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Index catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General s Office United States Army

Author : Library of the Surgeon-General's Office (U.S.)
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The Language of Surrealism

Author : Peter Stockwell
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The Language of Surrealism explores the revolutionary experiments in language and mind undertaken by the surrealists across Europe between the wars. Highly influential on the development of art, literary modernism, and current popular culture, surrealist style remains challenging, striking, resonant and thrilling – and the techniques by which surrealist writing achieves this are set out clearly in this book. Stockwell draws on recent work in cognitive poetics and literary linguistics to re-evaluate surrealism in its own historical setting. In the process, the book questions later critical theoretical views of language that have distorted our ideas about both surrealism and language itself. What follows is a piece of literary criticism that is fully contextualised, historically sensitive, and textually driven, and which sets out in rich and readable detail this most intriguing and disturbing literature.

Take the Young Stranger by the Hand

Author : John Donald Gustav-Wrathall
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List of IllustrationsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroduction 1: From Urban Pietism to Sex Education 2: Intense Friendship 3: Singleness and the Consecrated Secretary 4: Marriage and the Sacrificial "Y Wife" 5: Women and the Young Men's Christian Association 6: Getting Physical 7: Cruising Epilogue App. 1: Analysis of Quantitative Sources on YMCA Secretarial Marital StatusApp. 2: Methodological Problems: Silences, the Spirit/Body Split, and the Denial of Cruising Notes Bibliography Index Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Literacy Language and Reading in Nineteenth Century Ireland

Author : Rebecca Anne Barr
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This volume of essays explores the multiple forms and functions of reading and writing in nineteenth-century Ireland. This century saw a dramatic transition in literacy levels and in the education and language practices of the Irish population, yet the processes and full significance of these transitions remains critically under explored. This book traces how understandings of literacy and language shaped national and transnational discourses of cultural identity, and the different reading communities produced by questions of language, religion, status, education and audience. Essays are gathered under four main areas of analysis: Literacy and Bilingualism; Periodicals and their readers; Translation, transmission and transnational literacies; Visual literacies. Through these sections, the authors offer a range of understandings of the ways in which Irish readers and writers interpreted and communicated their worlds.

Hebrew and Zionism

Author : Ron Kuzar
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Book targets the nation language as its object of investigation, focusing on the case of Hebrew in Israel. It strives to illuminate some of the processes by which Zionist movement, came to attach importance to the revival of the ancient Hebrew.

The Feminine Middlebrow Novel 1920s to 1950s

Author : Nicola Humble
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Humble presents a study of the novels by and for middle-class women that dominated the publishing market in the first half of the 20th century. She studies the work of authors such as Agatha Christie alongside cultural products such as cookery books.

The Language of War Monuments

Author : David Machin
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This book analyses war monuments by developing a multimodal social-semiotic approach to understand how they communicate as three-dimensional objects. The book provides a practical tool-kit approach to how critical multimodal social semiotics should be done through visual, textual and material analysis. It ties this material analysis into the social and political contexts of production. Using examples across the 20th and 21st century the book's chapters offer a way of analysing the way that monument designers have used specific semiotic choices in terms of things like iconography, objects, shape, form, angularity, height, materials and surface realisation to place representations of war in public places across Britain. This social-semiotic approach to the study of war monuments serves three innovative purposes. First, it provides a contribution to the work on the ideological representations of war in Media and Cultural Studies and in Critical Discourse Analysis applied specifically to more banal realisations of discourse. Second, it responds to calls by historians for innovative ways to study war commemoration by providing an approach that offers both specific analysis of the objects and attends to matters of design. Thirdly, following in the relatively recent tradition of multimodal analysis, the arguments draw on the ideas of Kress and van Leeuwen (1996, 2001), adapting and extending their theories and models to the analysis of British commemorative war monuments, in order to develop a multimodal framework for the analysis of three dimensional objects.

Index catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General s Office United States Army

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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"Collection of incunabula and early medical prints in the library of the Surgeon-general's office, U.S. Army": Ser. 3, v. 10, p. 1415-1436.

In the Hands of a Child Project Pack Explorers of the World

Author :
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Imagining Gender Nation and Consumerism in Magazines of the 1920s

Author : Rachael Alexander
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Offering the first comparative study of 1920s’ US and Canadian print cultures, ‘Imagining Gender, Nation and Consumerism in Magazines of the 1920s’ comparatively examines the highly influential ‘Ladies’ Home Journal’ (1883–2014) and the often-overlooked ‘Canadian Home Journal’ (1905–1958). Firmly grounded in the latest advances in periodical studies, the book provides a timely contribution to the field in its presentation of a transferrable transnational approach to the study of magazines. While Canadian magazines have often been viewed, unflatteringly and inaccurately, as merely derivative of their American counterparts, Rachel Alexander asserts the value of an even-handed consideration of both. Such an approach acknowledges the complexity of these magazines as collaborative texts, cultural artefacts and commercial products, revealing that while these magazines shared certain commonalities, they functioned in differing – at times unexpected – ways. During the 1920s, both magazines were changing rapidly in response to technological modernity, altering gender economies and the burgeoning of consumer culture. ‘Imagining Gender, Nation, and Consumerism in Magazines of the 1920s’ explores the influences, tensions and interests that informed the magazines’ construction of their audience of middle-class women as readers, consumers and citizens.