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Discover Your True Self and Live Your Best Life Today

Author : Niroma De Zoysa
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With corruption rampant, natural disasters commonplace, and solid values hard to find, it’s easy to get discouraged as you live your daily life. But it’s possible to regain your internal balance and live a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life. It begins by asking the right questions, such as the following: —What does happiness mean to you? —Are you living up to your fullest potential? —Have you identified your natural gifts and talents? —Do you know your purpose on earth? Niroma De Zoysa, a life coach and counselor, helps you find the answers to these questions and many more in this practical guide. With her help, you’ll be equipped to consciously choose partnerships, relationships, projects, and activities that help you move forward. By doing so, you’ll be able to live your very best life right now. Your time on earth is precious, which is why it’s essential to take proactive steps to discover your true self and live your best life today!

You Are Photogenic Discover Your True Self With Photo Image In the Age of the Selfie

Author : Pina Di Cola
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How many of us turn away from the mirror, or from a snapshot of us, thinking, “That’s not me.” The truth is, we’re right. Due to the human brain’s neurological processes the one face our human mind is incapable of seeing is our own. And yet, it’s important that we do see ourselves as we truly are. Now as never before in history, our need to explore the pivotal issue of how we see ourselves and understand what we look like has become very important. This is the reason that we’re witnessing the explosion of the phenomenal trend called the “selfie.” Fascinated by the common response, “I’m not photogenic” to photos of themselves—even by clients internationally renowned for their beauty—photographer Pina Di Cola discovered a breakthrough in self-image: the theory of the Photo-Image. Pairing her thirty years of experience as a celebrity photographer with in-depth research in the fields of neurology, psychology, and sociology, she discovered how essential truly seeing ourselves is to living a full life.

How to Find God and Discover Your True Self in the Process

Author : Hubert Van Zeller
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Here is a storehouse of practical help for believers who dare to look honestly at themselves -- and to do what it takes to attain the deepest desire of every sincere Catholic: union with God Himself. Dom Hubert van Zeller wrote these pages to help modern souls who are striving for holiness to spot dangerous distractions and stay on the path to true knowledge of themselves . . . and of God.

I AM Unlocking Your True Self How To Live With Purpose Joy Passion Health and Power

Author : Vjaughn Ingraham
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This book discusses ways we can improve our lives and health, as well as finding purpose and shifting our awareness and perspectives of existence itself. Throughout the chapters you will see many strategies and tips on how the world around us operates and how we should strive to operate as eternal minds in human beings. Our health and wellness is extremely vital to the overall success and fulfillment of life itself, with ways we can see better individuals and communities. The main chapters go over topics such as positivity, beliefs, health, peace, love, power, community and purpose. This piece combines the worlds of science, health and spirituality all in one, in a unique and intriging way to fit the interest of everyone and allow everyone to see different perspectives or perceptions of truth. After reading you will leave with tools to help improve your lifestyle habits, self awareness, peace and love life, environment, engagement, belief systems, health status, and outlook on existence.

Unleash Your Authentic Self

Author : Elaine Mc Guinness
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You can step into your own power by expressing the truth of who you really are. When you are being authentic, you are free to express yourself without fear of judgment, assumptions or opinions of others. What do you choose? Do you want to stay the same or become fully aligned at your source-the universe-and begin co-creating your life path? This book guides you on your personal journey of self-discovery towards self-realization at the core of your being. Along this journey to authenticity, you come to realise that you are much more than you think you are. As you gain self-awareness, you become inspired to move out of your current comfort zone in order to grow and evolve. You can set yourself free from your struggles and pain by expressing your authentic self. It is time to take a stand in your own life now. Speaking your truth empowers you from within, as you forge a path for yourself with limitless opportunities and abundance. As you gain insight and clarity on this journey to self-actualization, you become aware that you are co-creator with the universe for anything your heart desires. The intention of this book is to give you the courage, belief and inspiration to empower yourself from within in living your authentic life. • By speaking your truth, you set yourself free. • By living your truth, you are free. • By expressing your authentic self, you inspire others to free themselves also. “Unleash Your Authentic Self! is essential for every person whose goal is freedom. In this journey to self-actualization, you’ll discover how to express your truth by being more of who you really are.” — Dr. Joe E. Keaney, PhD, BA, DHP, DPsych, MICHP Director of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Cork City, Ireland.

Awaken to Your True Self

Author : Andrew Daniel
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The Definitive Guide for Getting Unstuck & Waking Up Have you ever wondered, “Why am I still stuck despite all the inner work I’ve done?” Do you feel trapped repeating the same cycles and stories over and over again, no matter what you heal or fix? Are you looking to learn the truth about who you are beyond your struggle and success? Is there a challenge or plateau you’re trying to overcome that isn’t responding to conventional methods? Awaken to Your True Self is a practical guide on transformation, embodiment, and shadow work. It integrates holistic perspectives from somatic therapy, mindfulness, and spirituality to help you get unstuck. Andrew Daniel grounds timeless spiritual truth in approaches and exercises that help where traditional self-help fails. These approaches defy conventional advice—and that’s exactly why they work when nothing else does. If you’re confused and frustrated despite all you know and achieved, or how much you’ve worked on yourself, because you feel like: - You should be further along or already past this - You could be expressing yourself more fully in life - You shouldn’t be repeating the same cycles again and again - Your success in relationships, career, health, & spirit should match Stop and imagine how your life would look in just a year, if today you were able to: - Break through that plateau in your sport, art, craft, practice, or meditation - Reach your potential and move past career or financial ceilings, and creative blocks - Know how to attract the right people or circumstances without second-guessing - Relax into the peace and freedom from not having to fix everything about yourself - Eliminate anxiety, fear, co-dependency, insecurity and start fully experiencing life …would you be willing to hear about unconventional solutions that helped thousands of others? A fraction of what you will learn: How the story you tell yourself keeps you stuck and what you’re missing out on The most efficient “level” to focus on for change never addressed in self-help A math formula that reveals why things get worse the harder you try Why your fast intellect may be slowing you down, and the benefits of intelligence Common narcissistic traps that keep us from being supported and told the truth The paradox of why seeking a spiritual path leads to more suffering, not less The truth about how we get trapped in victim mentality and what to do to heal What you are secretly avoiding or not allowing that stifles your progress The solution to addiction, or, why personal development and self-help is failing you An eternal truth that illuminates the startling connection between all our behaviors “That wasn’t my intention”—why you keep getting the wrong results from the right actions How to get feedback from others and the space around you to break-through How to make sure you're living for something greater than your ego so you can thrive Overcome duality and win the war against our darkest and most undesirable parts The most obvious, simple, yet enigmatic action to take that everyone over-complicates Learn the secrets of the now and embody a vision that will come true Discover the somatic solution to being in your head based on Cinesomatics® What five things we must hold steadfast in our life for success, joy, and healing Previously published as "Why You're Still Stuck" by Drew Gerald

Discovering Your True Self

Author : Steve Langford
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The goal of our journey in life is to discover and live out of our true self, the person God created us to be when He fashioned us in our mother’s wombs. However, this is easier said than done as many of us struggle with understanding who we really are in the midst of life’s ups and downs. In a comprehensive guide, Pastor Steve Langford describes the spiritual journey involved in discovering our unique, authentic self that stands in contrast to the false or constructed self that the world pressures us to be. After identifying the role of anxiety and fear in the manufacture of the false self, Dr. Langford describes what is involved in the journey along with the tools, concepts, and skills that resource the journey. He also describes how our experience of life is different when we move beyond the sabotaging power of the anxiety-driven constructed self and begin to live out of the true self. A guide for personal reflection and small group study follows each chapter. Discovering Your True Self describes the journey that leads us to move beyond the false self the world proclaimed we should be and embrace the true self, the person God created us to be.

Do you know your real self

Author : BK Jagdish Chander
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A dissertation on the Self & Consciousness from the view-point of Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Yoga, Religions & Commonsense

Awaken and Journey to Your True Self

Author : Dr. Merlin Pickston
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Everyone wants to live a happier and healthier life ... but how do you get there? Awaken and Journey to Your True Self is a book for anyone who wants to improve their life. By sharing examples from his own life, author Dr. Merlin Pickston provides a blueprint that will help you find your own path of self-improvement. As you work your way through the examples, activities, exercises, and meditations, you’ll find yourself ready to: • make changes to mind, body, and spirit to rediscover your true self; • cope with the highs and lows that come with life; • appreciate life in a greater way than ever before; The author also highlights seven pillars of personal change, which will help you make permanent changes to accomplish your goals. While these changes won’t happen overnight, you can make immediate breakthroughs that will propel you forward with the guidance in this book. Filled with practical examples, you’ll refer to this guide time and again as you begin a spiritual awakening that leads to your true self. “The book is written in a way that makes the topics easy to understand and relate to. This helped me connect with the messages of the subjects at a deep level and motivated me to do the work required to release tensions and negativity from my life and to begin to become the best version of myself.” —Enrica Borghi

Find Your True Self Through Your Fantasies and Dreams

Author : Olavi Moilanen
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