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Kyle in His Compost Pile

Author : Julie Lehman
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Kyle is a red wiggler worm who lives in a worm composting bin. He enjoys feasting on all the "yummy" items that get thrown at him. Learn what Kyle likes, what isn't so good for him, and what to do with compost when Kyle is done with it.

Jason Jupiter

Author : Albert M. Manaford
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One night as ten-year-old Jason Jupiter stares into the heavens from his porch swing and dreams of space travel, an object falls out of the sky and vanishes along the horizon, seemingly in close proximity to his house. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Jason decides to investigate without telling his parents. Following the light from the moon, Jason walks through a forest and into a clearing where, to his surprise, he fi nds a damaged spaceship without occupants. After he enters the ship to explore, Jason eventually encounters a small craft inside the cargo bay with a humanoid boy inside. When Jason inquires how to start the tiny spaceship, Michael happily shows him—a decision that quickly sends the boys on a dangerous joyride. After they barely escape the fi ghter jets in pursuit, the boys zoom in the craft to Jason’s house in Los Alamos where they cloak the ship and become friends. Now Jason must determine how to keep Michael and the spaceship a secret from his parents and an undercover government agency with a lofty goal. Jason is about to discover that his adventure has only just begun. Jason Jupiter is the tale of a ten-year-old’s exciting experiences after he stumbles onto a spaceship with a humanoid boy inside.

The Journey Prize Stories 28

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The celebrated annual fiction collection showcasing the best stories by the best new writers in Canada, all contenders for the prestigious $10,000 Writers' Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize. Like the O. Henry Prize Stories, The Pushcart Prize, and the Best American Short Stories series, The Journey Prize Stories is one of the most celebrated annual literary anthologies in North America. But what makes it unique is its commitment to showcasing the best short stories published each year by some of Canada's most exciting new and emerging writers. For more than 25 years, the anthology has consistently introduced readers to the next generation of great Canadian authors, a tradition that proudly continues with this latest edition. The stories included in the anthology are contenders for the $10,000 Journey Prize, which is made possible by Pulitzer Prize-winning author James A. Michener's donation of Canadian royalties from his novel Journey. The 2016 winner will be announced by the Writers' Trust of Canada in November 2016.

Reports of the Industrial Commission

Author : United States. Industrial Commission
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The Web

Author :
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Time Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture

Author : Charles W. Harris
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Access to the entire range of design and construction data

Great Garden Shortcuts

Author : Joan Benjamin
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Gardening's most successful secrets revealed by great gardeners across the country.

The Gourmet Gardener

Author : Bob Flowerdew
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"In 'The Gourmet Gardener' Bob Flowerdew explains how readers can grow produce of a quality and flavour unavailable in the shop, concentrating on the varieties that will give the greatest return in terms of superior taste and enjoyment"--Global Books In Print.

American Paleontologist

Author :
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Goosebumps The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

Author : R. L. Stine
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The Innocent Polly McDoodle

Author : Mary Woodbury
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When curious occurances start happening at the mall, including a smashed wall mural and bus shelter window and the appearance of cartoon magpies, Polly McDoodle investigates the troublemakers in order to prove her innocence.

Chrysanthemums a Complete Guide to Their Culture

Author : Frank Kyle
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Proceedings of the National Passive Solar Conference

Author :
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Poetry Review

Author : Stephen Phillips
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The Living Earth

Author :
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The Horrors

Author : Peter Carver
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Presents fifteen original horror stories from Canadian authors, including Don Aker, Carolyn Back, Martine Leavitt, and Sylvo Frank.

Zombies in the Fast Lane

Author : R. W. Zander
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As the newest member of the Zombie Squad, Tommy Hernandez knows he's got to prove himself, but zombie-sitting Penelope, undead chef extraordinaire, is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Until Tommy comes up with a brilliant scheme to get rich fast. All he has to do is get Penelope to bake some of his favorite recipes and he can sell the cookies at school and use the proceeds to buy the latest PS2 game he has had his eye on. Until Amber, the resident grup, gets wind of his scheme and declares it a recipe for disaster.

Bob Flowerdew s Complete Fruit Book

Author : Bob Flowerdew
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High Times Cultivation Tips

Author : Steven Hager
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Drawn from more than 20 years of cultivation stories, reader reports, growing tips, and cannabis photographs that have appeared in "High Times" magazine, this is one of the best marijuana growing guides ever produced. Photos.

An Encyclopaedia of Gardening

Author : John Claudius Loudon
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