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Last Will and Testament

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Last Swill and Testament

Author : Paul Vernon
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Born to shell-shocked parents in shell-shocked London shortly after the end of World War II, Paul 'Sailor' Vernon came into his own during the 1960s when spotty teenage herberts with bad haircuts began discovering The Blues. For the Sailor it became a lifelong obsession that led him first to record collecting and stalking unsuspecting visiting bluesmen, and then into a whirlwind of activity as a rare record hunter, record dealer, magazine proprietor/editor, video bootlegger and record company director before a variety of personal and business setbacks eventually ushered him into seeking a more stable form of existence. The many twists and turns in the author's roller-coaster adventure of a life are all vividly charted in this hilarious illustrated autobiography. GASP as you read how he road-tripped his way through the Deep South armed only with a Rand McNally map, a Swiss army knife and an emergency jar of Marmite! MARVEL as you absorb in-depth descriptions of legendary performances by long-departed giants of the Blues! CHOKE on your coffee as one rotten gag after another blindsides you! REND YOUR GARMENTS as you realise just how many original Blues 78's went through his sweaty hands! SHOUT "BLIMEY!" within earshot of surprised elderly relatives as you follow the rags-to-riches tale of his extraordinary life! It's all here in this one-of-a-kind life history that will leave you reaching for an enamel bucket and a fresh bottle of disinfectant!

Codicil to Last Will and Testament

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The Last Will and Testament of Senhor Da Silva Ara jo

Author : Germano Almeida
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"In his will, Senhor da Silva Araujo has left a memoir that is a touching web of elaborate self-deceptions. He desired so ardently to prosper, to be taken seriously, and to join (perhaps, if they would have him) the exclusive Gremio country club. But most of all, he wanted to be a good man. And yet, shady deals, twists of fate, an illegitimate child: such is the lot of poor, self-critical Senhor da Silva Araujo. A bit like Calvino's Mr. Palomar in his attention to protocol and in his terror of life's passions; a bit like Svevo's Zeno (a little pompous, a little old-fashioned, and often hapless) Senhor da Silva Araujo moves along a deliciously blurry line between farce and tragedy: a self-important buffoon becomes a fully human, even tragic, figure in the arc of this novel."--BOOK JACKET.

Your Theological Last Will and Testament

Author : Wesley C. Telyea
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Have you ever wondered what the church will look like a generation or two from now? Do you worry that the church you grew up in might someday die? Would you like to see your faith legacy passed on to a new generation of Christians? Using Martin Luther's Smalcald Articles Wesley Telyea explores how Christians today can use Luther's insights found in his own theological last will and testament to write their own, and pass the faith to the next generation of disciples. For Lutherans this book will bring to life an often neglected, but highly valuable, confessional document. For non-Lutherans this book will open up a new way of thinking for how to make disciples.

Last Will and Testament

Author : Henry Bilecki
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Last Will and Testament of George Washington of Mount Vernon

Author : George Washington
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Last Will and Testament

Author : Elizabeth Ferrars
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While her faithful friend Virginia watched by the bedside, rich old Mrs Arliss passed away peacefully in her sleep - and left behind a legacy of violent death. A greedy niece, a pompous nephew, a hopeful distant relation and a hungry solicitor each expect a tidy sum out of her estate, but all they are in for is murder. A valuable collection of miniatures is missing, the sinister caretaker couple have vanished and a body is lying stone dead on the drawing room floor . . .


Author : Hlompho Phamodi
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I am pleased to share this wonderful story and lesson with you that will help you realize how one can spend their whole life in ignorance. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6; My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. God wants you and me to know what He has in store for us. Through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross we have been made joint heirs with Christ, meaning what belongs to Christ belongs to you and me. The Bible is clear on this; that in fact we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus in heavenly places. These blessings are not for only when we reach heaven one day, but they are for now. Jesus has come so that you will have life and life to the full. The land of milk and honey is the inheritance of the saints, but sad to say that only a few ever live to see the fullness of God’s blessings upon their lives. The work of the devil is to blind Gods people to miss their inheritance, just like he did to the Israelites in the wilderness. You will not spend another day in ignorance, God is going to open your eyes today to see the gold mine that you have been living on top of but never knew. You are going to see the grace of God meet you and pull you out of ignorance.

Jesus Last Will and Testament

Author : Ramona B. Jolly
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In the prayer of John 17 Jesus not only verifies His preexistent nature and His purpose in coming to this earth, but He also reveals the glorious destination for Himself, and those who are His joint heirs. The purpose and place of prayer is herein established. Prayer releases the Father's will in heaven, which places into motion the answers. Jesus' prayer of John 17 precedes Him to the cross, through the cross, and into the bosom of His Father. It also precedes us and makes provision for us. The beautiful storehouse of Jesus' sacrificial blessing is revealed to us. The importance of "a family" to Father-God is revealed and His love spilled out that it would be accomplished. The heart-cry of Jesus is that we know Father-God. He shows us His relationship with Him and invites us into the family. John 17 reveals the depth of intimacy Jesus has with His Father. In a world that struggles profusely with fatherhood this reveals a relationship that lacks nothing! Ramona B. Jolly has an earned Ph.D. in Christian Education and Administration. In 1993-1994 she and her family lived in Kenya, East Africa as missionaries. It was in Africa that the purposes of God burst forth in her in bigger than life experiences. During this time a passion to serve Christ and flow in the purposes He foreordained was birthed. That passion remains to this day. In 1999 Ramona and her husband established YAHshua International, Inc., a 501(c)(3), to facilitate the ministries He has called them to. During a time of great trial when her husband was battling for his life with two kinds of leukemia raging in his body, she learned that Father-God could be trusted with life so precious. This was the beginning of a deep, true relationship with Him. Ramona and Billy have 3 children and two grandchildren. Website to purchase book:

Summer s Last Will and Testament

Author : Nashe Thomas
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This early work by Thomas Nashe was originally published in 1600 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Summer's Last Will and Testament' is an Elizabethan era stage play that broke new ground in the development of English Renaissance drama. Thomas Nashe was born in November 1567. He was an English Elizabethan Pamphleteer, playwright, poet and satirist, but little is known with certainty about his life. Much of the information we have has been inferred from his writings. Nashe's first appearance in print was his preface to Robert Greene's Menaphon (1589), in which he offers a brief definition of art and an overview of contemporary literature. His early exercise in euphuism The Anatomy of Absurdity was published in the same year. From then on Nashe became involved in numerous political and religious causes, including the Martin Marprelate controversy where he sided with the bishops. Nashe offers an important insight into the workings of 16th century English life and his writings will continue to be studied for both their literary content and historical relevance.

Make Your Own Last Will and Testament

Author : Enodare
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Making a last will is the only way for you to take control over these matters and to properly provide for your loved ones. Enodare has taken its years of estate planning experience and created a simple book to guide you through the process of making a last will. It's called "Make Your Own Last Will & Testament". Make Your Own Last Will & Testament will provide you with all you need to make your own customized last will. You will learn about last wills, making gifts, executors, intestacy, probate, estate tax, and much more. We'll show you how to: easily make a valid last will & testament ; amend or revoke an existing last will & testament ; make cash and specific item gifts ; appoint executors to wind up your estate ; appoint guardians to care for your children ; provide for the management of property gifted to young beneficiaries ; make funeral arrangements; and much more.--publisher.

The Last Will and Testament of Small Business

Author : Dan Phillips
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The book shows how Small Business has been the driving force behind the America Economy since the Birth of the Nation and why during this current Economic crisis that Small Business start-ups and growth are the only way out of it.

The Last Will and Testament

Author : Clarence Porter Cowles
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John Bull s Last Will and Testament

Author : John Bull
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The Last Will and Testament of Alexander the Great

Author : David Grant
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Alexander the Great conquered the largest empire the world had ever seen while still in his twenties but fell fatally ill in Babylon before reaching 33 years old. His wife Roxanne was still pregnant with what would be his only legitimate son, so there was no clear-cut heir. The surviving accounts of his dying days differ on crucial detail, with the most popular version claiming Alexander uttered ‘to the strongest’ when asked to nominate a successor on his deathbed. Decades of ‘civil war’ ensued as Alexander’s hard-won empire was torn asunder by generals in the bloody ‘funeral games’ his alleged final words heralded in. The fighting for supremacy inevitably led to the extermination of his bloodline. But was Alexander really so short-sighted and irresponsible? Finally, after 2,340 years, the mystery is unravelled. In a forensic first, David Grant presents a compelling case for what he terms the ‘greatest succession cover up of all time’. Alexander’s lost Last Will and Testament is given new credibility and Grant deciphers events that led to its erasure from history by the generals who wanted to carve up the empire for themselves.

Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman

Author : John Tesarsch
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When their reclusive father, Henry, shoots himself, the lives of three brilliant and unconventional siblings are upended. His daughter Eleanor finds a will: Henry has left his entire estate to a mystery woman. Hiding this from her brother and sister, Eleanor sets out to uncover the confronting truth about her father’s past. Henry, though, isn’t the only Hoffman with secrets. As his children fall out over their inheritance, they learn things about each other they could never even have imagined. The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman is a story of love, loss and survival. Its subjects are those that affect us all: family conflict, guilt and redemption, and how trauma resonates across generations.

The Last Will and Testament of R J Etc

Author : Richard JONES (Treasurer of the Welsh Charity School, London.)
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A True Copy of the Last Will and Testament of George Clarke Esq

Author : George Herbert Clarke
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The Last Will and Testament of Mr Medulla

Author : Noah Sanders
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