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Language Based Approaches to Support Reading Comprehension

Author : Francine Falk-Ross
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In this book, Falk-Ross and the contributing authors offer their different perspectives on supporting English language learners through specific strategies for assessment and instruction. It presents specific issues and challenges, supportive research and up-to-date information, classroom implications and strategies, and case study applications.

English Linguistics Literature and Language Teaching in a Changing Era

Author : Suwarsih Madya
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This book offers a wide range of topics for the scholar interested in the study of English in this unsettling era of disruption in our lives – from linguistics to literature to language teaching and learning. The chapters present snippets of thoughts and critical reflections, findings from action research and other methodologies, and essays on troubling topics for language teachers. The authors are researchers, experienced teachers, and students engaged in exploratory research. The many ideas and suggestions for further reflection and research will inspire teachers and researchers working in many different contexts, both educational and regional. There is something in this book for everybody.

Developing Reading Comprehension

Author : Paula J. Clarke
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Developing Reading Comprehension “In recent years the debate about teaching young children to read has tended to focus upon equipping them with the crucially important knowledge and skills they need to read words accurately in and out of context, that is to say, teaching them how the alphabet works for reading and spelling. While such knowledge and skills are essential, more is required for children to become literate, fluent readers who understand what they read. In short, the goal of reading is comprehension. This book scrupulously examines the obstacles to reading comprehension and exempli Fies what can be done to help children overcome them. It is an important and timely contribution to securing high-quality teaching of the range of attributes children need to become fully-fledged readers.” Sir Jim Rose, CBE “The studies by Professors Charles Hulme and Maggie Snowling and their team over two decades based around the Reading Intervention Programme are the most sustained, comprehensive and rigorous research series on reading yet conducted in the UK. Their increasing focus on children who experience the most dif Ficulty in reading is exactly where attention should be directed. This volume summarises the team’s achievements to date, and is most eagerly awaited.” Greg Brooks, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Sheffield,Member of European High Level Group of Experts on Literacy “Developing Reading Comprehension presents a landmark study from the top research team in the UK on how to improve reading comprehension. It’s an exemplary masters-level textbook written with undergraduate-level lucidity and approachability.” Colin Harrison, Emeritus Professor of Literacy Studies in Education, University of Nottingham A signi&ficant minority of children aged 7–11, despite being able to read fluently and accurately, have difficulty extracting meaning from text. This detailed guide offers three evidence-based intervention programmes, drawn from the cutting edge of educational psychology, for improving the reading skills of children in this group. It includes a de Finitive introduction to the characteristics of the ‘poor comprehender pro File’, and explains how to monitor and assess students’ experiences and learning outcomes. With invaluable strategies for teachers, psychologists and special educational needs coordinators, the book will help professionals to support learners in their efforts to explore the full richness of language and to read with real understanding.

Arts Integration

Author : Merryl Goldberg
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Now in its sixth edition, Merryl Goldberg’s popular volume Arts Integration presents a comprehensive guide to integrating the arts throughout the K-12 curriculum, blending contemporary theory with classroom practice. Beyond teaching about arts education as a subject in and of itself, the text explains how teachers may integrate the arts—literary, media, visual, and performing—throughout the subject curriculum, offering a wealth of strategies, techniques, and examples. Promoting ways to develop children’s creativity and critical thinking while also developing communications skills and fostering collaboration and community activism, Arts Integration explores assessment and the arts, engaging English Language Learners, and using the arts to teach academic skills in science, math, history, and more. This text is ideal as a primer on arts integration and a foundational support for teaching, learning, and assessment, especially within the context of multicultural and multilingual classrooms. In-depth discussions of the role of arts integration in meeting the goals of Title I programs, including academic achievement, student engagement, school climate, and parental involvement, are woven throughout the text, as is the role of the arts in nurturing Creative Youth Development work and its importance to the community. This revised and updated sixth edition combines a social justice emphasis with templates for developing lesson plans and units, updated coverage on STEAM education, along with brand new examples, case studies, and research. An expanded range of eResources is also available for this edition, including links to further resources readings, additional imagery and videos, and sample lesson plans.

Developing Materials for Language Teaching

Author : Brian Tomlinson
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There have been a number of books published on various aspects of materials development for language teaching but Developing Materials for Language Teaching is the only one which provides a comprehensive coverage of the main aspects and issues in the field. This second edition brings it completely up to date and expands on the original book. It deals with advances in IT and an increasingly globalized world. It is the only publication which views current developments in materials development through the eyes of developers and users of materials from all over the world. In doing so it applies principles to practice in ways demonstrated to facilitate the effectiveness of language learning materials. The chapters are written so that the book provides critical overviews of recent developments in materials development and at the same time acts as a stimulus for development and innovation in the field. It is intended both for use as a course book on postgraduate and teacher training courses and as a resource for the stimulus and refreshment of teachers, publishers and applied linguists in the field. The book contains updated versions of many of the chapters in the 2003 edition plus new chapters on corpus-informed materials development, materials development for blended learning, materials development for EAP, materials development for ESOL and materials development for young learners.

Handbook of Learning Disabilities

Author : H. Lee Swanson
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"This comprehensive handbook reviews the major theoretical, methodological, and instructional advances that have occurred in the field of learning disabilities. With contributions from leading researchers, the volume synthesizes a vast body of knowledge on the nature of learning disabilities, their relationship to basic psychological and brain processes, and how students with these difficulties can best be identified and treated. Findings are reviewed on ways to support student performance in specific skill areas/m-/including language arts, math, science, and social studies/m-/as well as general principles of effective instruction that cut across academic domains. Authoritative and up to date, the book also examines the concepts and methods that guide learning disability research and identifies promising directions for future investigation"--

Handbook of Learning Disabilities Second Edition

Author : H. Lee Swanson
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Widely regarded as the standard reference in the field, this comprehensive handbook presents state-of-the-art knowledge about the nature and classification of learning disabilities (LD), their causes, and how individuals with these difficulties can be identified and helped to succeed. Best practices are described for supporting student performance in language arts, math, and other content areas. Contributors also identify general principles of effective instruction and review issues in service delivery within response-to-intervention (RTI) frameworks. The book critically examines the concepts and methods that guide LD research and highlights important directions for future investigation. New to This Edition: *Incorporates key advances in identifying and remediating LD, with particular attention to the role of RTI. *Chapters on social cognitive, behavioral genetic, and neurobiological aspects. *Chapters on adolescents and adults with LD. *Chapters on spelling instruction, history instruction, and classroom technology applications. *Chapter synthesizing 21st-century advances in LD research methods, plus chapters on advanced statistical models, single-case designs, and meta-analysis.

Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence E Book

Author : Rhea Paul
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Spanning the entire childhood developmental period, Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence, 5th Edition is the go-to text for learning how to properly assess childhood language disorders and provide appropriate treatment. The most comprehensive title available on childhood language disorders, it uses a descriptive-developmental approach to present basic concepts and vocabulary, an overview of key issues and controversies, the scope of communicative difficulties that make up child language disorders, and information on how language pathologists approach the assessment and intervention processes. This new edition also features significant updates in research, trends, social skills assessment, and instruction best practices. Clinical application focus featuring case studies, clinical vignettes, and suggested projects helps you apply concepts to professional practice. UNIQUE! Practice exercises with sample transcripts allow you to apply different methods of analysis. UNIQUE! Helpful study guides at the end of each chapter help you review and apply what you have learned. Highly regarded lead author who is an expert in language disorders in children provides authoritative guidance on the diagnosis and management of pediatric language disorders. More than 230 tables and boxes summarize important information such as dialogue examples, sample assessment plans, assessment and intervention principles, activities, and sample transcripts. Student/Professional Resources on Evolve include an image bank, video clips, and references linked to PubMed. NEW! Common core standards for language arts incorporated into the preschool and school-age chapters. NEW! Updated content features the latest research, theories, trends and techniques in the field. Information on preparing high-functioning students with autism for college Social skills training for students with autism The role of the speech-language pathologist on school literacy teams and in response to intervention Emerging theories of etiology and psychopathology added to Models of Child Language Disorders chapter Use of emerging technologies for assessment and intervention

The SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education

Author : Rita Jordan
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This handbook explores the key concepts, debates and research areas in the field of autism and education. Contributions come from a wide range of countries and cultures.

Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties

Author : Valerie Muter
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Learning to read is arguably the single most important educational challenge a child faces in the first years of schooling, setting a child up for future academic success and opportunities. However, it is estimated that one in six children experience literacy difficulties. This is the go-to book for psychologists, educationalists and other professionals wanting a deeper understanding of current thinking around dyslexia, reading comprehension difficulties, and related SpLDs. Drawing on six fictional case studies to illustrate her points, and using examples of good practice throughout, Valerie Muter unpacks the latest psychological theories and research on literacy disorders. She discusses the interconnections between underlying cognitive problems and learning and educational and behavioural issues, as well as the common co-occurrence of these conditions. This authoritative book also provides accessible guidance on making assessments and tailoring interventions within the home or school. Written by a lead thinker in the field, this is an essential evidence-based guide for those working with children with literacy difficulties and supporting them to achieve their full potential.