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Judgment at Nuremberg

Author : Abby Mann
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Originally written as a 1957 television play and adapted first as an Academy Award-winning 1961 film and as a recent Broadway production, this acclaimed drama brings to life the post-World War II international tribunals at Nuremberg in which Nazi war criminals were brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. Original.

Justice at Nuremberg

Author : Robert E Conot
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Here, for the first time in one volume, is the full story of crimes committed by the Nazi leaders and of the trials in which they were brought to judgement. Conot reconstructs in a single absorbing narrative not only the events at Nuremburg but the offenses with which the accused were charged. He brilliantly characterizes each of the twenty-one defendants, vividly presenting each case and inspecting carefully the process of indictment, prosecution, defense and sentencing.

Hoosier Justice at Nuremberg

Author : Suzanne S. Bellamy
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In the years after World War II, two Hoosiers had a significant role in the American response to unfolding events in Germany. Frank Richman of Columbus, Indiana, and Curtis Shake of Vincennes, Indiana, both served with distinction as members of the Indiana Supreme Court. In 1947 both men were called to serve as civilian judges in tribunals convened in Nuremberg to try secondary Nazi war criminals.

Justice at Nuremberg

Author : U. Schmidt
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This book traces the history of the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial of 1946-47, through the eyes of the Austrian émigré psychiatrist Leo Alexander, whose investigations helped the US prosecution. Schmidt provides a detailed insight into the origins of human rights in medical science and into the changing role of international law, ethics and politics.

Justice at Nuremberg

Author : David Fengya
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Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg

Author : Francine Hirsch
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"Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg reveals the pivotal role the Soviet Union played in the Nuremberg Trials of 1945 and 1946. The Nuremberg Trials (IMT), most notable for their aim to bring perpetrators of Nazi war crimes to justice in the wake of World War II, paved the way for global conversations about genocide, justice, and human rights that continue to this day. As Francine Hirsch reveals in this new history of the trials, a central part of the story has been ignored or forgotten: the critical role the Soviet Union played in making them happen in the first place. While there were practical reasons for this omission--until recently, critical Soviet documents about Nuremberg were buried in the former Soviet archives, and even Russian researchers had limited access--Hirsch shows that there were political reasons as well. The Soviet Union was regarded by its wartime Allies not just as a fellow victor but a rival, and it was not in the interests of the Western powers to highlight the Soviet contribution to postwar justice"--

Reaching Judgment at Nuremberg

Author : Bradley F. Smith
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Perspectives on the Nuremberg Trial

Author : Guénaël Mettraux
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The Nuremberg Trial was a landmark in the development of international law; its influence continues to shape our understanding of international criminal justice. This volume presents the most important essays examining the trial from legal, political, historical, and philosophical perspectives. Together, the perspectives provide an overview of the Trial that is invaluable to understanding the significance of the Nuremberg Trial to modern international law andpolitics.

Texas Monthly

Author :
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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals

Author : Kim Christian Priemel
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For decades the history of the US Military Tribunals at Nuremberg (NMT) has been eclipsed by the first Nuremberg trial-the International Military Tribunal or IMT. The dominant interpretation-neatly summarized in the ubiquitous formula of "Subsequent Trials"-ignores the unique historical and legal character of the NMT trials, which differed significantly from that of their predecessor. The NMT trials marked a decisive shift both in terms of analysis of the Third Reich and conceptualization of international criminal law. This volume is the first comprehensive examination of the NMT and brings together diverse perspectives from the fields of law, history, and political science, exploring the genesis, impact, and legacy of the twelve Military Tribunals held at Nuremberg between 1946 and 1949.

ABA Journal

Author :
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The ABA Journal serves the legal profession. Qualified recipients are lawyers and judges, law students, law librarians and associate members of the American Bar Association.

Corporate Regulation in International Law

Author : Doreen Lustig
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This book critically analyses existing accounts of the history of the relationship between international law and multinational corporations using four case studies: Firestone in Liberia, the Nuremberg trials, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and the UNCTC code of conduct.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

Author : Yuma Totani
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This book assesses the historical significance of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE)—commonly called the Tokyo trial—established as the eastern counterpart of the Nuremberg trial in the immediate aftermath of World War II. Through extensive research in Japanese, American, Australian, and Indian archives, Yuma Totani taps into a large body of previously underexamined sources to explore some of the central misunderstandings and historiographical distortions that have persisted to the present day. Foregrounding these voluminous records, Totani disputes the notion that the trial was an exercise in “victors' justice” in which the legal process was egregiously compromised for political and ideological reasons; rather, the author details the achievements of the Allied prosecution teams in documenting war crimes and establishing the responsibility of the accused parties to show how the IMTFE represented a sound application of the legal principles established at Nuremberg. This study deepens our knowledge of the historical intricacies surrounding the Tokyo trial and advances our understanding of the Japanese conduct of war and occupation during World War II, the range of postwar debates on war guilt, and the relevance of the IMTFE to the continuing development of international humanitarian law.

World War II A Student Encyclopedia 5 volumes

Author : Spencer C. Tucker
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Designed with the more visual needs of today's student in mind, this landmark encyclopedia covers the entire scope of the Second World War, from its earliest roots to its continuing impact on global politics and human society. Over 1,000 illustrations, maps, and primary source materials enhance the text and make history come alive for students and faculty alike. ABC-CLIO's World War II: A Student Encyclopedia captures the monumental sweep of the "Big One" with accessible scholarship, a student-friendly, image-rich design, and a variety of tools specifically crafted for the novice researcher. For teachers and curriculum specialists, it is a thoroughly contemporary and authoritative work with everything they need to enrich their syllabi and meet state and national standards. Ranging from the conflict's historic origins to VJ Day and beyond, it brings all aspects of the war vividly to life—its origins in the rubble of World War I, its inevitable outbreak, its succession of tumultuous battles and unforgettable personalities. Students will understand what the war meant to the leaders, the soldiers, and everyday families on home fronts around the world. Featured essays look at Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, the atomic bomb, and other crucial events, as well as fascinating topics such as signals intelligence and the role of women in war. A separate primary source volume provides essential source material for homework, test preparation or special projects. With a wealth of new information and new ideas about the war's causes, course, and consequences, World War II will be the first place students turn for the who, what, when, where, and—more importantly—the why, behind this historic conflict. 950 A–Z entries, including lengthy biographies of individuals, studies of battles, details of weapons systems, and analyses of wartime conferences—all of the topics students look for, and teachers and educators need to have for their classes Over 270 contributors, including an unprecedented number of non-U.S. authorities, many from Japan and China, giving students a truly global understanding of the war An inviting design incorporating 600 photographs, including contemporaneous images of individuals, scenes from the front lines, posters, and weapon technologies A separate primary source volume offering a wide array of materials ranging from official documents to personal correspondence An early section of 70 detailed geopolitical and military maps, show students the basic sweep of the war

Judgment at Hiroshima

Author : Edward St. John
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Nuremberg Trial Archives

Author :
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Balkan Justice

Author : Michael P. Scharf
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Billed by the international media as "the trial of the century," the Tadic case was punctuated by gripping testimony of atrocities, controversial judicial rulings, recanting star witnesses, and performances worthy of an Academy Award. What emerges is a compelling account of the historic trial which documented the full horror of the inhuman acts committed in the former Yugoslavia.

The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials

Author : Telford Taylor
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A key member of the prosecution team at the Nuremberg war crimes trials offers an eyewitness account of the tribunal, shedding new light on the accused top-echelon Nazis, the events of the trials, the verdicts, and more.

Five Men at Nuremberg

Author : James McMillan
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An account of the trial of Hermann Göring, Karl Dönitz, Alfred Jodl, Hjalmar Schacht, and Albert Speer. Criticizes the legal basis of the trial, especially regarding charges involving the German economic and governmental systems. Refers briefly to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including extermination, deportation on racial and religious grounds, and Nazi antisemitic ideology, which were among the counts brought against the defendants. Includes excerpts from the protocols of the trial. Göring claimed to have a "moderate attitude towards the Jews", Jodl denied responsibility for the deportation of the Danish Jews, and Speer claimed that he tried to protect his highly qualified Jewish workers but did not question the conditions of the slave laborers. All denied knowing about or approving of concentration and extermination camps.

Stalin s Soviet Justice

Author : David M. Crowe
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From the 'show' trials of the 1920s and 1930s to the London Conference, this book examines the Soviet role in the Nuremberg IMT trial through the prism of the ideas and practices of earlier Soviet legal history, detailing the evolution of Stalin's ideas about the trail of Nazi war criminals. Stalin believed that an international trial for Nazi war criminals was the best way to show the world the sacrifices his country had made to defeat Hitler, and he, together with his legal mouthpiece Andrei Vyshinsky, maintained tight control over Soviet representatives during talks leading up to the creation of the Nuremberg IMT trial in 1945, and the trial itself. But Soviet prosecutors at Nuremberg were unable to deal comfortably with the complexities of an open, western-style legal proceeding, which undercut their effectiveness throughout the trial. However, they were able to present a significant body of evidence that underscored the brutal nature of Hitler's racial war in Russia from 1941-45, a theme which became central to Stalin's efforts to redefine international criminal law after the war. Stalin's Soviet Justice provides a nuanced analysis of the Soviet justice system at a crucial turning point in European history and it will be vital reading for scholars and advanced students of the legal history of the Soviet Union, the history of war crimes and the aftermath of the Second World War.