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Just Joshin Ya

Author : Joy Anna
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This fun collection captures the best everyday thoughts and unconscious musings of Josh, as he grew from a precocious toddler to a witty young boy. His mom kept his wisdom and witticisms written on scraps of paper and in a journal over the years, and she has finally released them for us to enJoy. The imagination and advice include a tip to conjure up a sibling: "Doesn't your tummy tell you if you're having another baby?"; and comical observations including, "This taste like body odor smells." The cartoons are illustrated by Josh (depictions of his own words) in delightful stick figure art. This unique little book will brighten your day and be popular with people who are searching for positivity in a world drowning in gloom and doom. Let Josh fill your soul with Joy.

The Cottage

Author : Alan K. Austin
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Filmmaker Jack Duncan knows almost nothing about Terri Osborne, but is so entranced by her that he proposes, and, to his surprise, she accepts. Celebrating in an Omaha restaurant known as a hangout for actors, Duncan is distracted by a stranger who tries to interest him in filming a story about a mystery hundreds of years old. While his back is turned, Terri vanishesfrom both the present and, it seems, from the past, as though she had existed for only a few months. Duncan eventually summons police for help in finding Terri, but then realizes that he is their main suspect in her disappearance. As his arrest seems imminent he is sent to England to oversee a filmed quest for the real Shakespeare. But Duncans escape to England is not so lucky after all. The Keepers of the Shakespeare Myth have some nasty surprises waiting for him. And the pleasant old literary mystery leads him straight into a timeless nightmare in which no one can be trusted and he himself may be the villain. The investigation in Nebraska becomes inexplicably intertwined with the mysteries in England and a race ensues to determine who will be lucky enough to destroy Jack Duncan and bury the truth about Shakespeare for good.


Author : Regan Gillespie
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What would it take to make you snap? To become so consumed with bloodlust and rage that you begin thinking twisted and bizarre thoughts? doing unthinkable things. Losing yourself so completely that you no longer recognize the you that was before. Quinn Darby finds herself blind-sided with her husband's affair, and when she learns she has become the talk of the town, it's more than she can take.

The Andy Smithson Series Books 4 5 and 6

Author : L. R. W. Lee
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A hidden past. A growing enemy threat. The stakes have never been higher. 3 books. Over 700 pages of action. Save over 33% when you buy the box set! Andy knows his world will turn topsy-turvey the instant he breaks the curse. It’s an impossible situation. Caught in a tug-of-war between duty and love, his heart is ripping in two. Making matters worse, the evil Abaddon is on a rampage to exact revenge on Andy for thwarting his efforts at regaining eternal life. There’s no talking to him and the dragon’s fury just might spell the end of everything Andy holds dear. Can Andy save his friends, the land, and... well, the world? The Andy Smithson series is a coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure featuring fast-paced action, sword fights, unexpected twists, vengeful villains, and tales of intrigue, with tender moments that will leave you begging for more. Grab your copy now. Save 33% over buying each book separately. Scroll up and buy it today! The Andy Smithson epic fantasy series includes: Blast of the Dragon's Fury Venom of the Serpent's Cunning Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor These first three books are also available in a box set Resurrection of the Phoenix's Grace Vision of the Griffin's Heart Wisdom of the Centaurs' Reason These second three books are also available in another box set Battle for the Land's Soul Power of the Heir's Passion, Prequel Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this epic fantasy series: Dragonlance Chronicles Dragons of Autumn Twilight Dragons of Spring Dawning Dragons of Winter Night Shattered A Ya Urban Fantasy Novel Torn A Ya Urban Fantasy Novel Darkest Designs Dragons of Pern Dragons of Eden Harry Potter A Wrinkle In Time The Chronicles of Narnia Dragons Rioting Game of Thrones Rise of the Dragons A Quest of Heroes Dragonsworn Magic of Recluce The Mallorean The Belgariad The Elenium Shannara Chronicles Sword of Shannara Elfstones of Shannara Magic Tree House Dragonriders of Pern Assassin's Apprentice Godsland Young Adult Fantasy Series Fans of the following authors are known to enjoy this young adult fantasy series: JRR Tolkien David Eddings Terry Brooks Glen G. Thater Daniel Arenson L.R.W. Lee Robin Hobb Peter V. Brett C.S. Lewis Brian Rathbone R.A. Salvatore Joe Abercrombie Morgan Rice Lindsay Buroker Anne McCaffrey Scott Sigler Christopher Paolini J. K. Rowling Brandon Sanderson Taran Matharu Sherrilyn Kenyon Michael J. Sullivan Mark Lawrence Fritz Leiber Conan Patrick Rothfuss Brandon Sanderson Scott Lynch Marion Zimmer Bradley R. Scott Bakker Robert Jordan Brent Weeks Stephen Donaldson Keywords related to this epic fantasy series: Paranormal Fantasy Books For Young Adults, Fantasy Omnibus, Top Rated Teen Fantasy Collection With Dragons And Shapeshifters, Dragon Books Free Kids, Free Fantasy Books For Young Adults, Top Rated Books, Dragon Books Free, Young Adult Series , Omnibus Bundle, Young Adult Box Set, Fantasy Box Set, Young Adults Romance Books Free, Dragons Omnibus, Young Adults Free Books, Omnibus Best Books For Kids, Young Adult Omnibus, Epic Fantasy Books Free, Dragon Box Set, Omnibus Set, Free Young Adults Fantasy Books, Epic Fantasy, Free Fantasy Romance Books For Young Adults, Fantasy Bundle, Horse Books For Free, Boxed Set, Ya Fantasy, Omnibus Collection, Epic of Gilgamesh, Dragon Series, Best Rated Omnibus Young Adult Dragon, Boys, Epic Free, Ya Fantasy Books, Girls Omnibus, Dragon Romance Free, Dragons Free Books, Epic Turtle Tales, Free Dragon Books, Top Teens Dragon, Dragon Omnibus, Fantasy Box Sets, Young Adult Bundle And Teen Bundle, Dragons Series, Young Adults Books Free, Dragons Box Set, Free Series Box Sets Fantasy, Young Adults Romance Books

Deadly Obsession

Author : Karen M. Davis
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A young nurse’s body is found at Clovelly Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Apart from a puncture wound in her neck, she is in perfect condition. But she’s also clutching a rose in her hands – and there’s an empty packet of prescription drugs in her pocket. Investigating the scene, Detective Lexie Rogers and her partner Brad Sommers know something is not right. It appears to be a staged suicide. And as they begin to dig deeper, Lexie discovers the case is too close to home. The dead girl was a work colleague of Lexie’s ex-husband, who is now a paramedic – and she was also a friend of the woman who broke up Lexie’s marriage. Struggling as she is with her breakup with Josh Harrison, who pushed her away after the suicide of his sister, and the numbing flashbacks of the violent attacks she’s suffered in the past, Lexie throws herself into the case. When she’s handed the lead on the investigation, Lexie sets out to solve the murder and prove she’s up to the job. When Lexie’s ex-husband becomes a suspect, she refuses to believe it. It also becomes startlingly clear there are similarities in the deaths of Josh’s sister and the murder victim. But when Lexie determines a link between the women and a doctor working at the same hospital, he becomes her main suspect, fuelled by her discovery of a prescription drug racket. Just when Lexie is beginning to make headway on the case, Josh turns up. He’s determined to find out what happened to his sister – and he also wants Lexie back. Piecing together the identity of the killer with the help of her old bikie friend, Rex Donaldson, Lexie and her colleagues set a trap in an ambitious police operation. But there’s a big difference between naming a suspect and catching a killer, and Lexie’s about to find out just how deep some grudges can go.

Finding Billy Battles

Author : Ronald Yates
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Western Kansas 1860. Billy Battles is born on a remote homestead just off the storied Santa Fe Trail. More than one hundred years later a great-grandson inherits two trunks filled with Billy's personal effects. In those trunks are several secret journals that reveal an astonishing life of adventure and violence that until now was obscured by the haze of time and Billy's desire for secrecy. The journals tell of a man both haunted and hunted who, in a desperate search for peace and redemption, journeys far from the untamed American West to the Far East, South America, and Europe. In amazing detail they describe Billy's interaction with a wide assortment of men and women--some legendary, a few iniquitous, and many lost to history. They also recount his participation in such cataclysmic events as the Spanish-American War, turmoil in French Indochina, and violent revolutions in Mexico and South America. Complying with Billy's last request the great-grandson assembles the journals into a compelling trilogy that reveals a man often trapped and overwhelmed by circumstances beyond his control, but who nevertheless manages to persevere for ten decades.

Idle Hours the Grace and the Glory

Author : Pat S. Hogeboom
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Notes from readers: I loved Idle Hours! What a terrific story. Once I began to read it, I couldnt put it down. It brought me great joy! Pat is a great writer-storyteller. With so many of the names and places being familiar, it made it that much more interesting. I want to buy more copies for my friends. Its a terrific gift. Dottie Hanly, retired librarian, Connetquot Schools Now this is what I call a great read! The story is so gripping I couldnt put it down. Idle Hours is fascinating in its history of the real Vanderbilts, mixed with the real people of the day. I loved Papa, and Almina. They were such a contrast to Alva and Willie K. I got so interested in Consuelo Im trying to find a copy of her autobiography, The Glitter and the Gold. Thanks Pat, I cant wait for the next book! Sally Bedford

Rescue on the Rio Lilah Book 2 in Finding Home Series

Author : Verna Clay
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Finding Home Series: Cry of the West: Hallie Rescue on the Rio: Lilah Missouri Challenge: Daisy Rush Garrett has been hired by his friends, Cooper and Hallie Jerome (book one), to find Hallie's sister, Lilah, and persuade her to return to Oregon with him. The sisters parted ways twenty years earlier and Hallie longs to be reunited with her only sibling. Lilah Parker yearns for her family, but in her infrequent letters to her sister Hallie, she has lied about her occupation. Her sister believes her to be a seamstress, when, in truth, she is a wealthy man's mistress. Lilah's shame and fear that she will be disowned by her loved ones causes her to reject Rush's offer of escort to Oregon. However, fate has other plans for these mismatched lovers as they travel from New Orleans to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Oh, and along the way, Lilah gets kidnapped by bandits. The book can be read as a standalone.

Tim Dorsey Collection 2

Author : Tim Dorsey
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Tim Dorsey Collection #2 has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.


Author : Ron De Christoforo
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AFTER TWENTY YEARS, GREASE IS STILL THE WORD It's the story of Sandy and Danny, dance contests, graduation, drive-ins, and wishing the summer would never end; of fighting and, especially, making up. IT'S THE TIME... IT'S THE PLACE... IT'S THE MOTION It's the story of the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies, Greased Lightnin', gang rumbles, Thunder Road, Rydell High, and the Class of '59. IT'S E-LEC-TRI-FY-IN' Most of all, it's the story of how great it can be to hang with friends -- and that special feeling to be with someone who's crazy about you.

The Midatlantic Review

Author :
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The Atlantic

Author :
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Strand Of Pearls

Author : Harry May
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An historical novel about a search for rustled cattle and a recounting of earlier Civil War intrigues. John Macpherson, a Civil War naval veteran and Shakespearean actor, braves the American Frontier in quest of adventure and the need to secure his newly acquired land east of El Paso, Texas, hard by the Rio Grande. While Macpherson is building his nascent cattle company, thieves make off with his stock. To retrieve his cattle herd, he is joined by his seafaring brother, James Macpherson, and finds romance and shared memories with the beautiful Maria Hidalgo. Biblical truths are revealed along the journey.

Hawk s Woman

Author : Madeline Baker
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John Walking Hawk, a half-Lakota man pursuing the marauders who killed his family, lies wounded in a convent in the Colorado territory, where he is found by a young nun who soon faces the decision of her life. Original.

Circling the Drain

Author : Evan Dorkin
File Size : 35.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The second collection from Evan Dorkin's award-winning humor anthology Dork includes all the non-Eltingville material from issues #7-10, plus extras, with 16 pages in color! Highlighted by the acclaimed "Cluttered Like My Head" autobiographical tour de force.

Hide Fox and All After

Author : Rafael Yglesias
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Penny Arcade Attack of the bacon robots

Author : Jerry Holkins
File Size : 40.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Collects the first two years of the most popular webcomic of all time, about two friends, Tycho and Gabe, who spend most of their time gaming.


Author : A. L. "BIG AL" Nolram
File Size : 55.75 MB
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Those a Y'all Who Voted AGAINST the "CURRENT" Tit-Turd MASSA President Obamma Ramma Administration ALREADY Believe Whay's in This Here Book WITHOUT Readin' it, BUTT (and I'm a Showin' Ya My REALLY BIG BUTT Agin) The REST a Y'all Need ta Git OFF'n Yer DEAD ASSes and Yer DAMN Tater Couches and READ My DAMN Book So's Ya Don't Make THAT Mistake Agin (NOR Another'n JEST "Like" it), SOOOOO Ms Sarah Palin.....Dear Lady......AND Mr Herman Cain.......Kind Sir.........AND ALL a YOU "OTHER" NIPer CORE Constituency "Called to Service" in Chapter 3 (Barbara Walters, Robert Duvall, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenagger, Jessie "The Body" Ventura, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade, "Junior" or "Trinity", etc.) It's TIME ta Board the NIPer Train (or 13 Bomb-Bustin' Bus CONVOYYYY) !!!

Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang H O

Author : Jonathan E. Lighter
File Size : 57.81 MB
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A collection of American slang which includes both present-day and historical terms

West Coast Plays

Author :
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