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Learn to Play Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele

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While the 'ukulele is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance on the mainland, in the land of its birth, it has never gone out of style. Hawaiians took to the jumping flea right from the start, creating music of stunning beauty and versatility. Now intermediate players can learn to play lovely finger style solo arrangements of classic Hawaiian songs, folk songs, standards–even a few pieces from the classical guitar repertoire.The book offers 27 arrangements from around the world written in standard notation and tablature playable on any 'ukulele. Songs are grouped according to level of difficulty, starting with simple arrangements well within the grasp of dedicated beginners and intermediate players and leading through more challenging songs featuring unusual chord voicings, inversions up the neck, tricky fingerings and all the fun stuff the author could muster. to aid the student, the companion CD includes all of the songs taught. Includes chord charts, inversion studies, introductory material on finger-picking and making the transition from strumming to melodic playing.

Favorite Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele

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From the author of Mel Bay's best-selling book, Learn to Play Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele, we are proud to present, Favorite Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele. This book and accompanying audio available for download online offer a variety of fingerstyle solos for the ukulele. The music stretches across several styles, including Hawaiian, ragtime, bossa nova, and classical. The solos progress in difficulty, and tips on technique areincluded along the way. More advanced arrangements introduce chord inversions and different rhythmic approaches for the right hand. Thirty-three arrangements are presented in standard notation and tablature. Transposition charts are included for baritone ukulele

Learn to Play Slack Key Style Ukule

Author : Mark Kailana Nelson
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Want to play beautiful Hawaiian melodies on your 'ukulele? Now you can! Learn to Play Slack Key Style 'Ukulele is a comprehensive instruction into the art of playing great solo 'ukulele…slack key style. Slack Key–Ho `alu–is a melodic, finger-picked guitar style created by Hawaiian paniolo in the mid-19th century, known as “Hawaiian soul music”. It is only natural that some 'ukulele players in Hawaii would re-tune their instruments and play slack key style. Nothing sounds so sweet. No matter if you are a dedicated beginner wanting to expand your playing or an advanced uke-a-banger looking for a new challenge, you will find music to delight your fingers and stimulate your ear. Learn to Play Slack Key Style 'Ukulele is both a course of study and a collection of great solo arrangements that start out easy and increase in difficulty. Includes access to online audio. • Tablature and standard notation • Notes on the tunings, reading music and reading TAB • Guided lessons help you develop your style • Graded arrangements from easy to advanced • Over 30 great arrangements • Learn how to create your own slack key style arrangements of classic Hawaiian songs • Playable on any ‘ukulele with a low G string • Downloadable musical examples of all songs

Fingerstyle Duets for Ukulele

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From the author of Mel Bay's best selling Learn to Play Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele and Favorite Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele, we are proud to presentFingerstyle Duets for Ukulele.This book and accompanying audio offer 21 great songs arranged in 18 duets for fingerstyle ukulele. The songs come from around the world: European waltzes, classic Hawaiian songs, folksongs, Victorian parlor pieces and classical guitar and piano transcriptions. Nothing in this book will be out of reach of the advancing beginner or intermediate player. Even advanced players will find something to tickle their fancy. The book includes tips on technique and fingerpicking exercises. Many of the songs include lyrics, adding to the flexibility of the arrangements. Included are four etudes - basic duets featuring scaled down melodic parts for the lead ukulele and simple pattern picking for the accompaniment. More advanced duets feature modulations, chord inversions up the neck, and different rhythmic approaches forthe right hand in both parts. The book concludes with an arrangement of Erik Satie's haunting solo piano piece Gymnopedie #1

Favorite Old Time American Songs for Ukulele

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This book features over 100 traditional American folk songs newly arranged for the ukulele, with chord diagrams and melody lines in tablature and standardnotation. This extensive collection makes "Favorite Old-Time American Songs for Ukulele" a treasury of the best songs from the American tradition. Nothing in this book is out of range for novice ukulele players. The songs are in keys that are both easy to sing and that fit the melodic range of the ukulele. Of course, not every voice sings comfortably in every key, so information on transposition and a short discussion for players of the baritone ukulele are included. Although you do not need to read music or tablature to use this book, short introductions to each are included. In putting together this collection, the author was inspired by the old Americanpractice of making a sampler: an endearing needlework design showing off various stitches and techniques. The book presents a sampling of the best American songs for folks working in schools, churches, hospitals, coffeehouses and other public performance spaces, or for anyone wishing to expand their repertoire and brush up on a few old chestnuts. There's a little of everything here: sentimental old hearth songs, laments and lullabies, ballads and play-parties, the sacred and profane. The overwhelming majority of songs come from pre-industrial rural traditions, because this is the kindof music that seems to go well with homemade music-making in any age. Downloadable audio available online.

Juke n the Uke

Author : Mark Kailana Nelson
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Inspired by the music played in early 20th Century juke joints, rent parties and road house dives, “Juke'n The Uke” is an outstanding collection of classic blues, rags, jug-band songs and hokum artfully arranged for fingerstyle 'ukulele. Highlights include a rare Hawaiian blues, the ballad “John Henry” played bottleneck style, and gems transcribed from the immortal Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy, Etta Baker, Blind Blake and many others. “Juke'n the Uke” finally answers the age-old question, “I wish somebody would tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means?”• Complete Tablature for the CD & More!• Tablature and standard notation• Notes on reading music and reading TAB• Bottleneck blues 'ukulele lesson• “Blues You Can Use” lessons• Graded arrangements from easy to advanced• Playable on any 'ukulele (Low G string preferred)• Learn to play these classic blues, ragtime & hokum songsBlues in the BottleDiddy Wa Diddy #2Dill Pickle RagFishin' BluesGuitar RagHale's RagHey HeyJohn HenryK.C. Moan BluesKona RagLet the Mermaids Flirt With MeMoving DayOkolehau BluesPalakiko BluesRichland Woman BluesSister Maude MuleStaggerleeTell Me BabyThat Lonesome Train That Took My Baby Away Wild Cow Blues Yas Yas Yas

Fingerstyle Ukulele

Author : Fred Sokolow
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(Ukulele). If you want to take your ukulele playing to the next level, you need to start using your fingers! The sample songs and patterns found in this book/audio pack will get you started both playing solos and accompaniment fingerstyle. You will learn how to use your picking-hand fingers and thumb to play chord melody solos on the ukulele, mixing chords and single notes like a pianist or a guitarist. You will also learn fingerpicking accompaniment patterns for a variety of textures and rhythmic grooves. Because fingerstyle playing works for all genres, folk, jazz, blues and country songs are included in this collection! Songs include: After You've Gone * Aloha Oe * Amazing Grace * C.C. Rider * I Ride an Old Paint * The Red River Valley * St. Louis Blues * Take Me Out to the Ball Game * The Wabash Cannon Ball * Will the Circle Be Unbroken * and more.

Hal Leonard Blues Ukulele

Author : Dave Rubin
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(Ukulele). The Hal Leonard Blues Ukulele Method is your complete guide to learning blues ukulele. This book teaches you the basics of blues rhythm and lead ukulele using authentic techniques and concepts. The accompanying audio features demo tracks for every example. Topics covered include: chord comping, boogie rhythms, pentatonic and blues scales, string bending, classic blues licks & riffs, double stops, intros & turnarounds, blues solos, fingerstyle blues, ukulele slide blues, blues ukulele history and more!

Ukulele Fingerpicking

Author : Dick Claassen
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AMAZON LOOK INSIDE VIEWER: The Amazon "Look Inside" viewer IS NOT indicative of the true contents of this book. Unfortunately Amazon's default settings won't allow a different content view. To see a COMPREHENSIVE DESCRIPTION, go to There you will find a complete text description, true TAB examples, as well as play-online audio samples of a few of the solo tunes in the book. There is also a buy-this-book link. A UKE BOOK LIKE NO OTHER: Do you want to learn to play the ukulele really well? If so, this is the perfect book to learn from. With detailed step-by-step guidance, 89 stand-alone solos, and 54 accompaniments and tutorials, you will be playing really fine ukulele before you know it! ANYONE CAN LEARN TO FINGER PICK THE UKE: But doesn't learning the ukulele require lots of practice time? No. The material presented is interesting and self motivating because it will teach you how to master real ukulele solos: stand-alone solos that are complete in every way. (Your ukulele will be like a little piano you hold in your lap.) And you can master all the material in this book, even if your time is limited and even if you have no music background. MANY TYPES OF SOLOS AND ACCOMPANIMENTS: The solo and accompaniment TABs cover folk, blues, children's, sacred, carols, campfire, gospel, classical guitar, and more. If you want to finger pick the uke, you will find ukulele Heaven in this book! FREE MP3s SUPPORT THIS BOOK: In addition to the book, many FREE audio sing-alongs, solos and tutorials will show you what the TABs should sound like. The free MP3s will allow you to move them onto any type of mobile device, as well as on your computer. Play the tunes through your smart phone or iPod so you can learn while you're driving. Play them on your tablet for convenient listening. Burn a playable CD. And double-click any tune to hear it on your computer. If learning to finger pick the ukulele is your goal, this book will show you how to get there.

The Ukulele Practice Journal

Author : Jon Howard
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Hi it's me the Ukulele Teacher, and welcome to my official ukulele practice journal. You can use this journal to help you learn to play songs on the ukulele just like me. On the following pages you'll find dedicated pages to record everything you need to know to learn to play your favourite songs. A good way to get started is by searching through my YouTube channel or the video library in my official app - The Ukulele App (available in the iOS, Google Play and Kindle app stores). Once you've found the song you want to learn start by noting down the chord shapes and the strumming pattern in the spaces provided. There's a handy guide to the most common chords and strumming patterns at the back of the book as well as a complete chord library and strumming practice tool in the app. Use the lyric sheet to note down the song lyrics and when the chord changes happen, you can also use the tab sheet to record any fingerpicking riffs / intro's or ukulele solos. The best way to learn any song is by practicing a little bit everyday. You can use the weekly planner pages to make notes about what you want to practice and how each practice session went. Try and focus on different skills each day and start to combine them towards the end of the week. You can also use your phone to record your practice sessions, that way you can see the improvements you've made as the week goes on. Remember the most important part is to have fun! As always, I love you all and wish you da best!