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Leadership Lessons for Health Care Providers

Author : Frank James Lexa
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The rapid changes in health care including novel technologies as well as the changing economic, political, and social landscapes are all forcing physicians as well as most types of health care practitioners to re-think their role in leadership. This is particularly true in the US in recent years, but the same issues are widely prevalent affecting health care workers around the globe. Developing capable medical leaders who can navigate these challenges will be essential. Physicians and other health care practitioners usually receive little or no leadership training in the course of their education. At the next steps in their training: internship, residency and fellowship, gaining clinical acumen takes precedence over developing other skills that are at the core of leadership training. Leadership Lessons for Health Care Providers will allow all types of health professionals to gain a better understanding of what leadership is, how to develop their skills while still early in their careers, how to understand and handle common leadership conundrums and chart a path towards increasing their leadership capabilities as they reach mid-career and beyond. This book will provide a great start for those who are interested in learning more about leadership and includes recommendations for next steps at all stages in leadership work. Discusses and offers practical advice on a number of leadership development topics including levels of leadership, different styles and techniques, dealing with conflict, making hard decisions, and setting priorities Includes valuable insight from leaders and specialists in the health care field Directs readers to additional leadership resources as next steps

101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses

Author : Nancy Rollins Gantz
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"101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses covers the daily challenges facing health care leaders--communications, negotiations, resource management, and work-life balance, to name a few--with the unique feature of a mentor-mentee team authoring each chapter. These established and emerging mentors and mentees come from every corner of the globe and share their lessons learned, providing a rich legacy for nurses everywhere. 101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses offers: An alphabetical subject order for quick topic access. ; Authors from 32 countries spanning six continents. ; A wealth of resources, with topics ranging from academic-service partnerships to writing for professional journals, and 99 other topics in between. ; Reflective questions at the end of each chapter to help you integrate ideas into your professional life."--Publisher's website.

Leadership Lessons

Author : Eric Lee Harvey
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Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts

Author : Claudia Peus
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This volume uses the idiosyncrasies of compelling contexts to teach fundamental leadership lessons that are applicable to other settings. Practitioners and researchers are challenged to deviate from standard models and provided with new ideas for leadership development.

Evidence Based Leadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nursing and Healthcare

Author : Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN
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Delivers a practical leadership approach that will thrive in today’s healthcare environment This application-based text is designed to cultivate nursing and healthcare leaders who embrace the demands and opportunities of today’s healthcare environment, which is rooted in innovation. Authored by world-class innovators and leaders in evidence-based healthcare practice, the book provides proven strategies to incorporate innovative and evidence-based leadership strategies into daily use to build creative, high-functioning, and sustainable organizations. The book differs from traditional academic texts by providing content that is practical, personal, and engaging. It provides a clear path for readers to integrate innovation and leadership principles into their careers and daily practice. The text is enhanced by individualized quotes and first-person accounts from healthcare industries. Chapters offer objectives and case studies. Other features include “Calls to Action” which will help readers develop leadership skills, and “Key Takeaway Points” to help remember important concepts. Podcasts conducted with prolific leaders illustrate the many challenges they have faced over the years. Key Features: Rooted in AACN Essentials for DNP and Master’s Education Provides practical information on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship Includes best practice applications for healthcare and non-healthcare industries to improve outcomes in real-world settings Provides case studies, “Calls to Action,” and “Key Takeaway Points” Includes podcasts with top healthcare leaders

The Successful Health Care Professional s Guide

Author : Philip K. Louie
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The goal of this concise guide is to provide a resource of "non-medical" skills and practices that have been shown to help healthcare trainees reach their peak performance. There are many aspects of the healthcare education and training process that are necessary for excelling, preparing for the next stage, and thriving at the level of the trainees end goal. However, certain additional skills and principles are essential in reaching peak performance during training, career, and life. Often overlooked in formal training, these skills and principles can be found in a range of areas, including leadership, goal-setting, mentorship, relationships, skills-training, stoicism, and financial planning, to name just several. All are critical in medical-career development, but learning these skills and principles often requires searching through numerous resources to aquire the needed information. Having completed the rigorous training involved in these professions, the accomplished chapter authors of this easy-to-read title offer insightful key points and tangible action items in each section, geared specifically to the trainee and their training education. In addition, authors from various non-medical sectors and professional backgrounds have contributed their expertise to this compendium, giving the book important interdisciplinary coverage. An invaluable and timely contribution to the health career development literature, The Successful Health Care Professionals Guide will be of great interest to medical students, residents, fellows and all allied health professionals looking to develop the most successful and fulfilling career possible.

Foundations of Health Care Management

Author : Bernard J. Healey
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Foundations of Health Care Management Leaders and managers throughout the health care system arefacing ever more challenging changes in the way care is delivered,paid for, and evaluated. Foundations of Health Care Management:Principles and Methods offers an innovative, concise,reader-friendly introduction to health care management andadministration. It addresses the need for new skills in managers ofhealth care facilities and for those planning to enter health caremanagement positions. The book covers such critical topics asleadership training, change management, conflict managementtechniques, culture building, quality improvement, andcommunications skills, as well as collaboration in the improvementof population health. Foundations of Health Care Management also concentrateson innovations and describes steps in the transition to moredecentralized and creative approaches to the management of healthcare facilities. The book covers physician management from thephysician's viewpoint, a valuable perspective for health caremanagers. The book serves important dual purposes for faculty and studentsby providing both insights into the health care field as well asfoundational content on essential management and leadershipcompetencies. A full set of support materials is available forinstructors at the book's companion Web site.

EBOOK Leadership and Change for the Health Professional

Author : Elizabeth A. Curtis
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Leadership and Change for the Health Professional will provide health professionals with the latest thinking on leadership theory and research. It highlights the issues that can block successful healthcare leadership initiatives, and explores ways of constructively engaging with the opportunities provided by change. Each chapter draws out practical lessons for effective and efficient leadership of care that is compassionate and safe. Leaders and students at all levels will be able to use this book to expand their leadership repertoire in a text that engages with many themes, including: • The basics of leadership and the idea of leadership as a "calling" • Motivating employees • Implicit leadership theory • Developing trust • Building learning organisations • Gender and equality • Planning and organising change in healthcare • Leading change The links between the theory and practice of healthcare leadership are skilfully explored with examples of research implemented in practice, and the textbook further equips your study with helpful summaries and suggestions for further reading. This is essential reading for all healthcare professionals in clinical practice as well as students studying or engaged in research on health care management and leadership. With a foreword by Thomas Garavan, Edinburgh Napier Business School, UK. "Amongst the vast number of leadership texts published every year this book stands out. It has been edited with considerable care by two highly respected scholars in the field to make it accessible to all those interested in, and practising, leadership, whether healthcare professionals or students. It is well organised and moves seamlessly to address many important questions about the nature of leadership, including important questions of ethics, gender, trust, motivation, innovation, teams, and distributed leadership. The final section focuses on leading change in healthcare, a critical element of leadership practice in today’s world. Too many leadership books ignore context. This book, however, is firmly rooted in the healthcare context, and aspires to help professionals in this sector to reflect deeply on the complexities of leading through uncertain times. Whilst each chapter stands alone, the book’s merit is in offering multiple perspectives. Curtis and Cullen have encouraged the book’s contributors to address the big debates and themes in healthcare leadership today, whilst keeping in sharp focus the practice of leadership." Sharon Turnbull, Visiting Professor, Lancaster University Management School, UK "In Leadership and Change for the Health Professional, Elizabeth Curtis and John Cullen have crafted an exceptionally timely collection of practically-based research insights. As global healthcare systems face disruptive and often uncomfortable forces for change, this book tackles complex topics that health leaders must understand. While oriented toward generative practice and creative leadership skills, Curtis and Cullen do not shy away from engaging with controversial aspects of leadership development, such as bias, gendered practice, or even clinical failure, making it a valuable resource for educators and practitioners alike. Accessible and lively, Leadership and Change for the Health Professional is a successful blend of current issues with a visionary future." Kathy Lund Dean, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Ethics, Gustavus Adolphus College, USA "Curtis and Cullen bring together a comprehensive overview of leadership, from its historical development up to its role within the current healthcare context, presented by a variety of scholars. The particular challenges and demands faced by leaders and those who aspire to lead are discussed within and it addresses the many facets of leadership approaches. Anyone interested in the development of leadership and change will find this particularly stimulating and a valuable text for academic and students alike." Alison H James, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, UK "This book covers many aspects of leadership, which are timely in nature and directly relevant to health professionals. The contributors are highly respected and offer different perspectives on this complex issue. We need to encourage practitioners to see themselves as leaders – this evidence-based text will serve to guide them in this quest. De-emphasising the individual leadership qualities and including those of teams makes this book stand out from others. The NHS features prominently but despite this, readers from other countries should be able to easily transfer the content to their own health services. The useful websites at the end of each chapter provide further direction for readers. This is a text that is written with a very positive stance, even though the difficulties of being a leader are not ignored. It ends with a discussion on the vision for leadership – at individual, team and organisational levels. Lots to read, absorb and you can do this a chapter at a time which is great." Professor Bridie Kent, Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University, UK "This book addresses an important topic, where there is huge scope to add value. This is partly due to the scale of the NHS. The language makes the text accessible to professionals as well as academics. It is also good to see that the issue of learning organisations is addressed, as well as impact of leadership on patients." Professor John G Burgoyne, Lancaster University Management School, UK "Leadership and Change for the Health Professional is a timely and authoritative academic and professional exposition of the challenges for clinicians and healthcare managers in carrying out their management roles in our modern medical and healthcare systems. Its focus on change is both apt and relevant in the context of the dynamic development of our healthcare structures." Niamh Brennan, Michael MacCormac Professor of Management, University College Dublin

Nursing Leadership

Author : Harriet R. Feldman
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Physicians Pathways to Non Traditional Careers and Leadership Opportunities

Author : Richard D. Urman
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Increasingly, physicians are leveraging their medical training and expertise to pursue careers in non-traditional arenas. Their goals are diverse: · Explore consulting as a way to improve patient care · Lay the foundation for a career in academic medicine · Provide leadership in healthcare · Strengthen ties between a clinic and the community · Broaden one’s experience as a medical student · As a journalist or writer, open a window onto medicine for non-experts Some physicians will pursue another degree, while others may not, in anticipation of moving into public service, business, education, law, or organized medicine. Their common ground is the desire to enhance their professional fulfillment. Drs. Urman and Ehrenfeld’s book features individual chapters on the wide array of non-traditional careers for physicians, each one written by an outstanding leader in medicine who him- or herself has successfully forged a unique career path. A final chapter brings together fascinating brief profiles – “case studies” – of physicians who have distinguished themselves professionally outside of traditional settings. Suitable for readers at any point in their medical career – practitioners, fellows, residents, and medical students – who want to explore possibilities beyond traditional medical practice, the book also sets out common-sense advice on topics such as work-life balance, mentorship, and the relationship between personality and job satisfaction.