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Author : Mary Ann McDonald
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Describes the location, movements, surface, and moons of the planet Jupiter.

Pioneer 11 s Encounter with Jupiter and Mission to Saturn

Author :
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Author : John W. McAnally
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With the increasing sensitivity of the equipment available to the home astronomer, and increasing interest in celestial bodies, this Springer series is a huge helping hand to skywatchers who want to hone their skills. Astronomers' observing guides provide up-to-date information for amateur astronomers who want to know all about what it is they are observing. This is the basis of the first part of the book. The second part details observation techniques for practical astronomers, working with a range of different instruments. The book reviews the latest findings and satellite observations of Jupiter, as well as presenting superb pictures of Jupiter taken by McAnally himself, who proceeds to explain to the reader how to arrive at such beautiful results.

Ultraviolet Observations of Jupiter

Author : Mark Brooks Vincent
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Jupiter s Daughter

Author : Tom Hyman
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Subjecting his unwitting wife to a revolutionary gene experiment, billionaire Dalton Stewart induces the turn-of-the-millennium birth of the first superbeing, a girl whose "extra" genes give her extraordinary powers and make her an international target

The Theory of Jupiter s Satellites

Author : James Hodgson
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Jupiter s Reef

Author : Karl Kofoed
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Alex Rose was a miner on Jupiter's sulfur moon Io. But it wasn't the job that attracted him, nor the money. The Great Red Spot on the giant planet had been calling to Alex all his life, and he knew in his heart that something beneath its swirling clouds was alive and waiting to be discovered. Even if it cost Alex everything, he was determined to find it. So begins the first chapter of the fantastic travels of Alex, his unique and beautiful companion Mary Seventeen, and his crew, aboard a shuttle called Diver. This action-filled TRILOGY is the first science fiction series by artist Karl Kofoed, who is best known for his lavishly illustrated documentary-styled Galactic Geographic series which appeared in Heavy Metal magazine. Like his illustrated work, Jupiter's Reef presents the reader with a palpable sense of a world that is as alien to humans as it is full of wonder and surprises. It is sure to be enjoyed by readers both young and old who enjoy stories of exploration, romance, danger and intrigue. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The Time Variability of Jupiter s Synchrotron Radiation

Author : Scott Jay Bolton
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Jupiter s Ring System Resolved

Author : Mark Robert Showalter
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Antimony Gold and Jupiter s Wolf

Author : Peter Wothers
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The iconic Periodic Table of the Elements is now in its most satisfyingly elegant form. This is because all the 'gaps' corresponding to missing elements in the seventh row, or period, have recently been filled and the elements named. But where do these names come from? For some, usually the most recent, the origins are quite obvious, but in others - even well-known elements such as oxygen or nitrogen - the roots are less clear. Here, Peter Wothers explores the fascinating and often surprising stories behind how the chemical elements received their names. Delving back in time to explore the history and gradual development of chemistry, he sifts through medieval manuscripts for clues to the stories surrounding the discovery of the elements, showing how they were first encountered or created, and how they were used in everyday lives. As he reveals, the oldest-known elements were often associated with astronomical bodies, and connections with the heavens influenced the naming of a number of elements. Following this, a number of elements, including hydrogen and oxygen, were named during the great reform of chemistry, set amidst the French Revolution. While some of the origins of the names were controversial (and indeed incorrect - some saying, for instance, that oxygen might be literally taken to mean 'the son of a vinegar merchant'), they have nonetheless influenced language used around the world to this very day. Throughout, Wothers delights in dusting off the original sources, and bringing to light the astonishing, the unusual, and the downright weird origins behind the names of the elements so familiar to us today.