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Flipping through a dictionary pages will now be having a new meaning while reading through Professional Learner’s Dictionary of Spoken English. Designed as the Encyclopaedia of Communicative English, the dictionary contains whole gamut of idioms, sayings and phrases which are used in conversations—in both formal and informal situations. The book has been conceptualised and conceived for the ESL (English As a Second Language) learners, for whom English is a foreign language, but who are eager to speak Real English like the native speakers of English. This book attempts to go beyond the traditional approaches of Spoken English, and takes a communicative approach. Besides making a user aware of the meaning of a term, this book educates skillfully how to speak effective English, what to speak and what not to speak, in order to communicate flawlessly. Conversational ability, fluency in speaking, situation-specific (such as welcome speech) and format-based speaking (such as participating in a group discussion) are some other features of the book that will help a learner pick up the language effortlessly with ease. The book will be of immense utility for the students of Engineering, Management, Communication and all those for whom expressing their thoughts in words is a barrier, and who want to learn English and succeed in Professional and Personal life.

Laugh Again

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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Did you hear the one about the Christian who couldn't keep from laughing? Chuck Swindoll has not only heard it, he tells it in this delightful book that gives us permission to be happy again. "When did life stop being funny?" Swindoll asks. His answer is found in this best-selling book which speaks to all busy, joy-drained people?from the pressured businessman to the harried homemaker. In Laugh Again, readers will discover ways to live in the present, say "no" to negativism, and realize that, while no one's life is perfect, joy and humor can be inspirational. Let Chuck Swindoll show you how to experience outrageous joy . . . and learn to laugh again!

The Mum Who Got Her Life Back The laugh out loud romantic comedy you need to read in 2019

Author : Fiona Gibson
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The laugh-out-loud Sunday Times bestseller is back and funnier than ever! Perfect for fans of WHY MUMMY DRINKS.

Tapping Away My Worries

Author : Heather Todd
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Children of all ages face situations where they may feel angry, frustrated, sad, frightened, nervous, humiliated, or embarrassed. They can find themselves in situations where they may face peer pressure, bullying, test anxiety, parental separation, sadness from the death of a pet, fear of the dark, fear of dogs, teasing, hostility or ridicule from class mates. Tapping Away My Worries is a two part book about the Emotional Freedom Techniques for children, parents, and teachers. EFT is a remarkably easy and effective tool for children and adults to self apply for emotional and physical problems. The first part of the book is a story about a boy called Ryan who gets teased at school and how his Auntie teaches him EFT and what the result of that is. The second part of the book is an EFT manual for parents, teachers, and caregivers to learn and use this remarkable technique. Teachers can tap with students at the beginning of class, parents can tap with children as part of their bed time routine and best of all children can learn a technique that s only ever as far away as their fingertips for inevitable times of distress.


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Life style diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, heart diseases etc are the bane of the modern man due pressure at work, late hours, unsatisfactory family life and so on, and are generally the result of a faulty lifestyle. Man in his quest for happiness has been knocking on many doors to find the answer. Success invariably goes to those who are better able to take advantage of what life has given them and utilises all their energies to improve their lot. This is where life style grooming comes in. This is a relatively new concept which improves the all round capabilities of the individuals and prepares them to face life in a better and more confident manner. Life Management and a positive approach towards life is perhaps the best way to leading a happy and contented life. A balanced life style has many rewards. This book covers the management of your health, weight, finances, stress, anger, job, family, etc which will go a long way into leading a satisfactory and fulsome life. The section on crisis management and environment management are important to deal with the present day scenario. This book will guide you in managing your life in a systematic and balanced manner and open up many more opportunities for self-improvement.

The Wedding Date

Author : Zara Stoneley
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A USA Today Bestseller! ‘All the fun, love and laughter of a real wedding–but without having to buy a new dress!' Debbie Johnson 'The best date I have ever been on' Kaisha, The Writing Garnet One ex. One wedding. One little white lie.

The Woman Who Upped and Left

Author : Fiona Gibson
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A brilliantly funny and uplifting novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Mum Who’d Had Enough and When Life Gives You Lemons. Perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to escape it all!

Happiness Guaranteed or Your Misery Back

Author : J. Morton Davis
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Book Delisted

The Power of Letting Go

Author : Pam Vredevelt
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It’s Time to Really Live Is this your best life? Or is it your “just getting by” life? Passion and dreams can wilt under the weight of worry and disappointment that life brings. Oh, but the power that comes with letting go! Reclaiming your life and getting back on track is what God wants for you. In The Power of Letting Go, licensed professional counselor Pam Vredevelt comes alongside to help you eliminate the barricades that have kept happiness and contentment from your door. Through biblical teaching and drawing on twenty years of counseling experience, her wisdom and practical guidance will lead you to peace of mind and tranquillity of heart. Are You Clinging to an Ending or Preparing for a New Beginning? Do you feel like you somehow missed the life you were meant to have? Do you miss YOU? Maybe you know exactly what it is, or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something’s got to change. And that it must begin with finding the courage to take that first step. No matter what your circumstances, there is a sure way to overcome life’s heartaches and face your tomorrows with hope and peace. The power is in letting go. With biblical wisdom, life coach Pam Vredevelt helps you take that first step—and then all the steps—to breaking down the barriers once and for all. She’ll show you how to move forward into the life of freedom and happiness that you were meant to have, the life God created you for! “Pam’s writing speaks to the place where people are living. With sensitivity and insight, Pam gently prompts the reader to take a new direction. She brings hope and healing where before there was only darkness.” H. Norman Wright, Counselor and author of Recovering from Losses in Life and Why Did This Happen to Me? Story Behind the Book After twenty years of counseling experience, Pam Vredevelt, LPC, pinpointed the one question that the majority of her clients all shared: “How do I let go of the negative emotions weighing me down?” Now in The Power of Letting Go , she writes as someone who’s been there, someone who’s experienced for herself the freedom of resolving nagging emotions lingering from the past. Words from this life coach go a long way, as her primary passion is equipping the hurting in order to get unstuck and back on track, progressing toward the life of freedom that God promises to every one of His children.

Learning to Laugh

Author : Gary McGuire
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The attitude of a person measures the altitude of his or her success and happiness. Success, and as a resultant happiness, is not determined by how much you earn or what is your status in society. It is determined by whether or not you achieve your chosen goals in life and how you view them. Each person's goals are different. Therefore it is essential for every individual to crystallize his or her vision in order to develop his/her own paradigm and path to success. And this book presents a practical guide to achieve success and happiness in life. Much of what is written is based on the author's own experiences and the philosophy which he has developed by active interaction with others as well as the study of the writings and experiences of great personalities across the world.

And Still the Crows Laugh

Author : Mark Wolfe
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Set in the simpler days of the early 1970s, And Still the Crows Laugh is the story of two friends who grow together through their first loves, family difficulties, and their own inward journeys. Through no conscious choices of their own, the boys confront life-altering obstacles. David becomes lost in a world induced by psychedelic drugs, and Ashton unknowingly becomes a member of a clan of crows. With the help of an aged medicine woman, his own recovered ancient memories, and his animal spirits, Ashton enters the underworld and is able to save his friend. David and Ashton get into mischief, solve mysteries, meet a troll, fight monsters, and learn that things are not always what they appear to be. But most importantly, they discover that life is rarely black-and-white and that simply taking the time to listen to the ancient truths they already know may just be the key they need to find happiness.

Live with Joy

Author : Tupele Diffa
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Tap into the consciousness on how to live and sustain your joy in life. Are you living with joy every day of your life? How are you sustaining your joy amidst the stresses and burdens of life? Do you choose to allow those things to steal your joy and take control over you or do you declare every day that whatever you encounter in your daily activities in life will remain in perfect peace? Discover how you can unravel the truth on how to live and sustain your joy in spite of the common realiti es of life economically, fi nancially, socially, psychologically, emoti onally, and psychically. The truth will make you free from these issues and any other problems you may be experiencing, either minor or major. The truth has power to cause a dynamic change in your life by providing you with a renewed and higher way of thinking that causes you to have an increase in inner peace, inner joy, and enable you to live a fulfilled life on earth.

Pakistan Economist

Author :
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Sweet Proposal

Author : Celia J. Anderson
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Books, chocolate and a Jacuzzi: could there be a better combination? Gorgeous Geordie Leo arrives in Clayton-on-the-Bream with a mission to make his mark. When he reveals his ideas for a bespoke bookshop and chocolate-themed cafe, struggling writer Mab can't resist his plea for help. However, Leo's timing is disastrous. Engaged to flighty, super-thin Sophie and knowing that Mab is up to her neck in a mysterious scheme of her own, Leo fights hard to ignore the warm, sensual friendship that is growing between them. When their eclectic mix of family and friends weigh in to help, the dream seems almost possible, but can Leo ignore Mab's shady past? As they battle with sabotage, jealousy, vindictive neighbours and unpredictable relationships, Mab and Leo find that even chocolate can't always make miracles happen . . . Discover Piatkus Entice: temptation at your fingertips -

Quit Your Worrying

Author : George Wharton James
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Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - Between twenty and thirty years ago, I became involved in a series of occurrences and conditions of so painful and distressing a character that for over six months I was unable to sleep more than one or two hours out of the twenty-four. In common parlance I was "worrying myself to death," when, mercifully, a total collapse of mind and body came. My physicians used the polite euphemism of "cerebral congestion" to describe my state which, in reality, was one of temporary insanity, and it seemed almost hopeless that I should ever recover my health and poise. For several months I hovered between life and death, and my brain between reason and unreason. In due time, however, both health and mental poise came back in reasonable measure, and I asked myself what would be the result if I returned to the condition of worry that culminated in the disaster. This question and my endeavors at its solution led to the gaining of a degree of philosophy which materially changed my attitude toward life. Though some of the chief causes of my past worry were removed there were still enough adverse and untoward circumstances surrounding me to give me cause for worry, if I allowed myself to yield to it, so I concluded that my mind must positively and absolutely be prohibited from dwelling upon those things that seemed justification for worry.

Stress Management Control

Author : Kimmi Ryen
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"Stress Management Control" offers tips and techniques for relieving stressful situations, relaxing tensed muscles, and reducing stress in every day life situations. Try self massage and stretching techniques any time during the day for an extra tension relief boost. Use visualization to achieve a calmer state of mind any time, and learn how to find tense body muscles and effectively release them during the day. Stress doesn't have to leave your body and mind in shambles. With simple, easy-to-do ideas and techniques, you can begin releasing stress from your body and mind while achieving a greater peace in your everyday life.

Poems of Love

Author : Paul Arthur Bell
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Dark Humor

Author : Oliver Gaspirtz
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Throughout history’s darkest times, people have exhibited a particular type of humor: dark humor, also known as black humor, black comedy, dark comedy, or gallows humor. That’s my favorite kind. I like absurd, random stuff. But with a dark twist. Black humor makes fun of the things that terrify us. It’s a coping mechanism. Some people think death is taboo as a topic for jokes. But every stand up comic and every cartoonist knows that taboo jokes get the biggest laughs, the guilty laughs, and the biggest dopamine release. Humor is not supposed to be polite. It’s supposed to mock bad things. Here’s a little selection of some of my favorite cartoons, about life’s painful little absurdities that make me laugh. “I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all.” -Abraham Lincoln "If you're a fan of Gary Larson's The Far Side, you'll love Gaspirtz's Dark Humor." -Not Abraham Lincoln

The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams

Author : Rhonda Hayter
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Abbie Adams is a witch. She can't tell anyone, even her best friend, Callie, who notices Abbie acting strange. Instead she uses memory-erasing spells to keep things under control. Abbie hopes for some normalcy when her father brings home a kitten, but when Abbie looks into its eyes, she sees a trapped boy. Now Abbie needs her magic more than ever. Saving him becomes even more important when her family realizes the kitten is actually the young Thomas Edison. The world will be a much different place if they can't return him to create his famous inventions!

101 Best Tips for Flawless Skin

Author : Alexandre Ahlberg
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Skin problems are bothersome for all of us, and they can come in many different forms. At one point in our lives, we all find ourselves battling some flaw or another, and aside from being physically taxing, skin problems can make us feel embarrassed and tense. This book will focus on the most common skin problems that people experience; such as problems with oiliness, dryness, or excessive redness and blushing. As you go through these pages, you’ll find that you will better understand what can go on with your skin, what can make it unhealthy, what factors may be causing what you see on the surface, and what you can do to keep your skin fit and healthy.