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Know Your Endo

Author : Jessica Murnane
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Learn how to navigate your life with endometriosis in this essential and hopeful guide--including tools and strategies to gain a deeper understanding of your body and manage chronic pain through diet, movement, stress management, and more. Endometriosis isn’t just about having “painful periods.” It can be a complex, debilitating, and all-encompassing condition that impacts one’s mental health, relationships, and career. Endo affects 1 in 10 women and girls across the globe, but even after receiving a diagnosis, many are still left in the dark about their condition. In Know Your Endo, Jessica Murnane breaks through the misinformation and gives essential guidance, encouragement, and practical lifestyle tools to help those living with endo have more control and feel better in their bodies. In this empowering and heartfelt guide, Jessica, who suffers from endo herself, shares a progressive five-week plan focused on learning a new management tool each week. Including sections on diet (with recipes!), movement, products, and personal-care rituals, Know Your Endo eases readers into a new lifestyle and arms them with the information needed to truly understand their condition. Insights and help from endometriosis doctors and experts are woven throughout, as well as first-person accounts of how endo can impact every aspect of your life. Finally, there’s a resource for all people suffering in silence from this chronic condition offering what they need most: hope.

Records Briefs New York State Appellate DIvision

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Author : Carol Saltus
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Describes the three main body types, and explains how to develop a personality profile based on one's body structure

What You Always Needed to Know about Dentistry But Didn t Know who to Ask

Author : Stephen A. Sullivan
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Author : Kaz Cooke
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Endometriosis is a fun to read yet sensible explanation of the self-care, natural therapies and medical solutions for managing endometriosis.

New York Supreme Court Appellate Division

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Dentsu Japan Marketing advertising Yearbook

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Author : Mary Lou Ballweg
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Provides information on endometriosis, covering such topics as treatment options, nutrition, infertility, the immune system, the connection to cancer, teenagers with endometriosis, menopause, and research.

The Son Of an Endometriosis Mum

Author : Luis Kounnis
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I decided to write a book of how endometriosis impacts my life and always has. I have never known my mum to be well and pain free and it makes me very sad and worried to see her suffer most of the time. Endo ruins our time together and our plans to go out, she has to sleep alot too. I hate endometriosis, I wish it wasn't my mum that has it.I get scared when my mum has to go into hospital, which happens alot. I try to look after her and I do my best to help her when I can see she is in pain, my mum tries to hide it from me but I know when she is hurting. My mum always says that she knows me best, well I know her best too, her face squishes up or she walks funny.She doesn't deserve to be in pain every day, I wish I could make it stop. I want to be like my friends whose mum's are well.I do know that there are other children who have a mum or dad who aren't very well all of the time, I think those kids would feel sad and scared like I do, but it's okay to feel sad because it's our parents.My mum is my best friend and I love her so much. If I was ever given one wish, I would make my mum well again.

Find Your Roots and Take Wing

Author : Sister Vandana
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Critical essays on the Catholic Church and its religious communities in Asia and the West.