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Larrikin Digs

Author : Paul Freeman
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The Little Larrikin

Author : Ethel Turner
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Author : Louis Stone
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The Literary Larrikin

Author : Michael Crouch
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The Literary Larrikin is the colorful life story of T.A.G. Hungerford, the last grand old man of Australian literature. The author of four major novels, a short-story writer par excellence and a poet, Hungerford has also been a soldier and traveller. As well as recounting the events of his life, this book is interspersed with serious discussion of his contribution to Australian literature. Hungerford's best-known work, The Ridge and the River, is among the most significant novels of World War II and one of the most vivid accounts of fighting men ever written. The Literary Larrikin examines a literary figure who has secured his place in the Australian literary canon.

Princess K Gari s Fraser Island

Author : Fred Williams
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A history of European contact with and settlement on Fraser Island (K'gari), including first-hand accounts of European settlement; impact of settlement on the Ngulungbara, Batjala and Dulingbara people and their culture; Eliza Fraser incident; shipwrecks; missions at White Cliffs and Bogimbah; relations with pastoralists and timber getters; management of the Island's dingoes.


Author : Melissa Bellanta
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A gripping and inspiring space adventure for kids of all ages from popular author Tristan Bancks. Dash Campbell has only ever had one dream. To go to space. Now he and four others have been given the chance to become the first kids ever to leave our planet. From building rockets behind his family's laundromat in Australia to attending a hardcore Space School in the US, Dash is a long way from home. And he still has an intense month of training ahead before he can even think about that glorious moment of blasting out of Earth's atmosphere and living his dream. But does Dash have what it takes t.


Author : Frank Clune
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Mutiny Terrorism Riots and Murder

Author : Kevin James Baker
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Dr. Kevin Baker takes a clear-headed and historical look at civil and military unrest in Australia and New Zealand from the earliest times of European colonisation to the riots at Cronulla in 2005 whose intensity and aftermath took Australia by surprise. In the process he examines many insurrections the best know of which and most notorious - the Rum Rebellion, Vinegar Hill, Eureka - took place in the nineteenth century and relates them to an ongoing, hut diminishing, number of not just tilts at authority, but direct challenges to it.

Jimmy Brockett

Author : Dal Stivens
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Jimmy Brockett (1951) is an example of that rare species, the Australian political novel. This story of political corruption, bribery and the manipulations of a political party resonates with contemporary overtones. Set in Sydney, this portrait of a notable Australian is salutory reading, demonstrating that everything old is new again. Dal Stivens was born in Blayney, NSW, in 1911. He served in the Army Education Service during World War II and, after the war, he worked for the Department of Information and later at Australia House in London. He was the foundation president of the Australian Society of Authors in 1963. Dal?s work was first published in the Bulletin in the late 1930s. A Horse of Air won the Miles Franklin Award in 1970. In 1981 he received the Patrick White Award for contributions to Australian literature. He died in 1997.

Footprints in the Worm Garden

Author : Fabrina Glitchlace
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Runt hasn't been harmonizing with her sister for a while. But a death in the family forces a remix of roles, and she finds herself with a whole new pet peeve.


Author : Jonathon Green
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In this richly entertaining book, Jonathon Green traces the development of slang and its trajectory through society, and offers an impassioned argument for its defence. Beginning, at least in recorded terms, in the gutter and the thieves' tavern, and displayed only in a few criminological pamphlets, slang has made its way up and out: across social classes and into every medium. There is no doubt that slang deals with those areas of life that standard English often chooses to sidestep. Certainly, slang has many more synonyms for topics such as crime, drunkenness and recreational drug-taking, sexual intercourse and the parts of the body with which we conduct it (and a variety of other functions), for madness, stupidity, unattractiveness, violence, racism and nationalism. That, for the author, is its role and its charm. Often dismissed as 'bad' language or 'swear-words', slang, he argues, is a 'counter-language', the language that says no. Born in the street it resists the niceties of the respectable. It is language's film noir, its banana skin, its pin that pops pretention. It is neither respectable nor respectful. It can be cruel, it can also be inventive, creative and very often funny. It represents us at our most human. Language! is an exuberant and rewarding work that uncovers an oral history of marginality and rebellion, of dispossession and frustration, and it shows how slang gives a vocabulary and a voice to our most guarded thoughts.

Foreign Dialects

Author : Lewis Herman
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Most actors and directors have struggled with the problem of needing to imitate foreign dialects. Marguerite and Lewis Herman have created an essential tool for actors, directors and writers aiming toward the most authentic performances possible. Foreign Dialects contains an extensive repertoire of dialects that will assist the actor in the preparation for the most difficult foreign roles. Now in paperback, this classic text offers the director or producer a quick, convenient aid for correcting actors and evaluating applicants for authenticity and dialect ability. In addition, it guides those writing fiction as well as radio, movie, and television scripts. Thirty foreign dialects are provided, with character studies, speech peculiarities, and examples of the dialects in easy-to-read phonetic monologues--including Cockney, British, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek and Yiddish.

Social Analysis

Author :
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The Literary World

Author :
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Backs to the Wall

Author : GD Mitchell
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'In that hour was born in me a fear that lasted throughout the whole winter. It was the dread of dying in the mud, going down in that stinking morass and though dead being conscious throughout the ages. Waves of fear at times threatened to overwhelm me ... a little weakness, a little slackening of control at times and I might have gone over the borderline. In the light of the sun, on firm ground, I could laugh at fate. But where the churned mud half hid and half revealed bodies, where dead hands reached out of the morass, seeming to implore aid - there I had to hold tight.

Behind the Rock and Beyond

Author : Leon Isackson
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Teen Time, Bandstand, Dig Richards, Johnny O'Keefe, Sing, Sing, Sing, Col Joye & The Joy Boys, The Delltones, Sydney Stadium, Saigon ... some of the names to be found in Behind The Rock, the refreshing frank reminiscences of Australian rock musicians, Jon Hayton and Leon Isackson. Based on personal diaries, Behind The Rock is a humorous and honest account of life in the Australian rock'n'roll scene from its birth in 1956 to the mid-sixties (and Beyond). With the changing fortunes of the band, the R'Jays, the authors take us behind-the-scenes of Festival Records, 'live' television, stadium concerts and dances, band tours in Australia, New Zealand and war-torn Vietnam and the world of adolescent sex, fans and 'band vultures', bungling managers, and hard-living and heart-broken rock stars. A no-holds-barred, eyewitness story, Behind The Rock is a vital document for understanding the history of 'Oz Rock'.

The Great Scots Musicography

Author : Martin Charles Strong
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The World s Great Masterpieces

Author :
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The Invisible Continent Revisited

Author : Bradley W. Gorham
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The International Library of Masterpieces Literature Art and Rare Manuscripts

Author : Harry Thurston Peck
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