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Leadership Lessons From a Chef

Author : Charles Carroll
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"Chef Charles Carroll has answered our prayers and delivered a book, a bible, a life's journal shared by a real chef in today's modern kitchen." ?Chef John Folse, CEC, AAC "From time to time, I buy motivational books for my managing partners and chefs, and this book is my all-time favorite gift. What Chef Carroll has to say is the real thing." ?Johnny Carrabba, founder, Carrabba's Restaurant A unique guide to leadership in the culinary arena, by a chef for chefs Leadership Lessons from a Chef is about creating excellence in the professional kitchen. Here the difference between good and great comes down to the details, and attention to these details comes from the right attitude reaching across all staff. A good culinary manager, according to author and award-winning Certified Executive Chef Charles Carroll, skillfully cultivates this attitude for success, and so leads the way toward kitchen excellence. Using stories and examples drawn from his many years' experience, Chef Carroll gives you a leader's tour through the working kitchen. Offering proven wisdom in plainspoken terms instead of abstract management theories, the practical tools and ideas found in this groundbreaking book can be used immediately to motivate and develop an effective team environment among kitchen staffs. Leadership Lessons from a Chef features: Chef Carroll's formula for managing kitchen staffs?SEF: Scheduling, Empowering, and Follow up?and how the formula works in practice Take-away boxes that reinforce key points Chapters that progress logically, helping you evaluate and refine your goals, develop a mission and principles, and implement these in a motivational and positive way Helpful forms for both greater efficiency and esprit de corps Inspiring quotations, as well as life and work tips from Chef Carroll Whether you're a student just starting your culinary education, or an executive chef seeking to take your operation to a whole new level of excellence, Leadership Lessons from a Chef is an indispensable resource for all stages of your culinary career.

Hospitality Leadership Lessons in French Gastronomy

Author : Thomas A. Maier
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This Leadership tutorial book celebrates the amazing career of Guy Savoy and his ascent onto the Global scene as a prominent cuisineare and accomplished Hospitality industry leader. He has done so while simultaneously mentoring his son Franck who leads Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas, USA. In this book Guy Savoys multi-generational leadership style is viewed through the lens of contemporary leadership philosophy, organizational development concepts, and the rich tradition of French Gastronomy.

Leadership Lessons with The Beatles

Author : Shantha Mohan
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Leadership has gone through many changes in the last couple of decades. We have realized that outstanding leadership is not about being authoritarian and exercising control. It is not only about the intelligence quotient (IQ) but also about emotional intelligence. To be an exceptional leader, you need several essential skills, all of which you can learn. The skills are nuanced with emotional intelligence, which you can gain. This book is unique: the author weaves leadership ideas with the song titles of The Beatles, making this book fun, playful, thoughtful, and valuable. Each chapter is organized with the key message on a leadership attribute prompted by a Beatles’ song title, tips on becoming better on the topic, a practice suggestion, questions to ask yourself to think about the message, and resources for more reading. The author begins each chapter with how and why she chose the song and includes fun facts. It’s an engaging book that blends the words of perhaps the greatest rock band ever—The Beatles—with the basic principles for becoming a better leader.

Chefs Stories Unmasked

Author : Juliana Frances
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A serious reference for those embarking on a culinary career... International author and entrepreneur Juliana Frances shares a collection of inspirational stories from some of the world's most successful chefs. You'll gain valuable insights that have never been shared before. Top chefs and growers of fine food discuss and address the challenges and adversities faced throughout their careers in these amazing interviews. Their lessons, guidance, support and techniques will inspire you to enjoy and love cooking as much as they do. You'll learn:- How to find your culinary niche and tackle it with a positive attitude and eagerness- How to set your sights on your kitchen dream job and never look back- Essential tips to think outside the box when it comes to where you'll cook- How to know your own limitations and what to do if situations spiral out of control- How to become a successful chef entrepreneur- How other chefs became successful and how you can too- Award winning tips, strategies and practical ideas of leading a successful food service Ignite your passion for cooking!

Lessons in Excellence from Charlie Trotter

Author : Paul Clarke
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An insider’s look into the award-winning restaurant of internationally acclaimed chef Charlie Trotter, with techniques and strategies to create top-tier service, food, and atmosphere. Charlie Trotter's Chicago restaurant is not only one of the premier eating experiences in America, it serves also as the model of a thriving business whose cutting-edge approach to management is setting new standards for quality, efficiency, and profitability. In fact, people in just about any field can learn from Charlie's methods. For this breakthrough business guide, journalist Paul Clarke conducted in-depth interviews with Charlie and his associates, distilling invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals who are committed to creating highly respected and innovative businesses. Anyone who wants to improve their business will be sure to learn something new from this Midwestern dynamo.

Organisational Behaviour

Author : Stephen Robbins
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Robbins: Leading the way in OB Organisational Behaviour shows managers how to apply the concepts and practices of modern organisational behaviour in a competitive, dynamic business world. Written and researched by industry-respected authors, this continues to be Australia’s most popular text for introductory courses in organisational behaviour. A new suite of learning and teaching resources that will excite future managers and inspire critical thinking, accompanies the text.

Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts

Author : Claudia Peus
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This volume uses the idiosyncrasies of compelling contexts to teach fundamental leadership lessons that are applicable to other settings. Practitioners and researchers are challenged to deviate from standard models and provided with new ideas for leadership development.

Shackleton Leadership Lessons from Antarctica

Author : Arthur Ainsberg
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The more I read about Shackleton, the more I realized how truly heroic leadership is almost impossible to find in todays businesses. Despite all the research and programs devoted to motivating employees, most workers admit they feel disenfranchised in their daily work life. In reading the Shackleton story, it became clear to me that Shackletons leadership lessons could benefit these very same people. This book is my attempt to bring an extraordinary explorers leadership lessons to those business leaders who, on a daily basis, must guide their workforce towards a common goal. Because Shackletons story is more than just one man fighting for survival in the Arctic region it is about coordinating teamwork under the most strenuous conditions. Even in the fast-paced and often unpredictable business world, leaders can use Shackletons strategies to make every team effort a successful one. In this book are inspirational lessons from one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century lessons that can enrich both the way we work and the lives of those we lead.

Modern Garde Manger A Global Perspective

Author : Robert B Garlough
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The second edition of MODERN GARDE MANGER: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, was written for both the working chef and the serious student engaged in the practice and study of culinary arts. The first edition was winner of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Cookbook Award. Its carefully researched information and fully tested recipes span the international spectrum of the modern garde manger station. Four sections covering twenty chapters focus on the chef's required knowledge and responsibilities. This second edition has been reorganized to provide a clearer transition from subject to subject, and skill set to skill set. Special features include: Chapter Goals; Professional Profiles; Ask the Expert; People, Places, Things; Review Questions; Activities and Applications; and Key Words in Review. The text contains material on molecular cuisine, plus creative equipment used by garde manger chefs. There are more than 800 four-color photographs of which more than 300 are new, including many finished plates, platters, showpieces and step-by-step procedures, plus many additional recipes and expanded content on food show competition, buffet table layouts, ice sculpting techniques and more. . While Modern Garde Manger, 2e still retains its exposure to international recipes and techniques, more traditionally American recipes and techniques have been included in this edition. MODERN GARDE MANGER 2E is the most comprehensive book of its kind available for today's student and professional chef. In addition, a CourseMate website is available to accompany the text. CourseMate includes: an interactive eBook; Engagement Tracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course; and interactive teaching and learning tools including quizzes, flashcards, crossword puzzles, PowerPoint slides and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Modern Food Service Purchasing Business Essentials to Procurement

Author : Robert B Garlough
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MODERN FOOD SERVICE PURCHASING is designed specifically to provide culinary arts professionals with current, in-depth coverage of the essential concepts of purchasing, storeroom operations, and financial stewardship. This comprehensive resource brings together under one cover the four fundamentals of contemporary food service purchasing: Market and distribution systems. Storeroom operations. Cost controls. Product information. Delivering a chef-focused overview of financial management and the formulas used to control a successful business, Modern Food Service Purchasing explains in detail how to set up a successful storeroom operation while providing chefs and buyers with a comprehensive reference that will deliver value for years to come. Extensive color photography, useful charts and forms, and a comprehensive glossary of key terms round out the coverage. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.