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Knowledge Engineering in Health Informatics

Author : Homer R. Warner
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The "information explosion" in recent decades has made it impossible for practicing physicians (even specialists) to keep up with all the information potentially at their disposal. As a result, it is not surprising that empirical studies have shown that physicians do not always make optimal decisions. Thus, medical expert systems are now available to support - not replace - physicians and healthcare providers in their goal of providing the best possible healthcare to every patient. Knowledge Engineering in Health Informatics is a guide to the creation of such systems. Presenting the core material for courses such as Medical Knowledge Engineering and Expert System Development, it allows non-experts to make diagnostic decisions with the precision and accuracy of medical experts thanks to the help of the computer.

Health Informatics Meets EHealth

Author : D. Hayn
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Ineffective discharge management can jeopardize the successful completion of hospital treatment; but a well managed transition from hospital care to care at home depends on the efficient exchange of information with out-patient healthcare providers and professionals. This is just one way in which ICT can support healthcare and provide tools which help health professions to identify and communicate relevant data. Such tools will be increasingly important in future healthcare systems, and indeed a Europe-wide ICT infrastructure for information and data exchange may do much to revolutionize the quality of healthcare. It is therefore essential that infrastructures build on well-established standards such as Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), even if this initially takes longer to implement. This book presents the proceedings of the annual Health Informatics meets eHealth conference, held in Vienna, Austria, in May 2017. The special topic chosen for eHealth2017 is Digital Insight – Information-Driven Health & Care, and the conference addressed the increasingly international focus of eHealth and the importance of cross-border health ICT. The papers presented here cover many eHealth topics, from maternity records to rehabilitation and from staff training to information exchange. Future ICT systems will inevitably involve machine learning and predictive analytics in order to provide actionable information to health professionals and support preventive healthcare concepts, and this book provides an insight into current research in health informatics and eHealth, addressing many issues central to the future of health and care. The book will be of interest to all healthcare researchers and practitioners.

Medical Informatics Europe 99

Author : Peter Kokol
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This volume seeks to reflect the state of the art on medical informatics. It presents ideas that will guide the process of medical informatics. Topics in the book include: information systems in health care and medicine; telemedicine and telematics; security; biomedical processing, data mining and knowledge discovery; training and education; Internet/intranet; resources management; intelligent medical systems; health guidelines and protocols; electronic patient encounter, card technology, electronic data interchange; terminology; nursing informatics.

Data Mining in Biomedical Imaging Signaling and Systems

Author : Sumeet Dua
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Data mining can help pinpoint hidden information in medical data and accurately differentiate pathological from normal data. It can help to extract hidden features from patient groups and disease states and can aid in automated decision making. Data Mining in Biomedical Imaging, Signaling, and Systems provides an in-depth examination of the biomedi

Healthcare Informatics and Information Synthesis

Author : John W. Williamson
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Gives a step by step approach to information synthesis (which it defines as a systematic review of research) using a number of examples using different types of data.

Health Informatics on FHIR

Author : Mark L. Braunstein
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This extensively revised textbook describes and defines the US healthcare delivery system, its many systemic challenges and the prior efforts to develop and deploy informatics tools to help overcome these problems. Now that electronic health record systems are widely deployed, the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability standard is being rapidly accepted as the means to access and share the data stored in those systems and analytics is increasing being used to gain new knowledge from that aggregated clinical data, this book goes on to discuss health informatics from an historical perspective, its current state and likely future state. It then turns to some of the important and evolving areas of informatics including electronic healt\h records, clinical decision support,. population and public health, mHealth and analytics. Numerous use cases and case studies are employed in all of these discussions to help readers connect the technologies to real world challenges. Health Informatics on FHIR: How HL7's API is Transforming Healthcare is for introductory health informatics courses for health sciences students (e.g., doctors, nurses, PhDs), the current health informatics community, computer science and IT professionals interested in learning about the field and practicing healthcare providers. Though this textbook covers an important new technology, it is accessible to non-technical readers including healthcare providers, their patients or anyone interested in the use of healthcare data for improved care, public/population health or research. .

Mental Health Informatics

Author : Jessica D. Tenenbaum
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This textbook provides a detailed resource introducing the subdiscipline of mental health informatics. It systematically reviews the methods, paradigms, tools and knowledge base in both clinical and bioinformatics and across the spectrum from research to clinical care. Key foundational technologies, such as terminologies, ontologies and data exchange standards are presented and given context within the complex landscape of mental health conditions, research and care. The learning health system model is utilized to emphasize the bi-directional nature of the translational science associated with mental health processes. Descriptions of the data, technologies, paradigms and products that are generated by and used in each process and their limitations are discussed. Mental Health Informatics: Enabling a Learning Mental Healthcare System is a comprehensive introductory resource for students, educators and researchers in mental health informatics and related behavioral sciences. It is an ideal resource for use in a survey course for both pre- and post-doctoral training programs, as well as for healthcare administrators, funding entities, vendors and product developers working to make mental healthcare more evidence-based.

Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Author : V. Richard Benjamins
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th This volume contains the papers presented at the 13 International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2002) held in Sig enza, Spain, October 1-4, 2002. Papers were invited on topics related to Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Management, Ontologies, and the Semantic Web. A total of 110 papers were submitted. Each submission was evaluated by at least two reviewers. The selection process has resulted in the acceptance of 20 long and 14 short papers for publication and presentation at the conference; an acceptance rate of about 30%. In addition, one invited paper by a keynote speaker is included. This volume contains 8 papers on Knowledge Acquisition, 4 about Knowledge Management, 16 on Ontologies, and 6 papers about the Semantic Web. This was the second time (EKAW 2000 being the first) that the event was organized as a conference rather than as the usual workshop (hence the acronym: European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop). The large number of submissions (110 versus the usual 40-60) is an indication that the scientific community values EKAW as an important event to share experiences in the Knowledge Technology area, worthy of being organized as a prestigious international conference. Knowledge is the fuel of the upcoming Knowledge Economy. Therefore, we believe that conferences such as EKAW, that focus on Knowledge Technologies, will continue to play a major role as a platform for sharing and exchanging experiences and knowledge between key players in the area.

Enabling Health Informatics Applications

Author : J. Mantas
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Informatics and technology have long been indispensable to the provision of healthcare and their importance continues to grow in this field. This book presents the 65 full papers presented at the 13th annual International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2015), held in Athens, Greece, in July 2015. The conference attracts scientists and practitioners from all continents and treats the field of biomedical informatics in a very broad framework, examining the research and applications outcomes of informatics from cell to population, and covering a number of technologies such as imaging, sensors and biomedical equipment as well as management and organizational subjects such as legal and social issues. The conference also aims to set research priorities in health informatics. This overview of current research and development will be of interest to all those whose work involves the use of biomedical informatics in the planning, provision and management of healthcare.

Health Informatics

Author : Evelyn J. S. Hovenga
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This second, extensively revised and updated edition of Health Informatics: An Overview includes new topics which address contemporary issues and challenges and shift the focus on the health problem space towards a computer perspective.