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Dominican Republic Footprint Focus Guide

Author : Sarah Cameron
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The Dominican Republic is home to some of the best beaches in the world. From whale-watching at Bahía de Samaná to dancing the merengue, this island offers both relaxation and activity. Footprint Focus provides invaluable information on transport, accommodation, eating and entertainment to ensure that your trip includes the best of this diverse region of the Caribbean. • Essentials section with useful advice on getting to and around the Dominican Republic. • Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of where to eat, sleep and play. • Includes information on tour operators and activities, from watersports and white sand to riding placid Dominican horses in the mountains. • Detailed maps for the Dominican Republic and its key destinations. • Slim enough to fit in your pocket. With detailed information on all the main sights, plus many lesser-known attractions, Footprint Focus Dominican Republic provides concise and comprehensive coverage of the Caribbean’s oldest European settlement.

10 Best Washington D C

Author : 10Best
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Discover Washington, DC's best restaurants, nightclubs, sights and activities, day trips and more. Concise ranked recommendations, contact details, maps, traveler tips, city overview and access to online resources.

A Native s Guide to Chicago

Author : Lake Claremont Press
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Provides information on attractions, entertainment, shopping, dining, recreation, and lodging in Chicago.

Latin Style

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The Rough Guide to USA

Author : Samantha Cook
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The Rough Guide to the USA is the most comprehensive and colourful guide to the fifty states available. There are lively accounts of every region and attraction from the bright lights of Broadway to the vast open plains of Wyoming. The guide gives refreshingly opinionated reviews of the established sights and landmarks as well as uncovering many of the lesser-known gems, allowing the visitor to make the most of their trip. There are feature boxes that provide information on a variety of subjects from the Delta blues to the geology of the Grand Canyon. There are also maps and plans to help you navigate around the major attractions, inner city streets or interstates

Night Day D C

Author : Elise Hartman Ford
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This sleek guide emphasizes the details that busy and discerning travelers need to know: the very best venues and activities, the prime time to be in every spot, and packed with insider tips. Structured around styles (such as hot & cool, hip, classic) that make up Washington DC's unique character, the guide's easy to use format gives travelers a selection based on the city's array of personalities, not geography or price.

Spinner s Gauteng Restaurants

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Music in American Life An Encyclopedia of the Songs Styles Stars and Stories that Shaped our Culture 4 volumes

Author : Jacqueline Edmondson Ph.D.
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A fascinating exploration of the relationship between American culture and music as defined by musicians, scholars, and critics from around the world.

The Interrogator

Author : Glenn L. Carle
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To his friends and neighbors, Glenn L. Carle was a wholesome, stereotypical New England Yankee, a former athlete struggling against incipient middle age, someone always with his nose in an abstruse book. But for two decades Carle broke laws, stole, and lied on a daily basis about nearly everything. "I was almost never who I said I was, or did what I claimed to be doing." He was a CIA spy. He thrived in an environment of duplicity and ambiguity, flourishing in the gray areas of policy. The Interrogator is the story of Carle's most serious assignment, when he was "surged" to become an interrogator in the U.S. Global War on Terror to interrogate a top level detainee at one of the CIA's notorious black sites overseas. It tells of his encounter with one of the most senior al-Qa'ida detainees the U.S. captured after 9/11, a "ghost detainee" who, the CIA believed, might hold the key to finding Osama bin Ladin. As Carle's interrogation sessions progressed though, he began to seriously doubt the operation. Was this man, kidnapped in the Middle East, really the senior al-Qa'ida official the CIA believed he was? Headquarters viewed Carle's misgivings as naive troublemaking. Carle found himself isolated, progressively at odds with his institution and his orders. He struggled over how far to push the interrogation, wrestling with whether his actions constituted torture, and with what defined his real duty to his country. Then, in a dramatic twist, headquarters spirited the detainee and Carle to the CIA's harshest interrogation facility, a place of darkness and fear, which even CIA officers only dared mention in whispers. A haunting tale of sadness, confusion, and determination, The Interrogator is a shocking and intimate look at the world of espionage. It leads the reader through the underworld of the Global War on Terror, asking us to consider the professional and personal challenges faced by an intelligence officer during a time of war, and the unimaginable ways in which war alters our institutions and American society.


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Discover another side of Canada's biggest metropolis, from the shops of downtown Yonge Street to the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario with its views and theaters. Walk through multicultural neighborhoods and city streets, sample restaurants and bars for all tastes and budgets.