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Excuses and Lies

Author : Knock Knock
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The 'Lines For All Occasions' series provides a superb collection of these much needed phrases for all manner of breakup, rejection, excuse, lie, come-on, or insult situations - ranging from the diplomatic to the downright bridge burning.

Knock Knock Excuses and Lies Lines for All Occasions Paperback Edition

Author : Knock Knock Knock
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Everybody lies-even people who aren't the president. If they say they don't, they're lying. The question isn't whether to lie, it's how to lie. Excuses and Lies for All Occasionsprovides the necessary lines for workplace, friendships, family, your own inner thoughts, unpaid bills, and more. With this pocket-sized prompter, you'll never contemplate the honest route again! At a loss for white elephant gift ideas? Bam! CYA with over 501 fool-proof excuses and lies at the ready High-quality softcover; 4 x. 6.75 inches; 112 pages Written by Knock Knock books

Breakups and Rejections

Author : Knock Knock
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The 'Lines For All Occasions' series provides a superb collection of these much needed phrases for all manner of breakup, rejection, excuse, lie, come-on, or insult situations - ranging from the diplomatic to the downright bridge burning.

Pickups and Come Ons

Author : Knock Knock
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The 'Lines For All Occasions' series provides a superb collection of these much needed phrases for all manner of breakup, rejection, excuse, lie, come-on, or insult situations - ranging from the diplomatic to the downright bridge burning.

P t Mudd In the Land of Lies a Novel

Author : David Charnee
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P.T. Mudd is a boy with an active imagination who loves to tell tall tales. But his wildest stories become reality when he discovers a magical stone that transports him to Muddlia, a land where he becomes the crown prince. There's only one problem: everyone in Muddlia believes everything they're told. So, they naturally believe P.T. when he tells them that he is the greatest hero in the world, and they also trust him when he says that the Ultimate Evil of the Universe, Blotto Ratspaw, is putting together an army on the edge of their fair land. Although the people of Muddlia have never known war, they follow P.T.'s advice to create their own army to save Muddlia from Ratspaw. Joined by new friends Chicki-Baby, a big blue talking chicken, and Belinda Bosh, a girl his own age who dreams of being a great champion, P.T. leads the trusting Muddlians off to war. As P.T. boldly leads his loyal subjects, things begin to go terribly wrong. Unexpectedly, P.T. and his army are fighting against a very real, very nasty enemy. Now, P.T. must make an awful choice. Will he save the innocent Muddlians, or think only of himself and escape back to home and safety?

White Lies and Wishes

Author : Cathy Bramley
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What happens when what you wish for is only half the story...? Three strangers and a funeral, that’s all it takes for these women’s lives and wishes to intersect. Death has a funny way of showing you what you really want out of life... or so they say, anyway. Jo is flirty and a little after thirty, but what she really wants is to get her business back on track and conquer her fear of heights. That’s what she’ll say when asked, anyway. She has things to prove and finding love can always wait... Sarah has the best of both worlds, baby in one hand and job in the other. All she wants is to get that promotion, then all those missed bath times will be worth it. So she says, anyway. She can’t stop to think about it too long or she might drop something... All Carrie wants is to shift the excess pounds and look good for summer. Wearing a bikini is all she has ever desired. So she has always said, anyway. But it’s not the only weight she’s carrying, dark secrets from her past are threatening to surface... So the three unlikely new friends set themselves a deadline to get their lives in order; juggling blokes, babies and bikini bottoms along the way. There’s nothing to stop them from achieving their dreams – except those little white lies we all tell... A feel-good romantic comedy that's guaranteed to make you smile - perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde. Your favourite authors have loved reading bestselling Cathy Bramley: ‘Delightfully warm with plenty of twists and turns’ Trisha Ashley ‘Engaging characters and a sweeping romance. This is delightful!’ Katie Fforde ‘A witty, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy’ Miranda Dickinson ‘The perfect romantic tale, to warm your heart and make you smile.’ Ali McNamara

The Truth about Lies

Author : George Acquaah
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A theological analysis of how to overcome deception.

Little White Lie

Author : Lea Santos
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Emie Jaramillo learned long ago that brains count more than beauty, and that's just fine with her. She doesn't want, nor does she need, a relationship. When her prestigious academic career earns her an invitation to appear on a national talk show, she eagerly looks forward to discussing her genetics work. Little does she know that the episode is really entitled "Those bookworm looks have to go!" Worse yet, gorgeous makeup artist Gia MendezÑa woman around whom Emie stupidly lowers her guardÑwas in on the humiliating prank. The fiasco just convinces Emie of what she knew all along: relationships are for other people, and women like Gia don't belong anywhere near her world. But Gia's about to make it up to Emie, by convincing her she has not only brains, but beauty...and she's the only woman Gia wants in her life. First in the Amigas y Amor Series

Lies and Lullabies

Author : Sarina Bowen
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Summer nights and star-crossed lovers! From USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen. Once upon a time, he gave me a summer of friendship, followed by one perfect night. We shared a lot during our short time together. But he skipped a few crucial details. I didn’t know he was a rock star. I didn’t know his real name. Neither of us knew I’d get pregnant. And I sure never expected to see him again. Five years later, his tour bus pulls up in Nest Lake, Maine. My little world is about to be shattered by loud music and the pounding of my own foolish heart. ***** Perfect for fans of: Helena Hunting, Elle Kennedy, Catherine Gayle, Avon Gale, Toni Aleo, Kristen Callihan, LJ Shen, Mona Kasten, Corinne Michaels, Jana Aston, Karina Halle, Meghan March, Jay Crownover, Anna Todd, Geneva Lee, Audrey Carlan, Jill Shalvis, Suzanne Brockmann, Helen Hoang, Christina Lauren, Kristan Higgins, Sally Thorne, Penelope Sky, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts, Maisey Yates, Sarah Mayberry, Elle Kennedy, Lauren Blakely, Susan Mallery, Penny Reid, Julia Kent, Kelly Jamieson, Melanie Harlow, Carrie Ann Ryan, Kendall Ryan, Kennedy Ryan, Helen Hardt, Meghan March, Julia Kent, Meli Raine, Sylvia Day, Chelle Bliss, Brenda Rothert, Natasha Madison, Kylie Scott, Helena Hunting, Sloane Kennedy, Penelope Sky, Elle Kennedy, K.A. Linde, Nana Malone, Jami Davenport, Jaci Burton, Penelope Sky, Helen Hardt, E.L. James, Anna Todd, Chelle Bliss, Kendall Ryan, Kennedy Fox, Kylie Scott, Devney Perry and Rebecca Yarros. Keywords: contemporary romance, hush note series, rockstar romance, rock stars, rock star romance, rockstars, first in a series, accidental pregnancy, secret baby, mistaken identity, friends to lovers.

Basic Functional Japanese

Author : Pegasus Language Services
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The Lies You Told Me

Author : Jessica Ruston
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When I was little, my mother disappeared... A daughter searches for the truth behind her mother's disappearance in Jessica Ruston's riveting novel. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Linda Green's While My Eyes Were Closed. 'A tight, compelling study of love, obsession and breakdown. I couldn't stop reading' - Jojo Moyes 'I do not know what you have been told about your mother. But I know it cannot be the truth...' Klara Mortimer never really knew her mother, Sadie, a former model, who left when she was just six years old. All she has is a handful of stories, passed down from the father who raised her. Klara tells herself she has long ago come to terms with her mother's disappearance from her life, but then she receives a note and key from someone who calls themselves 'N.R.'. These lead her to a garage, full of the remnants of her mother's past, and to the diary she kept all those years ago. Within its pages, Klara discovers a woman who doesn't quite match the portrait her father has painstakingly painted for her, and a story that leads her to question everything she thought she knew... What readers are saying about The Lies You Told Me: 'Her [Jessica Ruston's] writing is well-crafted, well-paced and the attention to detail and ability to examine the dark side of people and situations, gives depth both to the story and the characters' 'A fantastic story that I could not tear my eyes from' 'I loved the way the novel managed to combine elements of a thriller and mystery along with a story about families, relationships and whether we ever truly know the people we surround ourselves with'

Love Please

Author : Tahera Douglas
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Love, Please. Is a book with a combination of poems about love, loss and recovery. TAHERA DOUGLAS is a 21-year-old Psychology student currently residing in London. She has been writing since she was 12-years-old, a socially shy person, her voice is portrayed in her poetry. When writing, Tahera views the blank page a stage upon which she tells a story, carefully deciphering the image that is created in her mind and delivering a monologue through ink dipped in emotion, love and pain. Taking inspiration from everything and everyone in life, Tahera never fails to deliver in her extraordinary writing and touch people with her graceful rhymes. Love, Please is the first book she has published and hopes to publish many more in the future.

Not Black and White

Author : Bola Agbaje
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Not Black and White comprises of three new plays which examine the state of modern day Britain from the perspective of three leading black contemporary playwrights. Roy Williams, Kwame Kwei-Armah and Bola Agbaje tackle the prison system, the mayoralty and immigration in their respective plays. Category B: Roy Williams Saul runs a tip-top wing - the screws love him for it, especially Angela. Prisoners follow his rules, and it's all gravy. But Saul's number two position is vacant, new inmates are flooding in, so everyone's feeling the heat. No-one wants to go to Cat B, but the world on the outside is a different story. Seize the Day: Kwame Kwei-Armah Jeremy Charles could be London's first black mayor. He has the face to represent it - a well-spoken, good-looking Londoner, with an appetite for change. He's sold his pitch on reality TV, but can he be the real people's candidate? Detaining Justice: Bola Agbaje Justice is locked in a cold dark cell, his asylum application pending. His sister Grace would like to help, but has been told to leave it in God's hands. Crown Prosecutor Mark Cole has an infallible reputation for successful prosecutions - however he has had a change of heart - and job. His first case is for the defence of Justice - but, in his new role, is Cole the man to help? Published to coincide with the Not Black and White season at the Tricycle, where the three dramas played in rep Oct 8 -Dec 19 2009.

The King of Lies

Author : John Hart
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John Hart creates a literary thriller that is as suspenseful as it is poignant, a riveting murder mystery layered beneath the southern drawl of a humble North Carolina lawyer. When Work Pickens finds his father murdered, the investigation pushes a repressed family history to the surface and he sees his own carefully constructed façade begin to crack. Work's troubled sister, her combative girlfriend, his gold digging socialite wife, and an unrequited lifelong love join a cast of small town characters that create no shortage of drama in this extraordinary, fast-paced suspense novel. Hart's mastery of prose and plot belie his newcomer status as he explores the true heart of a man. An illuminating anatomy of a murder and the ripple effect it produces within a family and a community, The King of Lies is a stunning debut. Now with an excerpt from John Hart's next book The Hush, available February 2018.

No More Excuses

Author : Tony Evans
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The difficulty of emotional pain and spiritual setbacks is different from any physical challenge, and many men are not comfortable or well-equipped to grapple with them. Tony Evans gives the kind of advice and inspiration men need to battle on through the most difficult circumstances.

American law reports ALR 4th Cases and annotations

Author :
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American Law Reports

Author :
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In All Ugliness Beauty Lies Within

Author : Debra L. Fonseca
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In all ugliness, beauty lies within, representing individuals like you and me, who are willing to look deep inside ourselves to admit the truth about the ugliness in us. Do not only admit it, but address it where it demonstrates strength and strong will to overcome life’s challenges without making excuses. Everyone knows that life can be unfair at times; the question is, during the midst of it, how are we going to react? Usually, in the face of adversity, one is defined in character. This book expresses a lot of heartache, as well as triumph. I am hoping that my readers will embrace the essence of its beauty although shown in darkness because all can relate. At some point or another, life has hit you with uncertainty; the fact that you are reading this book proves your triumph over life’s setbacks. I am proud of you. Within these pages, I have tried to reveal the reality of bondage in its true form then turned it around for beauty for the sole propose of saving other people’s lives through awareness. If I can turn ugliness into art through creative writing, then there are no limits to what you can do; just do humbly, and loveliness and grace will beseech you and everything you set your hearts to do in life will prosper.

Body Of Lies

Author : Deirdre Savoy
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Dangerous Assignment Clinical psychologist Alexandra Waters always tackles the tough cases. Counseling a convicted rapist is one of them. Alex believes she has made a difference in that man's life until she's called in to track down a serial killer. The cops--particularly superstar Bronx detective Zachary Stone--believe the perpetrator is Alex's client. Nobody listens when she insists it's not. Passionate Attraction Even if Zach thinks Alex is wrong, he can't stay away from her. Years before, they shared one night of passion--only one. Zach walked away, leaving Alex hurt and abandoned. Now the fire is back, blazing hotter than ever. Irresistible Temptation But the killer they both seek is still on the loose and getting more dangerous. Even as Zach and Alex surrender to the desire building between them, Alex is targeted as the murderer's next victim. Alex can't run, can't hide, can't escape. All she and Zach can do is come up with a plan to fight back. . .

The Comfort of Lies

Author : Randy Susan Meyers
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“Happiness at someone else’s expense came at a price. Tia had imagined judgment from the first kiss that she and Nathan shared. All year, she’d waited to be punished for being in love, and in truth, she believed that whatever consequences came her way would be deserved.” Five years ago, Tia fell into obsessive love with a man she could never have. Married, and the father of two boys, Nathan was unavailable in every way. When she became pregnant, he disappeared, and she gave up her baby for adoption. Five years ago, Caroline, a dedicated pathologist, reluctantly adopted a baby to please her husband. She prayed her misgivings would disappear; instead, she’s questioning whether she’s cut out for the role of wife and mother. Five years ago, Juliette considered her life ideal: she had a solid marriage, two beautiful young sons, and a thriving business. Then she discovered Nathan’s affair. He promised he’d never stray again, and she trusted him. But when Juliette intercepts a letter to her husband from Tia that contains pictures of a child with a deep resemblance to her husband, her world crumbles once more. How could Nathan deny his daughter? And if he’s kept this a secret from her, what else is he hiding? Desperate for the truth, Juliette goes in search of the little girl. And before long, the three women and Nathan are on a collision course with consequences that none of them could have predicted. Riveting and arresting, The Comfort of Lies explores the collateral damage of infidelity and the dark, private struggles many of us experience but rarely reveal.