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Case Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work

Author : Jacqueline Corcoran
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Case-Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work provides essential information on planning and facilitating groups in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Current practice challenges, such as working with people that are mandated to group services and the proliferation of open-ended groups, are taken on directly with an array of strategies. To develop student competency, this volume uses a contemporary pedagogy--case-based learning--as a teaching tool for analysis, application, and decision-making. By working through cases, students gain exposure to the considerable range of populations that can be served by social work group intervention. The text is accompanied by Teaching Notes (available at to help instructors dive deeply into student responses, whether cases are discussed in the classroom as a whole, in small group activities, or as individual assignments.

Learning about Intervention Target Zones

Author : Michael W. Klein
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This paper provides a framework for evaluating how market participants' beliefs about foreign exchange target zones change as they learn about central bank intervention policy. In order to examine this behavior, we first generalize the standard target zone model to allow for intra-marginal intervention. Intra-marginal intervention implies that the position of market participants' beliefs about the target zone can be determined from their beliefs about the likelihood of intervention. As an application of this model, we estimate a probability of intervention model using daily exchange rates and market observations of central bank interventions following the Louvre Accord. Interestingly, even over this relatively stable Louvre Accord period, we find that the market's views of intervention target zones would have varied quite a bit over time.

Intervention Research in Educational Practice

Author : Hermann Astleitner
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Improving learning and teaching at schools or universities may start with choosing evidence-based interventions and practices, but does not end there. To ensure sustainable changes to programs in educational practice, interventions need to address complex issues related to theories, research designs, and measurements. This book presents typical but often overlooked problems in intervention research in educational practice. These problems are embedded in various educational areas such as, amongst others, school effectiveness, instructional design or motivational aspects of teacher trainings.

Learning Intervention

Author : Jeanette Berman
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This book explores what learning intervention means in inclusive classroom settings. It provides educational professionals with the knowledge and skills they require to reflect on, and respond to students’ individual learning needs, and enables them to choose, implement and evaluate evidence-based strategies for learning intervention. Taking an ecological perspective, and placing a capability framework at its core, the book considers how responsive teaching and educational casework combine to create intricate layers of learning intervention, and recommends tailored teaching and support strategies that can be used to address a wide variety of student learning needs. Learning intervention is thus understood in its broadest sense, and educational professionals are equipped with a range of interactive and adaptive strategies to support student learning. Chapters introduce and unpack numerous frameworks for practice, provide an extension to Response to Intervention models, and bring together key evidence-based ideas in an accessible format. Effective teaching in response to clearly defined learning needs is central to the achievement of all students. Learning Intervention will provide future and current educational professionals with the structures, knowledge, insight and skills they need to respond effectively to each and every student.

Educational Intervention with Young Children

Author : Fred & Eleanor Schonell Educational Research Centre
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Effects of an Educational Intervention on the Significant Others of Bulimics

Author : Sandra Ann Kapoor
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Preventive Educational Intervention for Mental Health

Author : S. Richard Sauber
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Forgiveness as an Educational Intervention Goal with Incest Survivors

Author : Suzanne R. Freedman
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Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Developmental and Learning Disabilities

Author : John H. Meier
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Management Development

Author : Charles Cox
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Existencial management development; The undicovered dimension of management education: politics in organizations; Developing organizational skills; The use of assessment centre simulation to evaluate decision-making skills in selection; The task for the 80s: training women managers; Coping with change and managerial obsolescence; Developing creativity; Living with the future - the adaptive manager; The management of creativity; Getting management development started: the manager as trainer; Helping self development to happen; The gestal of action learning; Gestal for managers.

Emotions in Learning

Author : Francisco Pons
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This book is the result of collaboration by scholars in developmental psychology and educational sciences from six European Countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) and Canada and the United States. It provides an overview of innovative research on emotions in learning from a psychological and pedagogical point of view. Indeed, emotions have recently emerged as one of the main factors of learning. With this book, the reader will not only acquire an understanding of emotions in learning but also propositions for interventions that seek to help children, adolescents (pupils, students) and adults (teachers) to improve their emotional experiences and comprehensions in the context of learning and teaching.

Factors Associated with People Taking Action in Response to Educational Interventions

Author : Richard Dennis Crespo
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Mother child Home Learning Programs

Author :
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Learning by Elderly Women

Author : Pamela Weiss-Farnan
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Early Intervention for Infants and Children with Handicaps

Author : Samuel L. Odom
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Learning Disabilities

Author : Bill Ray Gearheart
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Nursing Interventions Classification NIC

Author : Gloria M. Bulechek
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The first comprehensive classification system of interventions performed by nurses, Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) presents a full range of nursing interventions, from general practice to all specialty areas. Developed by a research team at the University of Iowa, this clinical tool standardizes and defines the knowledge base for nursing curricula and practice, communicates the nature of nursing, and facilitates the appropriate selection of nursing interventions for nurses, including practicing nurses, nursing students, nursing administrators, and faculty. Editeur

Academy of Management Learning Education

Author :
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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Author : Adnan Salhi
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Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a collaborative effort among education scholars that addresses the theory, practice, and policy gaps that have plagued classrooms for a long time. Divided into three parts, it focuses on practical strategies for teaching and learning in different subject areas and at all levels; provides research-based models for improving teacher quality; and addresses diversity within classrooms with regard to the requirements for achieving excellence. This book will interest teachers, teacher educators, administrators, and policy makers.