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Laws and Explanation in History

Author : William H. Dray
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Laws and Explanation in History

Author : Dray, William H. Dray
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The Logic of Historical Explanation

Author : Clayton Roberts
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Ever since 1942, when Carl Hempel declared that historical events are explained by subsuming them under laws governing the occurrence of similar events, philosophers have debated the validity of explanations based on "covering laws." In The Logic of Historical Explanation, Clayton Roberts provides a key to understanding the role of covering laws in historical explanation. He does so by distinguishing between their use at the macro- and micro- levels, a distinction that no other scholar has made. Roberts contends that the positivists were right to believe that covering laws are indispensable in historical explanations but wrong to think that these laws apply to macro-events (such as wars and revolutions). Similarly, the humanists were right to declare that historians do not explain the occurrence of macro-events by subsuming them under covering laws but wrong to deny the role of covering laws in tracing the course of events leading to the macro-event. Roberts resolves this debate by showing that, though useless in explaining macro-events, covering laws are indispensable in connecting the steps in an explanatory narrative. He then sets forth the logic of an explanatory narrative, explores the nature of rational explanation, and distinguishes the logic of historical interpretation from the logic of historical explanation.

Knowledge and Explanation in History

Author : Ronald F. Atkinson
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The Foundations of History

Author : Stephen Leach
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This book provides an exposition and critical examination of Collingwood's philosophy of history, in which Collingwood's views are read in the light of his metaphilosophy. Collingwood's philosophy of history is also located in relation to recent and current philosophy. Although the author argues that Collingwood's conception of the subject matter of history may require some revision, he is generally sympathetic to the aims and methods of Collingwood's project. Indeed, the author hopes to demonstrate that these aims and methods are still of great value.

The German Enlightenment and the Rise of Historicism

Author : Peter H. Reill
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The German Enlightenment and the Rise of Historicism traces the thought of a large and neglected group of German thinkers and their encounter with the ideas and ideal of the Enlightenment from 1740 to 1790. Concentrating on the nature of their historical consciousness, Peter Hanns Reill addresses two basic issues in the interpretation of the Enlightenment: to what degree can one speak of the unity of the Enlightenment and to what extent can the Enlightenment be characterized as “modern”? Reill attempts to revise the traditional interpretation of the Enlightenment as an age insensitive to the postulates of modern historical thought and to dissolve the alleged opposition of the Enlightenment to later intellectual developments such as Idealism. He argues that German Enlightened thinkers generated the general presuppositions upon which modern historical thought is founded. Asserting that the Enlightenment was not a unitary movement, Reill shows how each phase of it had unique elements and made contributions to Enlightenment thought as a whole. Exploring the forms of thought, the mental climate, and the different intellectual milieus in which the German thinkers operated, Reill demonstrates that they were confronted by two opposing intellectual traditions: German Pietism and rationalism. In attempting to reconcile both without submerging one into the other, these Enlightenment thinkers turned to historical speculation and learning. They discussed the relation between religious and rationalistic assumptions, the transformation of the concepts of religion and law, the interaction between aesthetic and historical thought, the creation of a theory of understanding to support the new idea of history, the use of causation in historical analysis, and the rediscovery of the Middle Ages. Reill reveals how they anticipated the work of more famous thinkers of the nineteenth century and establishes the conceptual similarities between thinkers generally thought to be more different than alike. This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1975.

History of Hermeneutics

Author : Maurizio Ferraris
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In the following three chapters, Ferraris examines the universalization of the domain of interpretation with Heidegger, the development of Heideggerian philosophical hermeneutics with Gadamer and Derrida, and the relation between hermeneutics and epistemology, on the one hand, and the human sciences, on the other.

Historical Explanation and Value neutrality

Author : James John Leach
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Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association

Author : American Catholic Philosophical Association
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List of members in Proceedings of 2d- annual meeting.

Laws And Explanation In The Social Sciences

Author : Lee C Mcintyre
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The first full-length defense of social scientific laws to appear in the last twenty years, this book upholds the prospect of the nomological explanation of human behavior against those who maintain that this approach is impossible, impractical, or irrelevant. By pursuing an analogy with the natural sciences, McIntyre shows that the barriers to nomological inquiry within the social sciences are not generated by factors unique to social inquiry, but arise from a largely common set of problems that face any scientific endeavor.All of the most widely supported arguments against social scientific laws have failed largely due to adherence to a highly idealized conception of nomologicality (allegedly drawn from the natural sciences themselves) and the limited doctrine of ?descriptivism.? Basing his arguments upon a more realistic view of scientific theorizing that emphasizes the pivotal role of ?redescription? in aiding the search for scientific laws, McIntyre is optimistic about attaining useful law-like explanations of human behavior.

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Author : Macmillan Publishing
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Treats eastern & western philosophy; it deals with ancient, medieval and modern philosophy; and it discusses the theories of mathematicians, physicist, biologist, sociologists, psychologists, moral reformers and religious thinkers where these have had an impact on philosophy.

AMA Educators Proceedings

Author :
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A Manual of Historical Research Methodology

Author : Sreedharan
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A book providing practical help to students at the graduate and postgraduate levels. What is given in the book is precise, clear and solid. The book's coverage and comprehensiveness, its scientific, analytical and critical treatment, its near perfect organization and arrangement, its clarity and easy methods of reference will make it a useful compendium for students and teachers. A teacher and lover of history the author has brought out philosophical, scientific, and ideological and linguistic perspectives to bear on the subject. Whether a student or teacher or a general reader, the manual can be expected to develop a healthy interest in history. The author has brought to bear philosophical, scientific, ideological and linguistic perspectives to bear on the subject.

Soviet Studies in History

Author :
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Proceedings of North East India History Association

Author : North East India History Association. Session
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Sociologia Internationalis

Author :
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Competing Models of the Method and History of Social Inquiry

Author : James Fulton Farr
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Music and the Historical Imagination

Author : Leo Treitler
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Leo Theitler is a central figure in American musicology, both for his writings on medieval and Renaissance music and for his influential work on historical analysis. In this elegant book he develops a powerful statement of what music analysis and criticism in relation to historical understanding can be. His aim is an understanding of the music of the past not only in its own historical context but also as we apprehend it now, and as we assimilate it to our current interests and concerns. He elucidates his views through unique new interpretations of major works from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries.

Historical Explanation Reconsidered

Author : Gordon Graham
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Proceedings Brit Acad 72 1986

Author : British Academy
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This volume includes lectures on Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Wyclif, Norman musicology, Islamic architectural typology, Shakespeare and history, Wordsworth, Chaucer, economic growth, Old English, Hegel, and America and the postwar Asian frontier, as well as memorials of Hedley Bull and others.