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Knowledge Rather Than Hope

Author : Vasily Nekrasov
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This book does not tell you how to make millions. But it does tell you how to avoid typical mistakes and severe losses. It also tells you which long-term performance you can expect from a trading strategy and how to verify whether a strategy really works. In particular, the Kelly criterion (also known as fortune's formula) is comprehensively discussed with portfolio management in mind. You will also learn the basics of the statistical analysis with R. Last but not least the author frankly shares his own (sometimes bitter) trading experience. In order to read this book you need a working knowledge of college mathematics. But the book is completely void of mathematical arrogance and complicated but impractical market models. The most of problems are solved by means of the Monte Carlo simulation, i.e. we let a computer work for us. R code and sample chapters are available on the author's website

Fighting Cancer with Knowledge Hope

Author : Richard C. Frank
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Anyone who is diagnosed with cancer receives a frightening blow, and in many cases the diagnosis is accompanied by a bewildering array of treatment choices. Dr. Richard C. Frank empowers patients by unlocking the mysteries of the disease and explaining in plain language the ways to confront and combat it. He explains what cancer is and how it spreads how cancer treatment strategies are chosen how cancer-fighting drugs work to shut down the growth of the disease which factors affect a patient's prognosis how patients can visualize cancer treatments at work in the body and why this is helpful how to deal with "incurable" cancer and more With a wealth of patient case histories, helpful coping strategies from cancer survivors, and up-to-date information on useful resources, Fighting Cancer is the book cancer patients and their loved ones can turn to with confidence and hope. Book jacket.

Hope in Place of Knowledge

Author : Richard Rorty
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Instructional Models in Computer Based Learning Environments

Author : Sanne Dijkstra
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In the last decade there have been rapid developments in the field of computer-based learning environments. A whole new generation of computer-based learning environments has appeared, requiring new approaches to design and development. One main feature of current systems is that they distinguish different knowledge bases that are assumed to be necessary to support learning processes. Current computer-based learning environments often require explicit representations of large bodies of knowledge, including knowledge of instruction. This book focuses on instructional models as explicit, potentially implementable representations of knowledge concerning one or more aspects of instruction. The book has three parts, relating to different aspects of the knowledge that should be made explicit in instructional models: knowledge of instructional planning, knowledge of instructional strategies, and knowledge of instructional control. The book is based on a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held at the University of Twente, The Netherlands in July 1991.

Glimmers of Hope A Memoir of Zambia

Author : Mark Burke
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The true story of a London schoolteacher, who, tired of the rat race and brooding over a failed relationship, uproots and volunteers to teach in rural Africa for two years. Sent to the Republic of Zambia with a remit to teach maths, HIV and Gender awareness, he finds eager pupils struggling in a challenging environment. In between battling snakes, stomach-bugs and death-defying bus journeys, he finds both hope in unusual places, and corruption where he least expects. This memoir is both a recollection of his more vivid memories of eastern province, and his reflections on problems in Zambia and their possible causes. It is also a useful study of the physical and psychological challenges that a volunteer may face in Africa.

Education News

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New Hope for Rural Africa

Author : Makerere University College. Department of Rural Economy and Extension
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Life Insurance Agency Financial Management

Author : Wallis Boileau
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Recovery of People with Mental Illness

Author : Abraham Rudnick
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It is only in the past 20 years that the concept of 'recovery' from mental health has been more widely considered and researched. Before then, it was generally considered that 'stability' was the best that anyone suffering from a mental disorder could hope for. But now it is recognised that, throughout their mental illness, many patients develop new beliefs, feelings, values, attitudes, and ways of dealing with their disorder. The notion of recovery from mental illness is thus rapidly being accepted and is inserting more hope into mainstream psychiatry and other parts of the mental health care system around the world. Yet, in spite of conceptual and other challenges that this notion raises, including a variety of interpretations, there is scarcely any systematic philosophical discussion of it. This book is unique in addressing philosophical issues - including conceptual challenges and opportunities - raised by the notion of recovery of people with mental illness. Such recovery - particularly in relation to serious mental illness such as schizophrenia - is often not about cure and can mean different things to different people. For example, it can mean symptom alleviation, ability to work, or the striving toward mental well-being (with or without symptoms). The book addresses these different meanings and their philosophical grounds, bringing to the fore perspectives of people with mental illness and their families as well as perspectives of philosophers, mental health care providers and researchers, among others. The important new work will contribute to further research, reflective practice and policy making in relation to the recovery of people with mental illness.It is essential reading for philosophers of health, psychiatrists, and other mental care providers, as well as policy makers.

Uncertainty and Business Decisions

Author : W. B. Gallie
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Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada

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Report American Planning Association Planning Advisory Service

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A D Hope

Author : Leonie Judith Gibson Kramer
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The Mystery of Hope in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel 1888 1973

Author : Albert B. Randall
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This study explores Marcel's understanding of hope as it relates to many categories, including: activity-act-life, anxiety-strangeness, availability-unavailability, being-having, captivity-trials, charity, communion-intersubjectivity, concrete philosophy, creativity, death, desire, despair, faith, prayer, sacrifice-suicide, and many others. In addition the book offers a spiritual biography of Marcel based on his two essays in autobiography, a bibliography of secondary material, and appendices which index Marcel's major passages on the themes described above.

The Method of Hope

Author : Hirokazu Miyazaki
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The Method of Hope examines the relationship between hope and knowledge by investigating how hope is produced in various forms of knowledge - Fijian, philosophical, anthropologtical. The book participates in on-going debates in social theory about how to reclaim the category of hope in progressive thought.

The Summa Theologica Complete Edition

Author : Saint Thomas Aquinas
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THE SUMMA THEOLOGICA: COMPLETE EDITION SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS — A Classic in Western Philosophy and the Catholic Church — Complete and Unabridged, contains the Complete Text and Supplements — Three Parts, 38 Tracts, 631 Questions, 3,000 Articles, 10,000 Objections and Answers — Over 2.5 Million words — Includes an Active Index and multiple Table of Contents to every Part, Question and Article — Includes Layered NCX Navigation — Includes Illustrations by Gustave Dore The Summa Theologica, or 'Summary of Theology' was written from 1265 to 1274. It is the greatest achievement of Saint Thomas Aquinas and one of the most influential works of Western literature and Philosophy. His influence on Western thought is considerable, and much of modern Philosophy was conceived as a reaction against, or as an agreement with, his ideas, particularly in the areas of Ethics, Natural Law, Metaphysics, and Political Theory. It is intended as a manual for beginners in Theology and a Compendium of all of the main Theological teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. It presents the reasoning for almost all points of Christian Theology in the West. The book is famous, among other things, for its five arguments for the existence of God, the Quinque viae. The Summa Theologica's topics follow a cycle: The Existence of God; Creation, Man; Man's Purpose; Christ; The Sacraments; and back to God. The first part is on God. In it, he gives five proofs for God’s existence as well as an explication of His attributes. He argues for the actuality and incorporeality of God as the unmoved mover and describes how God moves through His thinking and willing. The second part is on Ethics. Thomas argues for a variation of the Aristotelian Virtue Ethics. However, unlike Aristotle, he argues for a connection between the virtuous man and God by explaining how the virtuous act is one towards the blessedness of the Beatific Vision (beata visio). The last part of the Summa is on Christ and was unfinished when Thomas died. In it, he shows how Christ not only offers salvation, but represents and protects humanity on Earth and in Heaven. This part also briefly discusses the sacraments and eschatology. The Summa remains the most influential of Thomas’s works. Saint Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican Priest, born near Aquino, Sicily in 1225. He was an immensely influential Philosopher and Theologian in the tradition of Scholasticism, known as Doctor Angelicus. He died in 1274. As one of the 33 Doctors of the Church, he is considered the Church's greatest Theologian and Philosopher. Thomas is held in the Catholic Church to be the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood. He was canonized in 1323. PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

Knowledge Ethics and the Fetus as surgical patient

Author : Doff Bryan McElhinney
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AAUW Journal

Author : American Association of University Women
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Includes the Association's Register.

The Speaker s Bible

Author : James Hastings
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The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure

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