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La Mollie and the King of Tears

Author : Arturo Islas
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A posthumous novel by the pioneering Chicano fiction writer--a tragi-comic tale revealing a new side to Arturo Islas's talent.

Dancing with Ghosts

Author : Frederick Luis Aldama
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A critical biography of novelist, poet, and former Stanford professor Arturo Islas (1938-1991).

Of Space and Mind

Author : Patrick L. Hamilton
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Based on author's doctoral thesis (University of Colorado, 2006): Reading space.

Encyclopedia of Hispanic American Literature

Author :
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Presents a reference on Hispanic American literature providing profiles of Hispanic American writers and their works.

The Trickster Figure in American Literature

Author : Winifred Morgan
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This book analyzes and offers fresh insights into the trickster tradition including African American, American Indian, Euro-American, Asian American, and Latino/a stories, Morgan examines the oral roots of each racial/ethnic group to reveal how each group's history, frustrations, and aspirations have molded the tradition in contemporary literature.

Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare

Author : Hillary Eklund
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This book provides diverse perspectives on Shakespeare and early modern literature that engage innovation, collaboration, and forward-looking practices.

Reconstituting Americans

Author : M. Obourn
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Reveals the representational paradoxes of liberal multicultural subjecthood, in which the citizen-subject tends to become representable only as an individual representative of a social identity group. It uses historicist and formalist methodologies within Marxist, psychoanalytic, and critical race frameworks.

Brown on Brown

Author : Frederick Luis Aldama
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Common conceptions permeating U.S. ethnic queer theory tend to confuse aesthetics with real-world acts and politics. Often Chicano/a representations of gay and lesbian experiences in literature and film are analyzed simply as propaganda. The cognitive, emotional, and narrational ingredients (that is, the subject matter and the formal traits) of those representations are frequently reduced to a priori agendas that emphasize a politics of difference. In this book, Frederick Luis Aldama follows an entirely different approach. He investigates the ways in which race and gay/lesbian sexuality intersect and operate in Chicano/a literature and film while taking into full account their imaginative nature and therefore the specific kind of work invested in them. Also, Aldama frames his analyses within today's larger (globalized) context of postcolonial literary and filmic canons that seek to normalize heterosexual identity and experience. Throughout the book, Aldama applies his innovative approach to throw new light on the work of authors Arturo Islas, Richard Rodriguez, John Rechy, Ana Castillo, and Sheila Ortiz Taylor, as well as that of film director Edward James Olmos. In doing so, Aldama aims to integrate and deepen Chicano literary and filmic studies within a comparative perspective. Aldama's unusual juxtapositions of narrative materials and cultural personae, and his premise that literature and film produce fictional examples of a social and historical reality concerned with ethnic and sexual issues largely unresolved, make this book relevant to a wide range of readers.

The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Global Appropriation

Author : Christy Desmet
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The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Global Appropriation brings together a variety of different voices to examine the ways that Shakespeare has been adapted and appropriated onto stage, screen, page, and a variety of digital formats. The thirty-nine chapters address topics such as trans- and intermedia performances; Shakespearean utopias and dystopias; the ethics of appropriation; and Shakespeare and global justice as guidance on how to approach the teaching of these topics. This collection brings into dialogue three very contemporary and relevant areas: the work of women and minority scholars; scholarship from developing countries; and innovative media renderings of Shakespeare. Each essay is clearly and accessibly written, but also draws on cutting edge research and theory. It includes two alternative table of contents, offering different pathways through the book – one regional, the other by medium – which open the book up to both teaching and research. Offering an overview and history of Shakespearean appropriations, as well as discussing contemporary issues and debates in the field, this book is the ultimate guide to this vibrant topic. It will be of use to anyone researching or studying Shakespeare, adaptation, and global appropriation.

San Francisco in Fiction

Author : David M. Fine
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A collection of original essays on major Bay Area writers, emphasizing the meaning and importance of landscape, place, and history.