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Junior Reviewers

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The Junior Reviewers Catalog of the Best Books for Children

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Catalog of Copyright Entries

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Handbook of Research in Pediatric and Clinical Child Psychology

Author : Dennis Drotar
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The professional development of researchers is critical for the future development ofthe fields of pediatric and clinical child psychology. In order to conduct research in pediatric and clinical child psychology, researchers need to work with a wide range of populations and master an increasingly wide range of skills, many of which are either not formally taught or considered in sufficient depth in clinical training. Such skills include the development of resources for research by writing grants to government agencies and foundations; skills in preparing research for publications concerning original research, review articles, or case reports; scien tific presentation skills; the ability to review and edit scientific manuscripts; and to implement and manage research in applied settings. Moreover, the increasing complexity of research in pediatric and clinical child psychology requires success ful researchers in these fields to develop their expertise with a wide range of new specialized methodologies, data analytic methods, models of data analysis, and methods of assessment. Finally, to enhance the relevance of their research to practice, researchers in pediatric and clinical child psychology need to integrate their work with clinical service delivery programs that are based on empirical research. The necessity to train researchers in pediatric and clinical child psychology in such multifaceted knowledge and skills places extraordinary burdens on profes sional training programs. Professional researchers in pediatric and child clinical psychology also are challenged to develop new knowledge and skills through continuing education and faculty development programs.

Computer Vision ECCV 2022

Author : Shai Avidan
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The 39-volume set, comprising the LNCS books 13661 until 13699, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2022, held in Tel Aviv, Israel, during October 23–27, 2022. The 1645 papers presented in these proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 5804 submissions. The papers deal with topics such as computer vision; machine learning; deep neural networks; reinforcement learning; object recognition; image classification; image processing; object detection; semantic segmentation; human pose estimation; 3d reconstruction; stereo vision; computational photography; neural networks; image coding; image reconstruction; object recognition; motion estimation.

Women Rock Science

Author : Megan A. Moreno
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There has never been a better time to for a handbook focused on women in science. In May 2016, the American Association for the Advancement of Science posted an article titled “We need to do more for women in science.” This book describes the importance of carving out spaces for women in science and includes the unique strengths of women scientists as well as challenges they tend to face. Studies of women leadership consistently illustrate that women demonstrate strengths in leadership across communities and have skills in bringing together groups towards a common goal. The role of women in context is an important one in science, but has not been the focus of previous texts about careers in science or medicine. This first of its kind book develops an understanding of research careers occurring within a greater community of colleagues and academicians as well as the fact that women themselves lead within a group, a community, and a context. The book focuses on women who are pursuing research careers in academic medicine with specific emphasis on women in science and research as well as lessons learned from fellow female scientists. It also provides key strategies and skills centered on the social ecological model as well as a sense of community with other women scientists. The book is organized thematically using the social ecological model as a framework in which we all live and complete our work. Women Rock Science is a valuable resource that can be used in a variety of settings. It is beneficial for University classes as well as lab group meetings. It also places an emphasis on community and can be shared with one’s community of mentors, mentees and colleagues.

Computer Graphics And Applications Proceedings Of The Third Pacific Conference On Computer Graphics And Applications Pacific Graphics 95

Author : Shin S Y
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Einstein's Special Relativity (E-SR) is the cornerstone of physics. De Sitter invariant SR (dS/AdS-SR) is a natural extension of E-SR, hence it relates to the foundation of physics. This book provides a description to dS/AdS-SR in terms of Lagrangian-Hamiltonian formulation associated with spacetime metric of inertial reference frames.One of the outstanding features of the book is as follows: All discussions on SR are in the inertial reference frames. This is a requirement due to the first principle of SR theory. The descriptions on dS/AdS-SR in this book satisfy this principle. For the curved spacetime in dS/AdS-SR theory, it is highly non-trivial.

The Child s Reality

Author : D. Elkind
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First published in 1978. Focusing essentially on his own research and clinical observations, David Elkind - the clinician, researcher, and educator - has in these lectures both extended and further refined and defined the significance and utility of Piagetian concepts in understanding infant, child, and adolescent development

Introducing Qualitative Research

Author : Rosaline Barbour
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Rosaline Barbour draws on her extensive teaching experience to provide a clear, user-friendly introduction to the craft of doing qualitative research. Each chapter includes examples of real-life qualitative data and a range of exercises to help students get a feel for the process of generating and analysing qualitative data. The second edition includes: New examples from a range of social science disciplines, making this the perfect book no matter what course you're studying More on unobtrusive methods of data collection, such as documentary analysis More on internet research methods, mixed methods and visual methods A new section on using software in qualitative research A brand new companion website full of additional lecturer and student resources.

Wisconsin Library Bulletin

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