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Cultura al otro lado de la frontera

Author : David Maciel
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Primer libro dedicado al análisis de las manifestaciones culturales de la inmigración mexicana en Estados Unidos: arte, literatura, cine, canciones, humor. Muestra cómo los inmigrantes mexicanos han sido y son pintados, y cómo los artistas, escritores e intelectuales, chicanos y otros han utilizado los medios artísticos para protestar contra el injusto tratamiento que reciben por parte de las autoridades de Estados Unidos.

La Frontera the Border

Author :
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La Frontera

Author : Angelina L. Lugo
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Chicano Renaissance

Author : David R. Maciel
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Among the lasting legacies of the Chicano Movement is the cultural flowering that it inspired--one that has steadily grown from the 1960s to the present. It encompassed all of the arts and continues to earn acclaim both nationally and internationally. Although this Chicano artistic renaissance received extensive scholarly attention in its initial phase, the post-Movimiento years after the late 1970s have been largely overlooked. This book meets that need, demonstrating that, despite the changes that have taken place in all areas of Chicana/o arts, a commitment to community revitalization continues to underlie artistic expression. This collection examines changes across a broad range of cultural forms--art, literature, music, cinema and television, radio, and theater--with an emphasis on the last two decades. Original articles by both established and emerging scholars review such subjects as the growth of Tejano music and the rise of Selena, how films and television have affected the Chicana/o experience, the evolution of Chicana/o art over the last twenty years, and postmodern literary trends. In all of the essays, the contributors emphasize that, contrary to the popular notion that Chicanas/os have succumbed to a victim mentality, they continue to actively struggle to shape the conditions of their lives and to influence the direction of American society through their arts and social struggle. Despite decades usually associated with self-interest in the larger society, the spirit of commitment and empowerment has continued to infuse Chicana/o cultural expression and points toward a vibrant future. CONTENTS All Over the Map: La Onda Tejana and the Making of Selena, Roberto R. Calderón Outside Inside-The Immigrant Workers: Creating Popular Myths, Cultural Expressions, and Personal Politics in Borderlands Southern California, Juan Gómez-Quiñones "Yo soy chicano": The Turbulent and Heroic Life of Chicanas/os in Cinema and Television, David R. Maciel and Susan Racho The Politics of Chicano Representation in the Media, Virginia Escalante Chicana/o and Latina/o Gazing: Audiences of the Mass Media, Diana I. Ríos An Historical Overview/Update on the State of Chicano Art, George Vargas Contemporary Chicano Theater, Arturo Ramírez Breaking the Silence: Developments in the Publication and Politics of Chicana Creative Writing, 1973-1998, Edwina Barvosa-Carter Trends and Themes in Chicana/o Writings in Postmodern Times, Francisco A. Lomelí, Teresa Márquez, and María Herrera-Sobek

Border Women

Author : Debra A. Castillo
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A transnational analysis with an emphasis on gender examines the work of women writers from both sides of the border writing in Spanish, English, or a mixture of the two languages whose work questions the accepted notions of border identities.

Changing Plant Life of La Frontera

Author : Grady Linder Webster
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Presents a new agenda for study of the strikingly diverse shrub and grassland ecosystems of the U.S./Mexico border.

Border Cinema

Author : Monica Hanna
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The rise of digital media and globalization’s intensification since the 1990s have significantly refigured global cinema’s form and content. The coincidence of digitalization and globalization has produced what this book helps to define and describe as a flourishing border cinema whose aesthetics reflect, construct, intervene in, denature, and reconfigure geopolitical borders. This collection demonstrates how border cinema resists contemporary border fortification processes, showing how cinematic media have functioned technologically and aesthetically to engender contemporary shifts in national and individual identities while proposing alternative conceptions of these identities to those promulgated by the often restrictive current political rhetoric and ideologies that represent a backlash to globalization.

La Frontera

Author : Alan Weisman
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Weisman and Dusard bring alive the people and geography of the U.S.-Mexican border, as well as the issues that divide each nation. 48 black-and-white photographs.

La Frontera the Border

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Feminism on the Border

Author : Sonia Saldívar-Hull
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"Sonia Saldívar-Hull's book proposes two moves that will, no doubt, leave a mark on Chicano/a and Latin American Studies as well as in cultural theory. The first consists in establishing alliances between Chicana and Latin American writers/activists like Gloria Anzaldua and Cherrie Moraga on the one hand and Rigoberta Menchu and Domitilla Barrios de Chungara on her. The second move consists in looking for theories where you can find them, in the non-places of theories such as prefaces, interviews and narratives. By underscoring the non-places of theories, Sonia Saldívar-Hull indirectly shows the geopolitical distribution of knowledge between the place of theory in white feminism and the theoretical non-places of women of color and of third world women. Saldívar-Hull has made a signal contribution to Chicano/a Studies, Latin American Studies and cultural theory." —Walter D. Mignolo, author of Local Histories/Global Designs: Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges, and Border Thinking "This is a major critical claim for the sociohistorical contextualization of Chicanas who are subject to processes of colonization--our conditions of existence. Through a reading of Anzaldua, Cisneros and Viramontes, Saldívar-Hull asks us to consider how the subalternized text speaks, how and why it is muted? How do testimonio, autobiography and history give shape to the literary where embodied wholeness may be possible. It is a critical de-centering of American Studies and Mexican Studies as usual, as she traces our cross(ed) genealogies, situated on the borders." —Norma Alarcon, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley.