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Key to the Platonic Solids

Author : Travis Crisp
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Learn how to draw all of the platonic solids from each of the face, edge, and vertex positions. Follow along with step by step instructions to guide you through this series of original compass and straightedge construction sequences, devised and developed by the author. These methods utilize logical assumptions based upon the known mathematical formulas for the polyhedra. Each sequence begins by drawing a circle that is assumed to share the same radius as the circumsphere of the polyhedron being drawn. By assuming a constant circumsphere radius, other assumptions can be made regarding the different relationships between the various polyhedra. This unique approach to an ancient technique provides the key to drawing the platonic solids like never before. Complete with a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts involved, this work is accessible to beginners while sure to provide many hours of challenging engagement for experts as well.

The Platonic Solids Activity Book

Author : Ann E. Fetter
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Illustrates properties of the regular polyhedra, demonstrates why exactly five such solids exist, presents the mathematical heritage of the solids, and explores intriguing relationships between the solids and their duals.

The Hidden Life in Freemasonry

Author : C. W. Leadbeater
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1949 This book will be welcomed by all Freemasons who feel the beauty of their ancient Rite, and desire to add knowledge to their zeal. the apprentice is led by a trustworthy guide through the labyrinth which protects the central shrine from careless an.

Icons of Mathematics An Exploration of Twenty Key Images

Author : Claudi Alsina
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The authors present twenty icons of mathematics, that is, geometrical shapes such as the right triangle, the Venn diagram, and the yang and yin symbol and explore mathematical results associated with them. As with their previous books (Charming Proofs, When Less is More, Math Made Visual) proofs are visual whenever possible. The results require no more than high-school mathematics to appreciate and many of them will be new even to experienced readers. Besides theorems and proofs, the book contains many illustrations and it gives connections of the icons to the world outside of mathematics. There are also problems at the end of each chapter, with solutions provided in an appendix. The book could be used by students in courses in problem solving, mathematical reasoning, or mathematics for the liberal arts. It could also be read with pleasure by professional mathematicians, as it was by the members of the Dolciani editorial board, who unanimously recommend its publication.

The Synchronicity Key

Author : David Wilcock
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New York Times bestselling author David Wilcock unlocks the key to a universal life force that is influencing and guiding humanity toward enlightenment. The Source Field Investigations was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller that uncovered hidden science and lost prophecies to illuminate an entirely new understanding of our world today. In his new book, The Synchronicity Key, Wilcock embarks on an astonishing investigation into what lies beyond this new understanding of our how our universe works—finding proof that everything in our lives is not only connected, it all influences everything else. Using history, astrology, and synchronicity theory as well as concepts such as microgravitational structuring, spiritual geometry, quantum physics, and other new research, Wilcock shows that there is a hidden architecture within time, guiding individuals and nations through a system of enlightenment Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey. Historical events occur in shockingly precise, repeating cycles of time as a result. Once we understand and identify the hidden laws governing the fates of individuals and nations through seemingly random “synchronicity,” we are left with a remarkable blueprint of how best to lead our lives in this seemingly uncertain and confusing world.

Polyoxometalates From Platonic Solids to Anti Retroviral Activity

Author : Michael Pope
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The early transition elements, especially vanadium, molybdenum, and tungsten, form a vast number of polyoxoanions with remarkable structures, unprecedented combinations of properties, and relevance to disciplines ranging from mathematics to medicine. Although the first examples of these substances were described in the mid-19th century, it is only within the last 20--30 years that the field has begun to receive the attention it deserves. This book contains 28 review chapters by leading investigators who participated in an international workshop held in Bielefeld in July 1992. It provides a survey of recent and current activity in this field - including new synthetic methods, and new structural types; topological analysis of polyhedral structures; discrete polyoxoanions as models for metal oxide lattices, magnetic interactions and domains; donor--acceptor and host--guest chemistry; organic and organometallic derivatives; mixed valence and electron transfer; homogeneous and heterogeneous redox and acid catalysis; photochemistry and photocatalysis; polyoxoanion-protein chemistry; antitumor and anti--HIV activity.

Keys to the Mystery Language

Author : Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
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Key to Baillairg stereometrical Tableau

Author : Charles P. Florent Baillairgé
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A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and Other Semi Regular Polyhedra

Author : Kenneth J. M. MacLean
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This book contains a meticulous geometric investigation of the five Platonic Solids and five other important polyhedra, as well as reference charts for each solid. (Mathematics)

Math Amazements

Author : Pamela Marx
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Presents thirty-five sets of activities that explore mathematics, from geometry and logic to symmetry and number properties.

The Cosmos

Author : Craig G. Fraser
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Shows how our ideas about the size, shape, and composition of the universe came to be.

Key Facts Jurisprudence

Author : Peter Halstead
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Key Facts has been specifically written for students studying Law. This essential revision guide will be suitable for all students taking Jurisprudence at Undergraduate level. Written and edited by an expert team of authors whose experience means they know exactly what is required in a revision aid. They include examiners, barristers and lecturers. They have brought their expertise and knowledge to the series to make it user-friendly and accessible. Key Features include: user-friendly layout and style, diagrams, charts and tables to illustrate key points, summary charts at a basic level, followed by more detailed explanations, to aid revision at every level, pocket sized and easily portable, highly-regarded authors. Jurisprudence includes: Natural Law, Legal Positivism, Utilitarianism, Historical Jurisprudence, Marxism, Sociology of Law, Legal Realism, Critical Legal Studies, Concepts.

3ds Max 2008 Bible

Author : Kelly L. Murdock
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A guide to the latest version of 3ds max explains how to use the software to create a variety of animation, film effects, and games.

Activities Manual for Elementary School Teachers

Author : Wheeler
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This book was published exclusively with the goal of preparing students to be future elementary school teachers. This four-color book is exactly the same as Wheeler and Wheeler's Modern Mathematics, Ninth Edition with the following additions: The preface was written directly with the goal of educating elementary school teachers, NCTM Standards are included in the book's end papers, and Reproductions of actual pages from four-color elementary school textbooks have been added.Guided by a team of reviewers and suggestions from more than 130 professors, the authors have produced an important revision. At the beginning of each section, goals and objectives have been replaced by statements from the NCTM Standards. Within each section the authors present the content, examples, problem sets, and laboratory exercises that fulfill the philosophy and the direction suggested by the Standards. In this edition, Ruric Wheeler is joined by his son, Ed, as co-author.An activities manual for prospective elementary school teachers has been completely rewritten by a team of authors with many years of experience teaching elementary and middle school students. In addition to a rich variety of activities it includes ''Talk to Teachers,'' a section that discusses the significance of each activity in the growth and preparation of the young student.

Cosmic Imagery

Author : John D. Barrow
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* Certain key images embody our understanding of life and the universe we inhabit. Some, like Robert Hooke's first microscopic views of the natural world, or the stunning images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, were made possible by our new technical capabilities. * Others, like the first graph, were breathtakingly simple but perennially useful. Vesalius's haunting pictures of the human anatomy were nothing less than works of art, while the simple diagram now known as Pythagoras' Theorem - proved by the ancient Babylonians, Chinese, Indians and Egyptians long before the Greeks themselves - lay the foundations for modern mathematics. * Many of these images have shattered our preconceptions about the limits and nature of existence: the first breathtaking pictures of the Earth from space stimulated an environmental consciousness that has grown ever since; the mushroom cloud from atomic and nuclear explosions became the ultimate symbol of death and destruction; the flying saucer came to represent the possibility of extraterrestrial life; while Mercator's flat map of the Earth coordinated an entire world-view. * Cosmic Imagery takes us on a tour through the most influential images in science. Each holds an important place in the growth of human understanding and carries with it a story that illuminates its origin and meaning. Together they reveal something of the beauty and truth of the universe, and why, so often, a picture is better than a thousand words.

Stars on the Earth

Author : Richard Leviton
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Discover the wonderful secret the Earth holds for us-that the stars of the galaxy live on our planet. Holograms of high-magnitude stars over holy mountains. Physical travel to other planets through stargates on the Earth's surface. Near instantaneous transportation across the planet through quick-way portals. Outrageous science fiction or sober geomantic fact? Earth Mysteries researcher Richard Leviton takes you on a wild tour of three geomantic features of our planet and reveals that what science fiction has dreamed the Earth in fact offers us. Stars on the Earth combines scholarship, clairvoyance, and field experience with the latest discoveries of geology and astrophysics and the timeless insights of the world's myths to open the planetary door to the stars. It's all part of the Earth's unsuspected but staggeringly rich endowment as a designer planet. Our planet was precisely designed and implemented for us, and it's equipped with a visionary geography that mirrors features of the galaxy and Heavens. Why are so many of the Earth's mountains said to be holy, producing visions and encounters with the "gods?" They all have canopies of light called domes, each transmitting the presence of a galactic star. What is the geomantic origin of the Bermuda Triangle? Two dysfunctional stargates. If working properly, they and the Earth's other two million stargates could transport us rapidly to other planets. Is there a way to travel quickly across the planet without using cars, airplanes, boats, or trains? Yes, and it's called a traversable wormhole, and the Earth has thousands of them awaiting our discovery and use. Come join the tour of a planet you've never seen before: our own star-infused Earth.

The Geomantic Year

Author : Richard Leviton
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The spiritual world blesses the Earth at least 58 times a year-here's how you can join the party. Do you think folklore customs about solstices and equinoxes and other regular celebration days are quaint holdovers from the past? Not so. Do you sometimes wish there were a way to include the entire planet in a meditation practice? There is, and it's called the geomantic year. At least 58 times a year the spiritual world-angels, archangels, Ascended Masters, Star-Angels, even the Supreme Being-tunes in to the Earth, blesses, and even heals it in real-time day-long events. Our planet is constantly receiving input from the cosmos and heavenly realms. It's all part of a rhythmic maintenance calendar in which the Earth is enlivened, and all of humanity is invited to participate. This book shows you how. What kinds of events? On Epiphany, January 6, the Christ focuses on the planet to birth his Light. On Bifrost Paints the Planet, April 10, the Great Bear constellation envelopes the Earth in 14 rays of light. On Michaelmas, September 29, the Archangel Michael cleanses the Earth's sacred sites and all their "plumbing." Other events in the geomantic year involve stars, Nature Spirits, holy mountains, River-gods, Pleiadians, Hollow Earth dwellers, Grail Kings, volcano spirits, the Great Mother, and much more. The Geomantic Year documents 58 festival dates that focus on the Earth through its sacred sites, and it provides 58 simple meditations to help you participate. And it offers 12 informative essays linking Earth energies with hot topics such as the Illuminati and world control, parallel universes, the world's gold supply, the Ghost Dance, the Fall of Man, Earth and climate changes, and the apocalyptic year 2012. Why not get out your appointment book and pencil in a few dates: the Earth's expecting you!

Science and Key of Life

Author :
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Author : Peter R. Cromwell
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This book comprehensively documents the many and varied ways that polyhedra have come to the fore throughout the development of mathematics.

Science and Key of Life

Author : Henry Clay Hodges
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