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America s Most Wanted Recipes Just Desserts

Author : Ron Douglas
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Features the best copycat dessert recipes from more than seventy-five different popular restaurants including Applebee's, The Cheesecake Factory, Chili's, IHOP, and Cracker Barrel.

222 Yummy Ricotta Recipes

Author : Teresa Toman
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Happiness is Experimenting in the Kitchen!✩ Read this book for FREE on the Kindle Unlimited NOW! ✩With life being fast-paced nowadays, it's difficult to make time to cook meals from scratch. But it's essential enough for me to make it my priority. Cooking at home is good not only for my family but also for me. So why don't we creating our own tasty dishes with the recipes in the book "222 Yummy Ricotta Recipes"! 222 Awesome Ricotta Recipes Consider "222 Yummy Ricotta Recipes" as a celebration of bringing people together through good food like. Sharing here most of my personal favorites, as well as some recipes I got from my family and friends. In most of recipes, preparation, cooking, and cooling times are included. They're estimates only, so no need to follow them to a T. Those time estimates just work for me when I cook for my family. A dish that takes me half an hour to make may take you just 15 minutes or an hour. Just as some ovens heat faster and some people slice ingredients more quickly than others. Don't be disheartened if it takes you longer to prepare a dish or the outcome doesn't look like the one in the photo. What matters more is owning and enjoying the cooking experience.More than the recipes and food photos in this book, I hope to inspire you to unlock ways to cook meals that are truly yours, whether you just want to experiment in the kitchen as a beginner or you're looking to learn new recipes to add to the selection of meals you've been serving for years. Regardless, just enjoy cooking. In case you mess up, you can always order pizza.You also see more different types of recipes such as: Wild Mushroom Cookbook Stuffed Pasta Recipes Gluten Free Pasta Cookbook Gnocchi Recipes Macaroni And Cheese Recipe Lasagna Recipe Chicken Breast Recipes ✩ DOWNLOAD FREE eBook (PDF) included FULL of ILLUSTRATIONS for EVERY RECIPES right after conclusion ✩I really hope that each book in the series will be always your best friend in your little kitchen.Let's live happily and experiment in your little kitchen every day!Enjoy the book,

Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes

Author : Namiko Chen
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Since elementary school, I spent almost every evening in my mother's kitchen helping her prepare dinner. She showed me that cooking can be fun and simple recipes really can be delicious! I cherish all the tips and tricks she taught me and incorporate them into my daily cooking, using fresh, high quality ingredients. This cookbook is a collection of the most popular recipes shared on my blog, Just One Cookbook, over the past three years. It includes classic Japanese recipes like chawanmushi, gyudon and kitsune udon, as well as modern favorites like California rolls and green tea ice cream. Enjoy!

Not Just Desserts Sweet Herbal Recipes

Author : Susan Belsinger
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Although this book contains mostly recipes for desserts, it is called not just desserts because the recipes are much more than that. These sweet herbal recipes are simple, homey desserts—some traditional, others innovative—all of them are made delicious because of the addition of herbs. These recipes will inspire you to experiment and add more herbs to your cooking. Think of this as one big sweet herbal adventure. Once you have tasted some of these recipes you will agree that these are not just desserts!

My 365 Yummy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Author : Sage Salas
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It's MY LIFE. It's MY RELIGION. No time like DINNERTIME. DINNERTIME... Because YOU'RE WORTH IT!✩ Read this book for FREE on the Kindle Unlimited NOW! ✩I could go on forever! In case it isn't obvious, I love dinnertime! It's my favorite time of day-it means the day's grind is almost over and you can finally reward yourself with a quality time spent with your loved one. It's when you gather around the dining table (or whatever kind of table you're using!) and catch up on your loved one over a delicious dinner. Let's discover "My 365 Yummy Chicken Dinner Recipes" right now! 365 Awesome Chicken Dinner Recipes Home cooks will love how simple and fast they can prepare those meals. You can learn so much more in this cookbook.Hoping that you'd find "My 365 Yummy Chicken Dinner Recipes" totally useful and that you'd start cooking soon. Most importantly, I wish that the recipes here become an indispensable part of your dining table with your loved one for many years to come.Lots of love, You also see more different types of recipes such as: Kabob Cookbook Ham Casserole Cookbook Dumpling Cookbook Thai Curry Cookbook Chicken Thigh Recipes Chicken Breast Recipes Wild Rice Cookbook ✩ DOWNLOAD FREE eBook (PDF) included FULL of ILLUSTRATIONS for EVERY RECIPES right after conclusion ✩I really hope that each book in the series will be always your best friend in your little kitchen.Let's live happily and cook dinner yourself every day!Enjoy the book,

Pure Food Cook Book

Author : Mildred Maddocks
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500 Paleo Recipes

Author : Dana Carpender
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At last, here is a comprehensive cookbook to the hottest eating plan around! The Paleo diet—known in some circles as the “Caveman Diet”—is an eating plan based on evolutionary biology and backed up by medical research. The Paleo diet is based on what our ancestors ate: meats and fish, nuts and seeds, and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. In her bestselling 500 Paleo Recipes, low-carb queen and author Dana Carpender shows how to stay the Paleo diet course deliciously with 500 easy-to-prepare recipes for everything Paleo from appetizers, to main dishes, to desserts. This group of recipes for appetizers, snacks, and part foods comes from that book and includes: Mixed Nuts Cajun Pecans Addictive Pumpkin Seeds Good Ol’ Deviled Eggs Prehistoric Buffalo Wings Bacon, Walnut, and Sundried-Tomato-Stuffed Mushrooms Clams on the Half Shell Guacamole Shrimp Dip Mushroom Caviar

Just the Good Stuff

Author : Rachel Mansfield
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Welcome to food freedom: 100+ recipes that prove you can make healthy choices without sacrificing the meals, snacks, and sweets you love—with plenty of gluten-free, Paleo, and plant-based options. Rachel Mansfield’s vibrant debut cookbook proves that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean adhering to restrictive diets or giving up all the foods you crave. Using better-for-you ingredients, such as grain-free flours, collagen peptides, and coconut sugar, you can indulge while still maintaining a balanced approach to eating. Rachel’s recipes focus on creative, flavor-forward takes on favorite, comfort food dishes—think Almond Butter Pad Thai, Sweet Potato Nachos with Cashew Cheese, Homemade Pastry Tarts with Berry Chia Jam, and Epic Quinoa Burrito Bowls. Though Rachel personally doesn’t prescribe to a single diet or label, many recipes are Paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free, and none include any refined sugar. This highly approachable book is organized to reflect the rhythms of real life: grab-and-go breakfasts, meat and vegetables perfect to mix and match for meal prep, easy solo dinners, potluck-friendly spreads, shareable snacks, and, of course, sweets—lots of ’em because as Rachel says, “You can have your gluten-free cake and eat it too!” Perfect for those who are new to cooking or learning how to incorporate healthy ingredients into their everyday lives, Just the Good Stuff includes an entire chapter on food prep (both a money and time saver!), lots of confidence-building tips, and inspirational advice. Advance praise for Just the Good Stuff “In Just the Good Stuff, Rachel creates recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and deliciously vibrant. Her Crunchy Tahini Chocolate Grain-Free Granola and Paleo Everything Bagel Bread are just two of the many recipes you’ll crave over and over again. Plus, having a guide to prepping food for the week, this book has you covered for all aspects of eating.”—Frank Lipman, MD, bestselling author of The New Health Rules and How to Be Well “Rachel’s recipes are modern, approachable, and simple enough that anyone can make them! Just the Good Stuff is a new staple on my bookshelf!”—Gina Homolka, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and founder of Skinnytaste

365 Yummy Grilled Chicken Recipes

Author : Sage Salas
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Format : PDF, Docs
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"What is American food?" Well, the answer is just as simple. GRILLING!✩ Read this book for FREE on the Kindle Unlimited NOW! ✩Any way you grill your meat, anywhere you are, is worth celebrating. Let's discover the book "365 Yummy Grilled Chicken Recipes" right now! 365 Awesome Grilled Chicken Recipes Let this cookbook "365 Yummy Grilled Chicken Recipes" guide you through each step of the grilling process, featuring comprehensive information on techniques, ingredients, and equipment. Discover the grilling traditions in various regions that recreate traditional meals, with tips from expert pitmasters. Love a challenge? Smoking is arranged here based on difficulty level so that you can gradually build your grilling skills.Regardless of the meat/poultry source, it's fast-cooked over high heat and added with flavors using smoke from flaming wood. Feel free to change the meat/poultry types, as well as its sauce and side dishes. You can even make do without the last two. However, these three things must always remain Meat/Poultry. Smoke. And the most essential: Time. Grilling is about fast cooking.You also see more different types of recipes such as: Grilled Vegetables Cookbook Texas Barbecue Cookbook Chicken Marinade Recipes Italian Grill Cookbook Chicken Breast Recipes Grilled Pizza Cookbook Cajun Recipe Chicken ✩ DOWNLOAD FREE eBook (PDF) included FULL of ILLUSTRATIONS for EVERY RECIPES right after conclusion ✩I really hope that each book in the series will be always your best friend in your little kitchen.Let's live happily and "Grilling"!Enjoy the book,

Just a Few Miles South

Author : Ouita Michel
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For twenty years, diners in the Bluegrass have been able to satisfy their cravings for Ouita Michel's sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine at her many acclaimed restaurants. Each restaurant -- from Wallace Station to Holly Hill Inn -- features dishes that combine Kentucky's bounty with Michel's celebrated vision. Diners can enjoy traditional southern staples like buttermilk biscuits, country ham, and Po-Boy sandwiches, or opt for unique variations on international favorites and American classics. Now, readers around the country can experience what makes Ouita Michel a culinary and cultural treasure. Just a Few Miles South serves up the recipes that patrons of Michel's restaurants have come to know and love, including the Bluegrass Benedict breakfast sandwich, Ouita's Sardou Panini, Wallace Station's Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup, and Honeywood's Hoecake Burger. Some dishes offer creative twists on classics, like the Inside Out Hot Brown, the Wallace Cubano, or the Bourbon Banh Mi. Throughout, the chefs responsible for these delicious creations share the rich traditions and stories behind the recipes. When you can't get down to your favorite place, this book will help you bring home the aroma, the flavors, and the love of fresh foods made with locally sourced ingredients -- and share it all with friends and family.

Just a Matter of Thyme

Author : Roxie Kelley
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Format : PDF, ePub
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It is the good company of friends and family, as well as the favorite foods we share, that feeds and sustains us." -Roxie Kelley and Shelly Reeves Smith * This illustrated cookbook series is available for the first time in paperback. Roxie Kelley and Shelly Reeves Smith nourish the body and soul by combining simple yet satisfying recipes with tips on gracious living and friendly entertaining, all presented alongside warm and inviting hand-drawn illustrations. Destined to become treasured family keepsakes, each book features flavorful recipes along with distinctive touches: * This more-than-a-cookbook book honors friendship with thoughts on friends and a chapter of gift basket ideas-from a "Bath Basket" honoring a family's new bundle of joy to a "Teacher's Pet Basket" welcoming the season of football games and report cards. The recipes include Peppercorn Vegetable Dip, Whole Wheat Pecan Waffles, White Chili, Hot Potato Salad, and Chunky Chocolate and Coconut Cookies.

Just Tacos

Author : Shelley Wiseman
File Size : 47.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One of the best investments any homeowner can make is a kitchen renovation including new cabinets and countertops. Installing cabinets is quick and easy with this integrated book/DVD guide. Professional cabinetmaker Gregory Paolini explains how to choose the right cabinetry and countertop materials and how to prepare the site for ease of installation. He shows how to install both wall and base cabinets level and square, how to install side panels and trim around the cabinets. The book and DVD also show how to build an economical custom laminate countertop and how to install countertops.

The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook

Author : Joanie Zisk
File Size : 50.16 MB
Format : PDF
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175 single-serving recipes for every solo chef who just wants a satisfying and delicious home-cooked meal for themselves. Cooking for one is harder than it seems and it can leave anyone wanting to make a healthy, tasty meal either throwing out extra helpings or watching expensive ingredients expire. But it’s possible to prepare single-serving recipes that are full of flavor, easy to make, and economical if you have the right guide. The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook allows you to make a fresh, delicious, home-cooked meal for one without creating a week’s worth of leftovers or leaving an abundance of unused fresh ingredients that quickly go to waste. Each of the 175 single-serving recipes are quick and simple to make and save you both time and money. And while the ingredients are common, the results are anything but. In addition to flavorful meals, this cookbook includes clever ideas of how to reduce food waste and source single servings of fresh ingredients. With The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook, cooking solo never needs to be boring (or overwhelming) again whether you live alone or are just looking for a filling and enjoyable meal for yourself.

Recipes 4 tunalovers

Author : Susanna Choe
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Just Married and Cooking

Author : Brooke Parkhurst
File Size : 52.24 MB
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After the bells have chimed, the gifts have been opened, and the honeymoon suitcases have been unpacked, newlywed couples often find themselves wondering, “So, what’s for dinner?” That’s why chef James Briscione and his wife, writer Brooke Parkhurst, put together Just Married and Cooking—a guide to living, eating, and entertaining together. Divided into two sections—“Life As We Know It” and “New Traditions”—Just Married and Cooking is full of valuable advice, easy-to-master techniques, time-saving secrets, and most important, recipes for delicious dishes. In “Life As We Know It,” Brooke and James offer over a hundred recipes for everyday eating. From delectable morning muffins to after-work appetizers and easy-to-prepare dinners, this section has everything young couples need for simple, healthy, and enticing eating. “New Traditions” contains nine menus to help newlyweds mark the special occasions in their new lives together: a glamorous birthday-girl dinner, a fresh and warm spring lunch, a derby-day party complete with a recipe for fail-proof mint juleps, and much more. Including a wedding registry list, suggestions for how to keep a well-stocked pantry, a glossary of frequently used chef terms, and advice for how to plan ahead for easy entertaining, Just Married and Cooking is the cookbook newlywed couples everywhere will turn to time and again for recipes and help navigating the kitchen—whether they are cooking for a quiet *** A delectable new cookbook featuring delicious recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and accompanied by entertaining, informative tips and techniques. Brooke Parkhurst and James Briscione, the newlywed team that teaches popular couples cooking classes at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education and The Culinary Cooperative, navigate the difficulties of a small kitchen, budgetary restrictions, and limited time. Whether readers are looking to prepare everyday meals or special-occasion feasts, Just Married and Cooking is an appealing, practical lifestyle guide for cooking couples everywhere.

Just a Boy from Home

Author : Catherine Bourke Chambers
File Size : 60.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in rural and small town America during the roaring twenties? Or experience the great depression of the thirties? Or actually hear Franklin Roosevelt's voice announce America's entry into World War II? This book takes you on a journey to those times as seen through the eyes of Burrel Harman and his young family. Taking place in Newark, Ohio, Seneca and Smokehole Caverns and Petersburg, WV, The Cave Dwellers tells the story of the family's adventures as Burrel fulfills his and his family's dream to open to the public the unexplored cavern his grandfather had discovered on the family farm. When Burrel became the cavern's first manager, his children, whether playing within the cavern's stone walls, waking to the sight and sound of a carrousel in their yard, soaring over the 1000 feet peaks of Seneca Rocks in the open cockpit of a barnstormer's airplane, or watching country music performances from their own front porch, life seemed enchanted. Then the lure of an unexplored cave took him to Smokehole Caverns where he worked with other fearless spelunkers to transform it from its primitive state to an underground wonderland, and to stay on as its first manager. After moving to nearby Petersburg, the family quickly adjusted to being "townies." Then, unknown forces began to work behind the scenes to destroy life as they had known it. While they faced tragedies, loss of loved ones, and a bushwhacker's bullet, nothing had prepared them for what happened next. As Burrel struggled from the depth of his despair to restore order to their family, and the children yearned for what they had lost, a stranger appeared and helped bring the magic back into their lives.

Dr Chase s Recipes Or Information for Everybody

Author : Alvin Wood Chase
File Size : 44.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Just Feed Me

Author : Jessie James Decker
File Size : 46.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Country music sensation, lifestyle guru, and New York Times bestselling author Jessie James Decker gives fans her favorite recipes in this charming and beautifully designed full-color cookbook. In her New York Times bestselling book Just Jessie, Jessie James Decker invited fans into her life, sharing personal moments, honest recollections, and a window into life with her husband Eric Decker and their children. Along the way she also shared some of her favorite recipes from home, showcasing the mouthwatering food that has nourished and delighted her family, leaving readers hungry for more of her home-cooking secrets. In this, her first cookbook, Jessie goes even further, opening her kitchen cabinets and inviting fans to sit for a spell and enjoy a great meal at the Decker dinner table. Just Feed Me gives fans what they want—simply delicious meals from the heart. Jessie shares down-home and simple-to-make recipes for drinks, appetizers, and full dinners—many Italian, Southern and Cajun dishes which were handed down to her from her mom. She also offers advice and inspiration for creating the warm, appealing scents and savory feel of her own kitchen, the heart of her household. Aspirational, beautiful, with fun, fast, and flavorful recipes, Just Feed Me is a family-friendly cookbook and keepsake that will leave Jessie fans asking for second helpings.

Quick n easy Natural Recipes

Author : Knutsen, Lorrie
File Size : 74.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Every recipe has five or fewer ingredients and most take only minutes to prepare! Now you can enjoy these simple, natural ideas!

Just No Fat

Author : Norman Rose
File Size : 26.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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NO FAT COOKING with over 400 recipes of regular food for regular people. From Chili Dogs to Cheesecake. By Norman Rose author of "NO FAT PLEASE." This book features chapters on: *Good Calories - Bad Calories *How Fat Am I? *Your Cholesterol *No Fat Quick Cooking *Plus over 400 No Fat Recipes of Regular Food. The reader learns how to purchase & prepare those meals that he is used to while eliminating the fat. Author recommends 20 grams of fat per day for ladies & 30 for men & then shows you how to easily, & happily, reach those goals. Norman Rose is an ex-guided missile research & development engineer with over 46 years of cooking, including restaurant ownership, teaching & lecturing. This book is recommended for those who wish to avoid or reverse Coronary Heart Disease & should be mandatory reading for those who have undergone By-Pass Surgery or an Angioplasty Procedure. Cookbook forms the basis for oversubscribed college courses given by the author where one student said, "I've taken a 3-month course on low-fat living at a local hospital & learned more in this course the first week."