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Expatriate Leaders of International Development Projects

Author : Patricia J. McLaughlin
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Expatriate leadership of USAID projects is complex, this title seeks to unravel those complexities. Expatriate leaders frequently find project success elusive, due to a multiplicity of factors, from adapting to a developing country’s socio-political-economic conditions to USAID’s policies. This book aims to explain why success is elusive.

Leadership in Regional Community Building

Author : Siti Darwinda Mohamed Pero
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This book examines the role of political leadership as a driver in the process of regional community-building in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the European Union (EU). It considers under which conditions political leadership constitutes a driver of regional community-building and reconceptualises the very idea of political leadership in order to examine its role in a regional context. The book concludes that a comprehensive approach that incorporates political will, the capacity of individual leaders, state capacity, legitimacy, and summitry yields a deeper understanding of political leadership in regional bodies.

Be a Leader in Nursing E Book

Author : Heather Henry
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Nursing leadership is now regarded as a core competency to improve clinical outcomes, and nurses need to develop leadership skills from the very start of their career. Be a Leader in Nursing provides a comprehensive, practical guide for nurses through their leadership journey. Written by practising nurse leader Heather Henry, the book focuses on real-world application of leadership models at all levels – from the first moments of a student placement to effective management roles later in a nurse’s career. The enjoyable and approachable text helps the reader to understand, recognize and practise leadership skills, making the book suitable for student nurses covering leadership as part of their curriculum as well as nurses already practising in the system. It will also be invaluable to instructors teaching leadership skills to nursing students. Co-designed with current student nurses - contemporary and relevant content Quotes and real case studies to connect principles with practice Clear learning outcomes, practice activities and reflective practice to support learning Easy to read and accessible – chapters can be read in one sitting Practical ‘time out’ activities and ‘how to’ guides to help you to practise leadership skills as you learn Content consistent with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education and the Healthcare Leadership Model Includes current issues such as leading through social media, leadership in multidisciplinary teams and crises such as pandemics and managing failure Companion videos share nurses’ leadership experiences

The Personalisation of Politics

Author : Lauri Karvonen
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With the weakening of the structural determinants of politics in Western democracies, it is commonly assumed that individual politicians and politicians as individuals have come to mean more for voter behaviour and party choice. Many observers argue that politics has become more personalised in the course of the last few decades. Although considerable research on the various aspects of personalisation has been carried out, no single study so far has approached the question from a broad comparative perspective. By examining four central dimensions of personalisation – institutions, candidates, party leaders and media – and by including data from most stable parliamentary democracies, this book attempts to fill part of that gap. The book demonstrates clearly that there is no linear trend towards more personalisation among the cases studied. From the point of view of the general personalisation thesis, the findings are mixed at best; in some important respects, they are negative. While the media tend to focus more on individual politicians, the idea that party leaders increasingly determine the party choice of voters finds little support in empirical evidence. Most researchers seem to agree that the position of the prime minister has become more dominant. A closer look at comparative evidence results in a more complex picture. There has been a certain tendency to develop the most party-centred electoral systems in a more candidate-centred direction. On the other hand, recent reforms have altered some of the most candidate-centred systems in the opposite direction. Individual candidates seem to mean more to voters in systems where preferential voting has been practiced for a long time. This change is by no means dramatic, nor does it seem to apply to other electoral systems. Karvonen shows that the personalisation thesis, while not completely erroneous, has been overstated not just by the media but in some of the research literature as well.

The Small Town Mega Church

Author : Gary W. Carter
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All churches hit growth plateaus. The Small Town Mega Church will give you tools and insights to break through these invisible, yet real barriers. It outlines the proven structures and strategies we have applied to build our churches. It also lays out a step by step outline of how to strengthen and release your church through marketplace ministries. If you are a church with vision that exceeds your present capacity, you will be inspired by this systematic approach to greater success. These effective growth strategies work within the limited resources and manpower of a small church. Pastor Gary is a leading voice in church planting and systematic growth. He uses his years of management experience to bring out key success principles. His teachings will help you to: 1.Clarify vision. 2.Identify core values. 3.Build liberating structures. 4.Create effective systems and strategies. 5.Recognize and break growth plateaus. 6.Establish team dynamics to reach your next level. "By applying the teaching of this book, you will break your church out of the cycles of average!"

Citizen Science Reducing Risk and Building Resilience to Natural Hazards

Author : Jonathan D. Paul
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Leaders Don t Command

Author : Jorge Cuervo
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It’s not enough to get a team to work, you need them to invest their hearts and minds. Managers are currently faced with the most uncertain environment in history. How can we lead our teams to create and seize opportunities? How do we navigate through the fog in our brains and the overworked staff sitting in front of us? This acclaimed book, originally published in Spanish as Mejor liderar que mandar, draws from author Jorge Cuervo’s vast experience as an executive, trainer, and coach. By presenting the information in bite-size chapters and to-do lists, Cuervo helps each of us to bring out the best of ourselves in leadership, management, and supervisory roles. In this book you will learn: about the essence of leadership and the emotional processes that influence it what beliefs and stereotypes often lack meaning and hinder the development of leadership tips and tricks to improve your leadership skills.

The Values of Presidential Leadership

Author : J. Wren
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Contributors address aspects of presidential leadership in essays on how presidential values are determined or constructed, how they are condoned and criticized, how they are packaged and conveyed, and how they are interpreted and acted upon. Includes scholars from communication, history, law, philosophy, political science, and psychology

Paradox and Power in Caring Leadership

Author : Leah Tomkins
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Why does it matter that our leaders care about us? What might we reasonably expect from a caring leader, and what price are we prepared to pay for it? Is caring leadership something ‘soft’, or can it be linked to strategy and delivery? International scholars from the fields of ancient and modern philosophy, psychology, organization studies and leadership development offer a strikingly original debate on what it means for leaders to care.

Young Women and Leadership

Author : Katrina Lee-Koo
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Through a range of case studies in Asia and the Pacific, this edited collection highlights the extent of the unique ways in which young women lead to create change in their own lives and their communities, as well as in the structures, cultures, and institutions in which they live and work. This volume challenges and reshapes the boundaries and relationships of power that animate traditional attitudes to leadership by exploring the often overlooked role of women as leaders and drivers of social change. The text draws on a number of complex case studies in Asia and the Pacific in order to demonstrate how young women around the world have developed organised approaches to leadership that are often collective, collaborative, and transformative. However, as the authors reveal, they also deviate from traditional forms of leadership that have dominated the literature and public understanding. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of the theory and/or practice of leadership. More broadly, it will also be useful for students and scholars of political science, international studies, peace and conflict studies, international and community development, leadership studies, cultural studies, youth studies, and gender studies.