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Super Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Author : Paul Sloane
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Offers eighty brain-twisting puzzles featuring riddles and real-life conundrums to stimulate logical thinking.

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers

Author : Paul Sloane
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gathers word problems that involve using the imagination to explain a seemingly inexplicable situation

The Leader s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills

Author : Paul Sloane
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes how the lateral leader develops the vision, culture and processes that transform a regular business into an innovation hothouse. -- Thomson Gale description.

Outstanding Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Author : Paul Sloane
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The latest in the hugely popular series of think-out-of-the box brainteasers, including Classic Lateral Thinking Challenges and Colorful Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Here's how you play the game and figure out these perplexing puzzles: take one of the scenarios, and with the help of a friend who looks at the answer, pose a series of yes and no questions until, by a process of elimination and deduction, you arrive at the solution. If you get stuck--and everyone does from time to time--there are additional clues to push you along. Keep trying and you will reach that glorious "aha!" moment when everything becomes crystal clear. In no time at all you'll have sharpened your wits...and become an accomplished lateral thinker.

Colorful Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Author : Paul Sloane
File Size : 65.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A collection of puzzles that will challenge the best puzzle solver.

Lateral Thinking

Author : Edward de Bono
File Size : 35.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Why do some people always seem to have new ideas while others of equal intelligence never do? Lateral Thinking is Edward de Bono’s original portrayal of what lateral thinking is, how it works and how to use it to develop your own potential for thinking and problem solving. First published in 1967 as The Use of Lateral Thinking, this classic international bestseller remains as relevant to learning, problem solving and creative thinking today as when it was first published. De Bono argues that conventional vertical thinking often inhibits our ability to solve problems and come up with new ideas. He then shows that lateral thinking is a far easier and more natural way to generate simple, sound and effective ideas and offers guidance on how to develop your own ability to think laterally. Lateral thinking is a technique that anyone can learn and benefit from.

Outside the Box Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Author : Paul Sloane
File Size : 45.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Our lateral thinking experts, Sloane and MacHale, have re-donned their proverbial thinking caps to bring solvers another selection of thought-provoking puzzles. Each one presents a mini-scenario, and it’s up to you to discover the secret twist. Thinking outside the box has never been so much fun.

Lateral Thinking Lessons and Puzzles to Unlock Creativity and Leadership Ability

Author : Paul D Pantera
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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We cannot continue to educate our children for a world that no longer exists. A glance at any employment website shows a list of job titles unheard of 20 years ago. All of them require some form of lateral thinking as the focus has shifted from mechanical processes to creative solutions. We need to train our brains to break free of habitual, conditioned thought patterns. The puzzles in this book will gradually guide the reader to start seeing information as something to be processed rather than memorized. As we learn to evaluate the facts given critically, we can work out how to fit them together in unexpected ways to achieve different outcomes. We can also improve our ability to communicate our ideas while considering other points of view. Paul D. Pantera is an entrepreneur and US Navy Sailor Senior Enlisted Leader who has trained hundreds of Junior Sailors over his 16+ year career. His goal is to provide parents, educators, and young adults with the tools to bridge the gap between their children’s education and the skills they require in the real world. One of the biggest challenges is problem solving abilities. He has put together a practical approach to create a basic system to develop a different way of thinking. The Pantheria Life Tools are games, journals, and books with the simple goal of building productive citizens.

Lateral Thinking Exercises and Research Topics

Author : Gerald Kehr Ed.D.
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Apply your intellect to the exercises found in this unique text. The problems in science, history, political science, linguistics, mathematics, social theory, and philosophy are designed for readers who are able to look beyond the seemingly obvious for answers. Although this text is applicable to a wide-ranging readership, one suggested application would be in the sphere of higher education, where it could be used to help students develop lateral thinking skills. The text also provides suggested research topics to further advance these skills. All readers will improve their creativity and gain a broader, more enriched world view.

Lateral Thinking How To Apply Lateral Thinking To Everyday Life

Author : Chris Smythe
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The Power of Lateral Thinking Lateral thinking is one of those terms that many people have heard of, but probably very few of us really know what it means. “Lateral thinking is a phrase coined by Dr. Edward de Bono as a counterpoint to conventional or vertical thinking. In conventional thinking, we go forward in a predictable, direct fashion. Lateral thinking involves coming at the problem from new directions – literally, from the side.” Examining The Herd Mentality In this book, we’ll be discussing a few topics that all of us will face. Herd mentality, insecurity, and topics that are related to how we can “ Think Outside The Box “. We’ll talk about why and how people act the same way or adopt similar behaviors as the people around them — often ignoring their own feelings in the process. We have been trained to listen to the constraints of the outside world, the social standards of the society and fail to use all of our resources to change even the smallest of circumstances in our lives. It is time to tackle problems in our life, from lack of space to starting a new career on a small budget or even relationship problems. What this book proposes at a surface level may not appear to make an impact in your life. But as you read and apply ideas from this book, you’ll begin to understand how changing the way you view your circumstances can change how you approach all problems in your everyday life. Download and Start Thinking Differently. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.