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Keep it Simple

Author : Terry Bradshaw
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Sharing his own special, hard-won secrets of success, the former football star draws on his own life and career to describe how he transformed himself from a famous quarterback into an award-winning broadcaster and popular motivational speaker. Reprint.

Keep It Simple

Author : Stephanie Velings
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Keep It Simple is based on author Stephanie Velings' experiences with her eating disorder, which lasted for nine years. This brought her to the darkest time of her life and she had to make a crucial decision. Along with her biggest inspiration, Megan Fox, she decided to get her life back on track and discover her true ambitions and dreams. She wrote a book about how she healed herself on her own, what she learned from it, and how others can use the same ways of thinking to transform their own lives. She presents a much simpler and effective way of losing weight and achieving a healthier lifestyle. A very important part of this process is to stop focusing on diets, details, and labeling yourself as a victim, and instead start focusing on setting goals, personal growth, and happiness. Keep It Simple is a remarkable and inspirational book with practical tools on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and expand your horizons. So Keep It Simple: Stop Dieting, Start Living!

Keep it Simple

Author : Carmine Di Noia
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How can the world avoid repetition of the catastrophic financial instability currently plaguing the global economy? With the aim of restoring a strong framework for economic governance, this study proposes new rules of the game ?imposed through the Group of 20 and the IMF ?for the macroeconomic and exchange rate policies of the main players, including the United States. The authors advocate stricter prudential rules for banks, centered around the introduction of a simple leverage ratio calculated with reference to total assets, with no exemptions or risk mitigation. The book warns against the risk of a massive wave of new regulation that is not needed and might cripple capital markets for years, calling instead for a simplification and a better enforcement of rules. In short, the message, as reflected in the title, is: "Keep it simple."

eBay Photos That Sell

Author : Dan Gookin
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"I've been an admirer of Dan Gookin since he wrote DOS For Dummies and spawned the For Dummies phenomenon. He takes things to a new level with this amazing and much needed book on practical product photography. Use his advice and you'll simply make more money. Highly recommended." —John C. Dvorak, columnist, PC Magazine Anyone can sell their stuff online. The challenge is to do it better than the competition and get the best possible results, every time. If you're attempting to sell your guitar on eBay, a photo of Aunt Pearl June strumming it in the backyard isn't likely to cut it. Does that mean you need to hire a professional photographer or invest in expensive equipment? Not if you follow the ingenious advice in this book! eBay Photos That Sell teaches home-spun entrepreneurs how to create professional-quality product photos using a standard digital camera and a few handy tricks and inexpensive techniques. With page after page of inspiring examples and expert insights, you'll figure out how to capture everything from hats to wineglasses to MP3 players. You'll understand what makes one photo better than another and discover how to create images that viewers connect with--ones that evoke the "I must have this" feeling. Ultimately, it will help you attract customers and make sales, without investing a lot of time or money. Inside, you'll learn how to: Follow the basic rules for taking crisp, well-lit shots that outshine the competition Set up shots quickly in your home or office Create props and accessories from inexpensive items found at home or the local hardware store Know how and when to use your camera's features, bells, and whistles to your advantage Take the time to set up your photograph properly so you don't have to fix things later Use photo-editing software to make final adjustments Learn to size and format your photos effectively for the Web Know when a simple black background is the best way to make your image pop Build a safe and organized place to store your pictures so you can easily find them

Advertising Principles and Practice

Author : Gupta Ruchi
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Introduction To Adverstising | Role Of Advestising In Marketing Mix | Advertising As A Communicaion Tool | Types Of Advertising | Advestising Campaign | Advestising Objectives | Advertising Budget | Advertising Message Decisions | Creative Side Of Advertising | Advertising Appeals | Celebrity Endorsements | Mascots | Media Decisons | Types Of Media | Online Advertising | Measuring Advertising Effectiveness | Advertising Agncies | Legal Aspects Of Advertising In India | Ethical Issues In Advertising | Advertising Standards Council Of India | Surrogate Advertising In India | Comparative Advertising In India | Additional Case Studies | Advertising Glossary

Running a Company is that Simple

Author : Wim Kromhout
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It Takes a Family

Author : Debra Jay
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"This second edition of It Takes a Family helps families and friends step beyond initial intervention and reinvent their relationships as part of a family recovery team to help their loved one avoid relapse and support sobriety. Through a Structured Family Recovery model, with strategies and exercises designed to create transparency and accountability, family members learn about and address the challenges of enabling, denial, and pain while developing their communication skills and enjoying healthier, happier relationships. With detailed instructions for weekly family meetings-including opening and closing statements, thoughtful discussion topics, suggested readings, and specific assignments-It Takes a Family offers much-needed support to family members and their addicted loved ones as they work together to create and sustain lifelong recovery"--

Boundaryless HR

Author : Karen V. Beaman
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It s Ok 2B U G L Y

Author : Darryl R. Middlebrook
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It's Ok 2b U. G. L. Y!

101 Meeting Starters

Author : Mel B.
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A friendly, first-ever guide to making the most of your Twelve Step meetings. Mel B's 101 Meeting Starters is a friendly, first-ever guide to making the most of Twelve Step meetings. Anyone who has participated in a Twelve Step meeting knows the benefit of these confidential forums for sharing the experience, strength, and hope that sustain recovery. Sometimes, however, meetings get sidetracked by irrelevant topics, dominant speakers, or other distractions, leaving attendees feeling frustrated or unfulfilled. This collection of dynamic Twelve Step "meeting starters" brings focus and meaning to group discussions with topics including "Dealing with Rejection," "Attracting Trouble," "Happy Coincidences," and "Live and Let Live.