. His companions were killed, or captured and then beheaded. Cut off from friendly forces, his only shelter the deep jungle, Chapman held out for three years and five months. Jungle Soldier recounts the thrilling and unforgettable adventures of the north country orphan who survived against all odds to become a legend of guerrilla warfare.

Soldier F Guerillas in the Jungle

Author : Shaun Clarke
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In 1948 Communist terrorists were waging a bloody war against estates and rubber-plantation owners in Malaya. Chased into the interior by British Army units, the guerrillas soon became experts at survival and evasion, emerging from the jungle only to launch increasingly ferocious attacks. In 1952, on the recommendation of Lieutenant-Colonel 'Mad' Mike Calvert, veteran of the Chindit campaigns in Burma, 22 SAS was formed as a special counter-insurgency force. Three years later the re-formed SAS began their jungle patrols. They learned how to survive for weeks at a time in hostile terrain, often waist-deep in water, and under attack from wild animals, leeches and poisonous insects. That extraordinary campaign climaxed in a nightmarish two weeks in the Telok Anson swamp tracking the troops of the notorious 'Baby Killer', Ah Hoi, while the regiment's dreadful and unforgettable experiences in the Malayan jungle laid the foundations for the SAS's legendary survival skills. Soldier F SAS: Guerrillas in the Jungle is the sixth in a series of novels based on this extraordinary regiment a thrilling 'factoid' adventure about the most daring soldiers in military history: the SAS!

Jungle Warfare

Author : John Cross
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The physical conditions of jungle warfare and the closeness of contact with the enemy pose unique problems and call for special soldiering skills. Colonel John Cross, a life long Gurkha officer, has an unrivalled knowledge of this demanding warfare and uses it to best advantage in this instructive yet personal account of techniques and experiences. He uses examples from British and Japanese sides in the Second World War and goes on to demonstrate how tactics and strategy developed in the Malay, Borneo and Indo-China theatres thereafter. He laces his work with vivid recollections and assessments of friend and foe along with entertaining anecdotes from a wide range of sources. This excellent book offers a perfect blend of factual military history and personal recollection and the reader gains a unique insight into this most challenging form of warfare.

Jungle Training and Operations

Author : United States. Department of the Army
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Soldier U Bandit Country

Author : Peter Corrigan
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July 1989, South Armagh: the cheering mobs stood over the body of a British soldier. He was the ninth to have been killed by the so-called Border Fox, an IRA sniper whose activities had helped to make this area of the United Kingdom the most feared killing ground in Western Europe. The British government was determined to break the tightly-knit South Armagh Brigade of the IRA before more lives were lost. This task would demand unique skills skills possessed only by the men of the Special Air Service. The SAS men of Ulster Troop are the best in the world at surveillance, unsurpassed in counter-insurgency techniques. And now, once again, they were going to have to prove it. Soldier U SAS: Bandit Country tells the story of their hunt for the Border Fox and the terrorists of South Armagh a murderous, little-publicised war in which every encounter, whether in or out of uniform, was potentially a battle to the death.

Soldier in Paradise

Author : Steven S. Cullen
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Soldier In Paradise is a novel salivating in the human experience of living, dying, and war. Steven S. Cullen's concise and detailed writing creates the perfect platform for a reader to understand the physical, emotional, and unique concept of life during and after war. This story follows the direct experience and reality of young man's journey. Although the characters names and information are counterfeit, the storyline and testimony are based on true events from this author occurrence

Scholar Banker Gentleman Soldier

Author : Yap Pheng Geck
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Dr. Yap Pheng Geck was well known in the Banking and Finance circles of Singapore. He layed a prominent part in the early days of Chinese banks, especially in the establishment of the present Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC). In these reminiscences he vividly recalls his childhood, his early schooldays and the vicissitudes of the Japanese war in Southeast Asia, bringing back nostalgic memories of Singapore forty years ago.

An Accidental Soldier

Author : Manny Garcia
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"I was born in a log cabin just like Abe Lincoln, except our cabin was a rental." Starting with this account of his humble origins, Manny Garcia, who describes himself as "a left-handed, rather contrary Mestizo-American," has written a memoir that begins in late 1947 in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado and takes him to Utah and a stint as a Mormon and ultimately to Vietnam. In late 1965, a cocky, naive, alienated teen-ager, Garcia joined the army almost accidentally, enlisting for three years. At eighteen he became an Airborne Ranger, a combat infantryman with the crack First Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles. His book shows you the war from the point man position, up close and personal, at eye level. "I returned to the body and checked for booby traps. I noticed the guerilla's small bare leathery feet. I rolled the body over and realized the corpse at my feet was an old woman. Her hair was pulled back and tied in a bun, like how my grandmother used to wear her own hair. This was my first kill. I killed a woman before I made love to one. I killed a woman before I was old enough to vote. I killed a woman before I bought my first car. I killed a woman and I was an Eagle Scout. I killed a woman while I was on probation to the Juvenile Court. I killed a woman before I knew she was a woman. I killed a woman while working for the United States Army in South Vietnam. I had killed before I had lived. The afternoon in the jungle was bright and hot. I stood there sweating, bewildered, dumfounded, and completely absorbed by the power."--from An Accidental Soldier "A valuable contribution to the growing list of Viet Nam narratives told from communities whose histories have yet to be fully recognized."--Jorge Mariscal, University of California, San Diego

Soldier F SAS

Author : Shaun Clarke
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A novel based upon the exploits of the SAS in Malaya. It describes how the SAS were used in 1952 as a special counter-insurgency force, and in particular their experiences in the Tek Anson swamp tracking the troops of the notorious Baby Killer Ah Hoi.

G I Jungle

Author : Ely Jacques Kahn
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