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Lambda Calculus and Combinators

Author : J. Roger Hindley
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Combinatory logic and lambda-calculus, originally devised in the 1920's, have since developed into linguistic tools, especially useful in programming languages. The authors' previous book served as the main reference for introductory courses on lambda-calculus for over 20 years: this long-awaited new version is thoroughly revised and offers a fully up-to-date account of the subject, with the same authoritative exposition. The grammar and basic properties of both combinatory logic and lambda-calculus are discussed, followed by an introduction to type-theory. Typed and untyped versions of the systems, and their differences, are covered. Lambda-calculus models, which lie behind much of the semantics of programming languages, are also explained in depth. The treatment is as non-technical as possible, with the main ideas emphasized and illustrated by examples. Many exercises are included, from routine to advanced, with solutions to most at the end of the book.

Introduction to Combinators and lambda Calculus

Author : J. R. Hindley
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Combinatory logic and lambda-conversion were originally devised in the 1920s for investigating the foundations of mathematics using the basic concept of 'operation' instead of 'set'. They have now developed into linguistic tools, useful in several branches of logic and computer science, especially in the study of programming languages. These notes form a simple introduction to the two topics, suitable for a reader who has no previous knowledge of combinatory logic, but has taken an undergraduate course in predicate calculus and recursive functions. The key ideas and basic results are presented, as well as a number of more specialised topics, and man), exercises are included to provide manipulative practice.

Reduction and Type assignment for Lambda calculus and Combinators

Author : J. Roger Hindley
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Lambda calculus Combinators and Functional Programming

Author : G. E. Revesz
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Originally published in 1988, this book presents an introduction to lambda-calculus and combinators without getting lost in the details of mathematical aspects of their theory. Lambda-calculus is treated here as a functional language and its relevance to computer science is clearly demonstrated. The main purpose of the book is to provide computer science students and researchers with a firm background in lambda-calculus and combinators and show the applicabillity of these theories to functional programming. The presentation of the material is self-contained. It can be used as a primary text for a course on functional programming. It can also be used as a supplementary text for courses on the structure and implementation of programming languages, theory of computing, or semantics of programming languages.

Introduction to Combinators and the Lambda Calculus

Author : J. Roger Hindley
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Mengenlehre und ihre Logik

Author : Willard Van Orman Quine
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Truth or Consequences

Author : M. Dunn
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The essays in this collection are written by students, colleagues, and friends of Nuel Belnap to honor him on his sixtieth birthday. Our original plan was to include pieces from fonner students only, but we have deviated from this ever so slightly for a variety of personal and practical reasons. Belnap's research accomplishments are numerous and well known: He has founded (together with Alan Ross Anderson) a whole branch of logic known as "relevance logic." He has made contributions of fundamental importance to the logic of questions. His work in modal logic, fonnal pragmatics, and the theory of truth has been highly influential. And the list goes on. Belnap's accomplishments as a teacher are also distinguished and well known but, by virtue of the essential privacy of the teaching relationship, not so well understood. We would like to reflect a little on what makes him such an outstanding teacher.

Unconventional Models of Computation

Author : Christian Calude
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Covering recent research into unconventional methods of computing for disciplines in computer science, mathematics, biology, physics and philosophy, the subjects include: nonconventional computational methods, DNA computation, quantum computation, and beyong Turing computability; new methods of discrete computation; theoretical and conceptual new computational paradigms; practical knowledge on new computing technologies.

Rewriting Techniques and Applications

Author : Paliath Narendran
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications, RTA-99, held in Trento, Italy in July 1999 as part of FLoC'99. The 23 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from a total of 53 submissions. Also included are four system descriptions as well as three invited contributions. Among the topics covered are constraint solving, termination, deduction and higher order rewriting, graphs, complexity, tree automata, context-sensitive rewriting, string rewriting and numeration systems, etc.

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications

Author : Ming Li
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“The book is outstanding and admirable in many respects. ... is necessary reading for all kinds of readers from undergraduate students to top authorities in the field.” Journal of Symbolic Logic Written by two experts in the field, this is the only comprehensive and unified treatment of the central ideas and applications of Kolmogorov complexity. The book presents a thorough treatment of the subject with a wide range of illustrative applications. Such applications include the randomness of finite objects or infinite sequences, Martin-Loef tests for randomness, information theory, computational learning theory, the complexity of algorithms, and the thermodynamics of computing. It will be ideal for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers in computer science, mathematics, cognitive sciences, philosophy, artificial intelligence, statistics, and physics. The book is self-contained in that it contains the basic requirements from mathematics and computer science. Included are also numerous problem sets, comments, source references, and hints to solutions of problems. New topics in this edition include Omega numbers, Kolmogorov–Loveland randomness, universal learning, communication complexity, Kolmogorov's random graphs, time-limited universal distribution, Shannon information and others.