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Krishna The God Who Lived As Man

Author : Bhawana Somaaya
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The river was in high tide and the footprints of the Yadavas were more or less washed away. Big waves came rushing to the shore and wiped away some more footprints Suddenly Rukmini discovered a familiar footprint and sat beside it . Her eyes brimmed over with tears . These were the footprints her hair locks drooped over when she knelt at her Lord's feet every morning . These were the footprints she worshipped with chandan . the footprints of her Lord of Sri Krishna ! They were deeply immersed in the sand. the impression engraved in the sand was filled with water. Rukmini's streaming tears were making an offering in the water-filled footprints. Daruk arrived and stood beside her . He looked startled. He could not believe how the footprints filled to the brim with water could contain Rukmini's tears without spilling over. What was further surprising was that not a single tear had dropped out of the carved footprint .

The Hindu Religious Tradition

Author : Pratima Bowes
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Originally published in 1977, The Hindu Religious Tradition provides a detailed exploration into the different doctrines regarding the nature of Religious Reality and the many paths of search for this Reality within the Hindu religion. The book discusses these differing doctrines from the point of view of their philosophical significance and their use in man’s search for the divine in consideration of the traditional teaching that the divine is already in man and can be realised in direct experience. It provides a comprehensive account of this tradition through considering all aspects that are integral to it, and highlights that the profundity of this tradition lies in that it cannot be limited to the requirements of any one form of conceiving the divine. The Hindu Religious Tradition will appeal to those with an interest in Hinduism, religious philosophy, and theology.

A Contribution Towards an Index to the Bibliography of the Indian Philosophical Systems

Author : Fitzedward Hall
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Hinduism and Buddhism

Author : Charles Eliot
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Reproduction of the original: Hinduism and Buddhism by Charles Eliot

Lord Krishna and his Leadership

Author : Dr. Krishna Murari Soni
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"Lord Krishna and His Leadership" is based on the collection of life stories of Lord Krishna and discourse given to Arjun in the form of Bhagwadgita. This is written in simple form with the idea of bringing out some of the 'leadership and managerial qualities' of Lord Krishna relevant for all the time. By following the learning of Bhagwadgita, one con contribute in achieving peace in the society, notion ond the world. Though the book includes some of the learning from Bhagwadgita, it does not include complete and accurate translation of Bhagwadgita. Lord Krishna lived on earth for 125 years and set the examples of love, obedience, service, bravery, friendship, duty, karmyog, knowledge seeker, leadership, and also of a king. Some of the incidences ore included in the book. Though the book does not cover oil the facets of Lord Krishna's life, it is hoped that it will provide some useful and interesting information to the readers on Lord Krishna's life and leadership skills. Dr. Krishna Murari Soni is o civil engineer and takes interest in writing on various issues including technical to make a difference in a small way. He has done Post graduation from MANIT Bhopal, PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and MBA from IGNOU, Delhi. Dr Soni hos also authored Lord Krishna and His Leadership, 88 Pearls (A Collection of Short Stories), Halki Fulki Laghu Kathayen, and Aas Paas ki Laghu Kahaniyaan.

Two Krishnas and One Chariot The Story Of Arjuna

Author : J.B.Patro
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Brahmananda Patro (J B Patro) retired as a Deputy Chief Executive from the Nuclear Fuels Complex, Hyderabad (earlier in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), specialized in the production of Nuclear Fuels for Power Reactors. He is a member of the early pioneering team in the production of natural uranium, right from milling ore to finished fuel for nuclear power reactors operating in India. During his long service he had the chance to interact and participate in a number of scientific seminars in India and abroad. Drawn to the teachings of Lord Krishna right from a very early age, Mr. Patro viewed Bhagavad-Gita as a treatise on the Physics of energy-The Laws of Thermodynamics-the very cosmic laws that govern of our Universe and conduct our lives as the rita of the Vedas. He has compiled, edited and since published Sree MahaBhagavatam in English translated from original Sanskrit by late Swami Ramakrishna Brahmananda. Enchanted by Lord Krishna’s personality and researching into the classical and contemporary literature on Krishna, his book The Life and Times of Krishna- the Deity Who Lived as Man was published by Wisdom Tree in September 2013.While researching on Krishna Mr. Patro was fascinated by the character of Arjuna, the bosom friend of Krishna. Krishna says on a number of occasions in the Epic Mahabharata that Arjuna is his other self, alter ego. And also, the Puranic literature attributes the duo to the legend of ancient rishis Nara Narayan. Arjuna being an avatar of Nara-The primeval Man or eternal spirit pervading the Universe, always associated with Narayana the Supreme Spirit Vishnu/Krishna. Both are considered as Gods or Sages and accordingly called ‘Deva, Rishi, and Tapasao’. This has been the theme of the book on Pandava hero Arjuna entitled as ‘Two Krishnas and One Chariot-The story of Arjuna. It took about two years to research on the subject from Epic Mahabharata and other related literature. Arjuna was a versatile human, intellectual with an enquiring mind, and a peerless warrior, and Lord Krishna rightly selected him to impart his Science of Yoga which has been handed down to us as Bhagavad Gita.

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The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

Author : Eknath Easwaran
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A comprehensive manual for living a spiritual life, based on a verse-by-verse commentary on India’s timeless scripture – from the author of its best-selling translation. This ebook includes all three volumes in this series. The Bhagavad Gita is set on the battlefield of an apocalyptic war between good and evil. Faced with a dire moral dilemma, the warrior prince Arjuna turns in anguish to his spiritual guide, Sri Krishna, for answers to the fundamental questions of life. Easwaran points out that Arjuna’s crisis is acutely modern. The Gita’s battlefield is the struggle for self-mastery that every human being must wage. Arjuna represents each of us, and Sri Krishna is the Lord, instructing us in eighteen chapters of lofty wisdom as we face the social, environmental, and global challenges that threaten our world today. Easwaran is a spiritual teacher and author of deep insight and warmth. His verse-by-verse commentary interprets the Gita’s teachings for modern readers, explaining the Sanskrit concepts and philosophy and applying them with practicality, wisdom, and humor to every aspect of our work, our relationships, and our lives. With everyday anecdotes, stories, and examples, he shows that the changes we long to see in the world start with the transformation of our own consciousness. The practical exercises recommended by Easwaran to achieve transformation are part of a spiritual program he developed for his own life. They are accessible to people from all backgrounds and cultures. Urging us to adopt a higher image of the human being, he assures us that peace and unity are within reach. Each volume of this series covers six chapters of the Gita. Each may be read on its own, but all three volumes together form an in-depth, verse-by-verse explanation of this ancient scripture and its relevance today. Included are instructions in Easwaran's universal eight-point program of passage meditation. Volume 1: The first six chapters of the Gita explore the concept of the innermost Self and source of wisdom in each of us. Easwaran explains how we can begin to transform ourselves, even as householders engaged in busy lives. Volume 2: The next six chapters of the Gita go beyond the individual Self to explore the Supreme Reality underlying all creation. Easwaran builds a bridge across the seeming divide between scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and explains how the concept of the unity of life can help us in all our relationships. Volume 3: The final six chapters put forth an urgent appeal for us to begin to see that all of us are one – to make the connection between the Self within and the Reality underlying all creation. Global in scope, the emphasis is on what we can do to make a difference to heal our environment and establish peace in the world. Easwaran’s commentary is for all students of the Gita, whatever their background, and for anyone who is trying to find a path to wisdom, love, and kindness in themselves and our troubled world. Written as an authoritative, accessible guide to a much-loved scripture, it is a handbook for finding peace and clarity within. This second edition incorporates revisions made across all three volumes following the author’s final instructions.

Mayfield Bunny

Author : Herbert Feldman
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Mayfield Bunny, the new novel by Herbert Feldman, author of Broken Record, is the story of an obsessional search, architected in fantasy and self-delusion. The novels protagonist, Dr. Egon Chernel, has dedicated his unruly, anarchic life to the elimination of human blindness on Planet Earth: Chernels astonishing scientific miracle, source of a certain Nobel Prize, depends upon his uncovering and interviewing Mayfield Bunny, a being of unknown species and image. Chernel gathers a small band of followers, needy individuals, in search of their own slot in society, around him. Chernel, chosen as savior of the sightless, tyrannically drives his disciples through his fanatical, lunatic hunt for his Holy Grail, Mayfield Bunny. Mayfield Bunny is absurd, surreal, but the book is, ultimately, a tragic rendering of the lethal price one pays for a life lived in fantasy and uncompromising delusion. You wont easily forget Egon Chernel and his acolytes in their quest for the mystery and essence of Mayfield Bunny.

Guests at God s Wedding

Author : Tracy Pintchman
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A fascinating look at women’s rituals honoring the god Krishna.