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Just Another Car Factory

Author : James Rinehart
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This study of CAMI Automotive, a unionized joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki, is the most comprehensive ever undertaken of a lean production plant. James Rinehart, Christopher Huxley, and David Robertson address a topic that has inspired fierce debate in industrial relations, sociology, labor studies, and human resource management. Heralded as a model of lean production when it opened in 1989, CAMI promised workers something different from traditional plants—a humane environment, empowerment, and cooperative labor-management relations. However, the enthusiasm workers felt during the orientation and early phases of production steadily declined, as did their involvement in participatory activities. Workers came to describe CAMI as "just another car factory." Union challenges and shopfloor resistance to key elements of the lean system grew, capped by a five-week strike in 1992. The authors attribute workers' disillusionment to lean production itself rather than to North American managers' inadequate implementation.

Managerial Control of American Workers

Author : Mel van Elteren
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Today, surveillance and regulation of employees are pervasive at all levels (except the highest) in a wide variety of American workplaces. Digital information systems have become important tools of managerial control. The constraints built into these systems through what some call "business process reengineering" are a continuation of scientific management principles developed during the late 19th century. Additional means of control have included employment-based welfare capitalism, and human relations and corporate culture approaches. This book provides fresh insight into various practices of managerial control from the 1880s to the present and their effects on work organization and quality, and worker skill requirements. The author highlights current developments--including those focused on highly skilled knowledge workers--accounting for enhanced automation, offshoring and related changes in the production and distribution of goods and services.

The Other Car Workers

Author : E. Kahveci
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The maritime car carrier industry has been entirely neglected by social scientists. This book examines globalization changes in cost structure and dynamics; in ownership, freight, labour and other markets; in technological innovation and ship design; and in relation to car manufacturers, ship management companies and crewing agents.

The New Workplace

Author : David Holman
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"Just-in-time", "total quality management", "lean manufacturing", "call centres", "team work", "empowerment" - most people in business have heard these buzz words, often offered as a panacea to all profit ills. So why don't they always work? Can you combine them anyhow? If not, why not? The New Workplace Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the evidence available on how modern working practices and technology affect the people in organizations. Within a broad psychological framework, leading experts examine how people work, their experience of work, the impact on productivity and performance and the human resource implications. Guidance is offered on a range of different methods, tools and practices that can be used to guide the design and implementation of modern working practices to ensure that pitfalls are avoided and the best possible results are obtained from new initiatives. Indispensable for consultants, this Handbook will also be useful for students and scholars in the psychology of business, human resource professionals and anyone involved in the management of new working practices.

The Essentials of the New Workplace

Author : David Holman
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The original hardback edition of The New Workplace examined modern business terms such as total quality management, just-in-time production, e-business, lean manufacturing and teleworking. It explored what these terms really mean and what effect they have in practice - especially their impact on productivity and performance and their social and psychological consequences. This paperback is a shorter, revised version of the original book. It will focus on working practices, especially technology orientated ones, which are the most relevant and innovative for consultants.

Japanese Hybrid Factories

Author : T. Abo
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This book presents the findings of the Japanese Multinational Enterprise Study Group and offers the 'Application-adaptation' framework as a means of measuring the degree to which Japanese parent systems are transferred to the subsidiary. It proposes this as a model for assessing the transferability of systems in any multinational enterprise.

The Hybrid Factory in Europe

Author : H. Kumon
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This book evaluates the conditions for the international transfer of Japanese-style management and production techniques to Europe. Using an investigation of Japanese manufacturing companies with operations in Europe, the authors shed light on 'hybrid factories', which combine elements of Japanese and European management and production techniques.

Managing Innovation and Change

Author : David Mayle
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Building on the success of the Second Edition with 19 new chapters, Managing Innovation and Change showcases the best work of thinkers writing in this area and provides a coherent picture of key ideas and concepts to have emerged from this exciting field. Frequently radical and intentionally provocative in terms of topic and treatment, the book: Covers the increasing diversity of pressures to which modern enterprises are subjected Reviews some of the more persistent acronyms to which the art of management is increasingly prone Examines the nature of innovation Looks at the broader issues surrounding change Turns to those attributes of leadership which are consistent with the successful management of innovation and change

Handbook of Research on Design and Management of Lean Production Systems

Author : Modrák, Vladimír
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"This book explores the recent advancements in the areas of lean production, management, and the system and layout design for manufacturing environments, capturing the building blocks of lean transformation on a shop floor level"--

After Lean Production

Author : Thomas A. Kochan
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Nearly every country that produces cars views the automobile industry as strategically important because of its direct economic significance and because it serves as a bellwether for innovation in employment conditions. In this book, industrial relations experts from eleven countries consider the state of the industry worldwide. They are particularly interested in assessing whether the loudly heralded model of lean production initiated by Toyota has become pervasive.The contributors focus on employment practices: the way work is organized, how workers and managers interact, the way worker representatives respond to lean production strategies, and the nature of the adaptation and innovation process itself.

The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment

Author : Stephen Edgell
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The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment is a landmark collection of original contributions by leading specialists from around the world. The coverage is both comprehensive and comparative (in terms of time and space) and each ‘state of the art’ chapter provides a critical review of the literature combined with some thoughts on the direction of research. This authoritative text is structured around six core themes: Historical Context and Social Divisions The Experience of Work The Organization of Work Nonstandard Work and Employment Work and Life beyond Employment Globalization and the Future of Work. Globally, the contours of work and employment are changing dramatically. This handbook helps academics and practitioners make sense of the impact of these changes on individuals, groups, organizations and societies. Written in an accessible style with a helpful introduction, the retrospective and prospective nature of this volume will be an essential resource for students, teachers and policy-makers across a range of fields, from business and management, to sociology and organization studies.

Encyclopedia of Transportation

Author : Mark Garrett
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Viewing transportation through the lens of current social, economic, and policy aspects, this four-volume reference work explores the topic of transportation across multiple disciplines within the social sciences and related areas, including geography, public policy, business, and economics. The book’s articles, all written by experts in the field, seek to answer such questions as: What has been the legacy, not just economically but politically and socially as well, of President Eisenhower’s modern interstate highway system in America? With that system and the infrastructure that supports it now in a state of decline and decay, what’s the best path for the future at a time of enormous fiscal constraints? Should California politicians plunge ahead with plans for a high-speed rail that every expert says—despite the allure—will go largely unused and will never pay back the massive investment while at this very moment potholes go unfilled all across the state? What path is best for emerging countries to keep pace with dramatic economic growth for their part? What are the social and financial costs of gridlock in our cities? Features: Approximately 675 signed articles authored by prominent scholars are arranged in A-to-Z fashion and conclude with Further Readings and cross references. A Chronology helps readers put individual events into historical context; a Reader’s Guide organizes entries by broad topical or thematic areas; a detailed index helps users quickly locate entries of most immediate interest; and a Resource Guide provides a list of journals, books, and associations and their websites. While articles were written to avoid jargon as much as possible, a Glossary provides quick definitions of technical terms. To ensure full, well-rounded coverage of the field, the General Editor with expertise in urban planning, public policy, and the environment worked alongside a Consulting Editor with a background in Civil Engineering. The index, Reader’s Guide, and cross references combine for thorough search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic edition. Available in both print and electronic formats, Encyclopedia of Transportation is an ideal reference for libraries and those who want to explore the issues that surround transportation in the United States and around the world.

Quality Management for Organizations Using Lean Six Sigma Techniques

Author : Erick Jones
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The next step in the evolution of the organizational quality field, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has come of age. However, many challenges to using LSS in lieu of, in conjunction with, or integrated with other quality initiatives remain. An update on the current focus of quality management, Quality Management for Organizations Using Lean Six Sigma Techniques covers the concepts and principles of Lean Six Sigma and its origins in quality, total quality management (TQM), and statistical process control (SPC), and then explores how it can be integrated into manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare operations. The book presents the background on quality and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) techniques and tools, previous history of LSS in manufacturing, and current applications of LSS in operations such as logistics and healthcare. It provides a decision model for choosing whether to use LSS or other quality initiatives, which projects should be selected and prioritized, and what to do with non-LSS projects. The author also details an integration model for integrating and developing integrated LSS and other quality initiatives, and common mathematical techniques that you can use for performing LSS statistical calculations. He describes methods to attain the different Six Sigma certifications, and closes with discussion of future directions of Lean Six Sigma and quality. Case studies illustrate the integration of LSS principles into other quality initiatives, highlighting best practices as well as successful and failed integrations. This guide gives you a balanced description of the good, bad, and ugly in integrating LSS into modern operations, giving you the understanding necessary to immediately apply the concepts to your quality processes.

Politics of Practical Reasoning

Author : Ricca Edmondson
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This book treats practical and political reasoning as an active engagement with the world and other people; it cannot be understood as exclusively cognitive and this is seen as a virtue rather than a deficiency. Informal, emotional, characterological, aesthetic and interactional aspects of thought can be constituents of reasonable arguing. The work examines key capacities connected with argumentation, in a variety of fields from professional and medical ethics to work organization and the practice of art.

Living Factories

Author : Kenneth Fish
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Techniques of genetic engineering are changing the role of living things in the production process. From rabbits that produce human pharmaceuticals in their milk to plants that produce plastics and other building materials in their leaves, life itself is increasingly harnessed as a force of industry - a living factory. What do these cutting edge developments in biotechnology tell us about our relation to nature? Going beyond the usual focus on the ethics and risks surrounding genetically modified organisms, Kenneth Fish takes the emergence of living factories as an opportunity to revisit fundamental questions concerning the relation between human beings, technology, and the natural world. He examines the coincidence of the living factory metaphor in contemporary accounts of biotechnology and in the work of Karl Marx, who described the machine as "a mechanical monster whose body fills whole factories, and whose demonic powers ... burst forth in the fast and feverish whirl of its countless working organs." Weaving together accounts of biotechnology in the molecular- and cyber-sciences, corporate literature, and environmental sociology, Living Factories casts our contemporary relation to nature in a new light. Fish shows that living factories reveal the unique role of capitalism in infusing the forces of nature with conscious purpose subordinated to processes of commodification and accumulation, and that they give a new meaning, and urgency, to the liberation of the forces of production from the fetters of capital.

Understanding the Lean Enterprise

Author : Andrea Chiarini
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This publication is in collaboration with the University of Buckingham and is the result of a combined research and review process carried out by the three Editors who belongs to the University of Ferrara, Italy, the University of Buckingham, UK and Swansea University, UK. The book deepens the debate about the lean enterprise from both an academic and a professional management perspective. It thus provides the reader with a sound understanding of the modern lean enterprise and its current evolution. A range of innovative topics are covered, with individual chapters addressing the combinations of lean with hoshin kanri, green management, IT, organizational learning, flow accounting, system thinking, problem solving, internationalization aspects, luxury industry, and product innovation. Since the term “lean” first entered contemporary operations management language in 1990 to describe a set of practices proven to deliver superior performance over mass production systems, the lean approach to waste reduction and value generation has moved from vehicle production to other manufacturing sectors. It has reshaped the support functions of manufacturing businesses and has evolved from private industry into the public sector. Lean thinking is now a dominant model of operations management and has brought with it a new language and toolbox.

The Cambridge International Handbook of Lean Production

Author : Thomas Janoski
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This handbook focuses on two sides of the lean production debate that rarely interact. On the one hand, management and industrial engineering scholars have presented a positive view of lean production as the epitome of efficiency and quality. On the other hand, sociology, industrial relations, and labor relations scholars focus on work speedups, management by stress, trade union positions, and self-exploitation in lean teams. The editors of this volume understand the merits of both views and present them accordingly, bridging the gaps among five disciplines and presenting the best of each perspective. Chapters by internationally acclaimed authors examine the positive, negative and neutral possible effects of lean, providing a global view of lean production while adjusting lean to the cultural and political contexts of different nation-states. As the first multi-lens view of lean production from academic and consultant perspectives, this volume charts a way forward in the world of work and management in our global economy.

Globalization and Society

Author : Raymond Breton
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Articles that examine globalization as a dual process involving both convergence and differentiation.

When Good Jobs Go Bad

Author : Jeffrey S. Rothstein
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From Chinese factories making cheap toys for export, to sweatshops in Bangladesh where name-brand garments are sewn—studies on the impact of globalization on workers have tended to focus on the worst jobs and the worst conditions. But in When Good Jobs Go Bad, Jeffrey Rothstein looks at the impact of globalization on a major industry—the North American auto industry—to reveal that globalization has had a deleterious effect on even the most valued of blue-collar jobs. Rothstein argues that the consolidation of the Mexican and U.S.-Canadian auto industries, the expanding number of foreign automakers in North America, and the spread of lean production have all undermined organized labor and harmed workers. Focusing on three General Motors plants assembling SUVs—an older plant in Janesville, Wisconsin; a newer and more viable plant in Arlington, Texas; and a “greenfield site” (a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility) in Silao, Mexico—When Good Jobs Go Bad shows how global competition has made nonstop, monotonous, standardized routines crucial for the survival of a plant, and it explains why workers and their local unions struggle to resist. For instance, in the United States, General Motors forced workers to accept intensified labor by threatening to close plants, which led local unions to adopt “keep the plant open” as their main goal. At its new factory in Silao, GM had hand-picked the union—one opposed to strikes and committed to labor-management cooperation—before it hired the first worker. Rothstein’s engaging comparative analysis, which incorporates the viewpoints of workers, union officials, and management, sheds new light on labor’s loss of bargaining power in recent decades, and highlights the negative impact of globalization on all jobs, both good and bad, from the sweatshop to the assembly line.

Confronting Change

Author : Huberto Juárez Núñez
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Autoworkers find themselves in a rapidly changing world as transnational corporations seek new forms of work organization and new boundaries for a North American auto industry. Inside the factory, management pursues new models of "lean production" that require workers to produce more with less—less time, less support, less material—in an atmosphere of accelerated and intensified labor. Outside the factory, "freetrade" policies and regional investment strategies widen the reach of transnational corporations, creating new opportunities in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. for pitting worker against worker in a mutually destructive competition for jobs. In Confronting Change, researchers from a diverse range of universities and unions explore the impact of these changes on work and workers. The case studies and analyses show the wide range of potential outcomes as workers struggle to become actors, rather than victims, in the emerging North American auto industry.