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Language and Sexuality

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The Languages of Sexuality

Author : Jeffrey Weeks
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Words, Freud once wrote, are magic. Nowhere have words been more magical than in the writing of sexuality. Through words and concepts we learn what is good or bad, pleasurable or painful, significant and insignificant. The terms we use about sexuality do not simply describe something out there. They help shape what sexuality is. The Languages of Sexuality offers concise and incisive essays on key words and concepts which have played a significant role in shaping our understanding of contemporary sexualities and intimacies. Nearly a hundred essays illuminate the terms related to sexuality in fresh, and often unexpected ways, with entries ranging from ‘abjection’ and ‘abortion’ to ‘transgender and ‘Viagra’. Written with clarity, insight and passion by an internationally renowned theorist of sexuality, this book is not only an invaluable handbook, but also a personal exploration of the fluid, shifting, ever evolving meanings of sexual life as reflected and refracted through words and concepts. This book is an invaluable resource for both students and researchers with interests relating to sexuality and intimate life, gender studies, cultural studies, history and sociology. It will also appeal to a wider audience interested in critical debates about the nature and meanings of contemporary sexualities.

The Oxford Handbook of Language and Sexuality

Author : Kira Hall
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This handbook is currently in development, with individual articles publishing online in advance of print publication. At this time, we cannot add information about unpublished articles in this handbook, however the table of contents will continue to grow as additional articles pass through the review process and are added to the site. Please note that the online publication date for this handbook is the date that the first article in the title was published online.

The Language and Sexuality Reader

Author : Deborah Cameron
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The Language and Sexuality Reader is the first of its kind to bring together material from the fields of anthropology, communication studies, linguistics, medicine and psychology in an examination of the role of sexuality in written and spoken language. Organized into thematic sections, the Reader addresses: early documentation of vocabulary used by male homosexuals and later work on the existence of a discourse style signifying gay identity the use of language by individuals to present themselves as sexual and gendered subjects the way language reflects, reinforces or challenges cultural norms defining what is 'natural' and desirable in the sphere of sex the verbal communication of sexual desire in different settings, genres and media. The Language and Sexuality Reader includes extracts from: Hideko Abe, Laura M. Ahearn, Rusty Barrett, Deborah Cameron, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Donald W. Cory, Justine Coupland, Louie Crew, James Darsey, Penelope Eckert, Susan Ehrlich, Joseph J. Hayes, Scott F. Kiesling, Celia Kitzinger, Don Kulick, William L. Leap, Gershon Legman, Momoko Nakamura, Sally McConnell-Ginet, Julia Penelope, Robert J. Podesva, June Machover Reinisch, Sarah J. Roberts, Stephanie A. Sanders, David Sonenschein, and David Valentine.

On Language and Sexual Politics

Author : Deborah Cameron
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This collection of articles presents a selection of Deborah Cameron’s work on language, gender and sex in one single volume. Arranged thematically, this book covers major developments in Anglo-American feminist linguistics, and Cameron’s responses to these, spanning the last twenty years. The collection’s overarching theme is the political relationship between language and gender: four distinctly themed sections demonstrate that a variety of forces affect gender relations, and gender representations, in different times and places. Cameron examines the connections between language and the (mis)representation of reality, and the role language plays in reproducing gender inequalities. More recent articles focus on representations of men and women as communicators, as well as the impact of sexuality on gender and gender relations, an increasingly prominent area of the author’s research. This timely study brings much of Cameron’s work together for the first time, and highlights characteristics of her work with which many readers will be familiar: a combination of linguistic and feminist political orientation; and a distinct focus on conflict in gender relations. Including a new introductory essay and eleven articles, three of which are previously unpublished, with short introductions to contextualize each piece, the collection is extremely useful for students and teachers on a variety of courses including English language and linguistics, women’s studies, gender studies and communication studies.

The Handbook of Language Gender and Sexuality

Author : Susan Ehrlich
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Significantly expanded and updated, the second edition of The Handbook of Language, Gender and Sexuality brings together a team of the leading specialists in the field to create a comprehensive overview of key historical themes and issues, along with methodologies and cutting-edge research topics. Examines the dynamic ways that women and men develop and manage gendered identities through their talk, presenting data and case studies from interactions in a range of social contexts and different communities Substantially updated for the second edition, including a new introduction, 24 newly-commissioned chapters, ten updated chapters, and a comprehensive index Includes new chapters on research in non-English speaking countries – from Asia to South America – and cutting-edge topics such as language, gender, and popular culture; language and sexual identities; and language, gender, and socio-phonetics New sections focus on key themes and issues in the field, such as methodological approaches to language and gender, incorporating new chapters on conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and variation theory Provides unrivalled geographic coverage and an essential resource for a wide range of disciplines, from linguistics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology to communication and gender studies

Language and Sexuality

Author : Kathryn Campbell-Kibler
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Language and Sexuality explores the question of how linguistic practices and ideologies relate to sexuality and sexual identity, opening with a discussion of the emerging field of "queer linguistics" and moving from theory into practice with case studies of language use in a wide variety of cultural settings. The resulting volume combines the perspectives of the field's top scholars with exciting new research to present new ideas on the ways in which language use intersects with sexual identity.

Queerly Phrased

Author : Anna Livia
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A pioneering collection of articles on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual language.

Language Sexuality and Education

Author : Helen Sauntson
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A path-breaking study of the role played by language in constructing sexual identities in schools. It will be of keen interest to a wide audience of educational practitioners and academics in the fields of applied linguistics, gender studies and English language and linguistics.

Language Gender and Sexuality

Author : Scott F. Kiesling
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Language, Gender, and Sexuality offers a panoramic and accessible introduction to the ways in which linguistic patterns are sensitive to social categories of gender and sexuality, as well as an overview of how speakers use language to create and display gender and sexuality. This book includes discussions of trans/non-binary/genderqueer identities, embodiment, new media, and the role of language and interaction in sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Drawing on an international range of examples to illustrate key points, this book addresses the questions of: how language categorizes the gender/sexuality world in both grammar and interaction; how speakers display, create, and orient to gender, sexuality, and desire in interaction; how and why people display different ways of speaking based on their gender/sexual identities. Aimed at students with no background in linguistics or gender studies, this book is essential reading for anyone studying language, gender, and sexuality for the first time.

Rediscovering Masculinity

Author : Victor J. Seidler
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Language Sexuality and Power

Author : Ronald Beline Mendes
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Language, Sexuality, and Power: Studies in Intersectional Sociolinguistics examines the diversity of sexuality as a social and linguistic phenomenon. Bringing together work on Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East, the volume explores how different ideologies of what it means to belong to a nation or culture influence how sexualities are both understood and linguistically expressed in a range of global locales. Contributions to the volume use experiments, discourse analysis and different types of statistical tests to identify the particular aspects of language - accent, grammar, vocabulary, discourse - that are ideologically associated with sexuality in specific contexts. Combining insights from linguistics, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies, the essays describe how individuals draw on these culturally-specific associations both when evaluating the speech of others and in their everyday presentations of self. Together, the eleven chapters in the collection provide a wide-ranging and multi-method perspective on how language mediates individual desires and larger social structures. They also serve to demonstrate the diverse interconnections between sexuality and other dimensions of lived experience in a variety of previously under-explored national and linguistic settings.

Researching Language Gender and Sexuality

Author : Helen Sauntson
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Researching Language, Gender and Sexuality leads students through the process of undertaking research in order to explore how gender and sexuality are represented and constructed through language. Drawing on international research, Sauntson incorporates a fluid understanding of genders and sexualities and includes research on a diverse range of identities. This accessible guidebook offers an outline of the practical steps and ethical guidelines involved when gathering linguistic data for the purpose of investigating gender and sexuality. Each chapter contains up-to-date information and empirical case studies that relate to a range of topics within the field of language, gender and sexuality, as well as suggestions for how students could practically research the areas covered. Student-friendly, this is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of English language, linguistics and gender studies.

Queering Language Gender and Sexuality

Author : Tommaso M. Milani
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Identity and Desire. Models of Gay Male Identity and the Marketing of "Gay Language" in Foreign-Language Phrasebooks for Gay Men / Rusty Barrett -- Incomprehensible Language? Language, Ethnicity and Heterosexual Masculinity in a Swedish School / Tommaso M. Milani, Rickard Jonsson -- The Desire for Identity and the Identity of Desire: Language, Gender and Sexuality in the Greek Context / Costas Canakis -- Unpacking Heteronormativity. Constructing Hegemonic Masculinities in South Africa: The Discourse and Rhetoric of Heteronormativity / Russell Luyt -- On-line Constructions of Metrosexuality and Masculinities: A Membership Categorization Analysis / Matthew Hall -- A Bit too Skinny for Me: Women's Homosocial Constructions of Heterosexual Desire in Online Dating / Kristine Kohler Mortensen -- Beyond Binaries? Do Bodies Matter? Travestis? Embodiment of (Trans)Gender Identity through the Manipulation of the Brazilian Portuguese Grammatical Gender System / Rodrigo Borba, Ana Cristina Ostermann -- Butch Camp: On the Discursive Construction of a Queer Identity Position / Veronika Koller -- The Other Kind of Coming Out: Transgender People and the Coming out Narrative Genre / Lal Zimman -- Gender, Sexuality and Space. Language, Sexuality and Place: The View from Cyberspace / Brian W King -- Homophobia as Moral Geography / William L. Leap -- Normal Straight Gays: Lexical Collocations and Ideologies of Masculinity in Personal Ads of Serbian Gay Teenagers / Ksenija Bogetic

Being Janana

Author : Ila Nagar
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Being Janana focuses on same-sex desiring male-bodied subjects in Lucknow, India, and explores how they make meaning in the marginalization of their desire through language performativity. Along with their desire for other men, jananas maintain ostensibly heteronormatively and culturally defined masculine positions. This book argues for an intersectional approach to understanding janana life worlds and situates janana subjectivity in dialogue with social, cultural, linguistic, and legal happenings. In engaging with the full complexity of janana identities and experience, Ila Nagar calls for a reassessment of gender categories and a new understanding of power and sexuality amidst emerging Indian modernities. Derived from ethnographic research conducted over a period of twelve years, this book also reflects on the interaction between social actors and researchers, and critically examines the use of ethnography as a method in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. It will be of interest to scholars from Anthropology, Asian Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Linguistics.

Language Sexuality Subversion

Author : Paul Foss
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Language Sexuality Narrative

Author : Simon Goldhill
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A close reading of the text concentrating on the developing meanings of words within the structuring of the play.

A Dictionary of Sexual Language and Imagery in Shakespearean and Stuart Literature

Author : Gordon Williams
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Providing an alphabetical listing of sexual language and locution in 16th and 17th-century English, this book draws especially on the more immediate literary modes: the theatre, broadside ballads, newsbooks and pamphlets. The aim is to assist the reader of Shakespearean and Stuart literature to identify metaphors and elucidate meanings; and more broadly, to chart, through illustrative quotation, shifting and recurrent linguistic patterns. Linguistic habit is closely bound up with the ideas and assumptions of a period, and the figurative language of sexuality across this period is highly illuminating of socio-cultural change as well as linguistic development. Thus the entries offer as much to those concerned with social history and the history of ideas as to the reader of Shakespeare or Dryden.

Sexed Texts

Author : Paul Baker
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Sexed Texts explores the complex role that language plays in the construction of sexuality and gender, two concepts often discussed separately but, in practice, closely intertwined. It locates sexuality and gender as socially constructed, and examines language use in terms of socio-historical factors, linking changing conceptualisations of identity, discourse and desire to theories surrounding regulation, globalisation, new technologies, marketisation and consumerism. This book draws on a range of theoretical perspectives and published research, and takes examples from written, spoken, internet, non-verbal, visual, mediascripted and naturally occurring texts. Some of the questions addressed in the book include: how do people construct their own and other's gendered or sexual identities through the use of language? What is the relationship between language and desire? In what ways do language practices help to reflect and shape different gendered/sexed discourses as 'normal', problematic or contested? Taking a broadly deconstructionist perspective, the book progresses from examining what are seen as preferable or acceptable ways to express gender and sexuality, moving towards more 'tolerated' identities, practices and desires, and finally arriving at marginalized and tabooed forms. The book locates sexuality and gender as socially constructed, and therefore examines language use in terms of socio-historical factors, linking changing conceptualisations of identity, discourse and desire to theories surrounding regulation, globalisation, new technologies, marketisation and consumerism.

Language and the Politics of Sexuality

Author : E. Levon
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Examining how lesbian and gay Israelis negotiate the linguistic performance of their sexualities and the constraints of Israeli national ideologies, this book broadens current understandings of the uses and effects of variation in language and details the interconnections between language use and sexual, national and political identities.