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Learning Law and Religion

Author : William Philip Griffith
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This text provides a study of the impact of Renaissance and Reformation scholarship on Welsh society and its leading members. It aims to show how broadly disseminated this scholarship was in a part of the Kingdom of England which was often regarded as remote and backward.

Law and Religious Diversity in Education

Author : Kyriaki Topidi
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Religion is a prominent legal force despite the premise constructed and promoted by Western constitutionalism that it must be separated from the State in democracies. Education constitutes an area of human life that leaves ample scope for the expression of religious identity and shapes the citizens of the future. It is also the place of origin of a considerable number of normative conflicts involving religious identity that arise today in multicultural settings. The book deals with the interplay of law and religion in education through the versatility of religious law and legal pluralism, as well as religion’s possible adaptation and reconciliation with modernity, in order to consider and reflect on normative conflicts. It adopts the angle of the constitutional dimension of religion narrated in a comparative perspective and critically reflects on regulatory attempts by the State and the international community to promote new ways of living together.

State Law and Religion in Pluralistic Societies Austrian and Indonesian Perspectives

Author : Astrid Hafner
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In den Beiträgen dieses Bandes werden Erfahrungen und »Good-Practice-Beispiele« aus dem Bereich des religiösen Diversitätsmanagements aus rechtlicher, politischer und kommunaler Perspektive diskutiert. Zu Wort kommen ExpertInnen und JournalistInnen aus Indonesien und Österreich, unter anderem auch hochrangige religiöse Führungspersönlichkeiten der zwei größten muslimischen Vereinigung Indonesiens. Der Sammelband bietet damit einen interessanten Ansatz zur aktuellen Diskussion über die Präsenz und Partizipation von MuslimInnen in Europa und macht die Notwendigkeit des Erfahrungsaustausches – insbesondere um den Herausforderungen der Globalisierung gerecht zu werden – deutlich.Dieser Band vereint Beiträge des Symposiums »State, Law and Religion in Pluralistic Societies – Austrian and Indonesian Perspectives«, das Ende Mai 2009 in Wien vom österreichischen und dem indonesischen Außenministerium in Kooperation mit der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Wien organisiert wurde. Es gelang, den Dialog zwischen diesen Ländern zu bestärken: auf der Ebene der öffentlichen Verwaltung ebenso wie der der Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen, der Zivilgesellschaft und der religiösen Gemeinschaften.

Religious and Ideological Rights in Education

Author : Jan de Groof
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This book seeks to provide a panorama of the issues arising from pluralism in the education system and of judicial responses to them around the globe. In it, thirty-four authors representing many different legal cultures have selected and commented the most significant judicial decisions in each of the jurisdictions analysed. The topics addressed include religious and cultural symbols; faith-based, religious, and citizenship education; freedom of teaching and scientific freedom; homeschooling; authorization, funding and other matters concerning denominational and private schools, among other legal disputes. The reader will easily sense many different ideological orientations throughout the book's thirty-seven chapters, which is only the result of pluralism itself and of scientific freedom. Nevertheless, the editors believe that all of the authors have inherently favoured the desire to understand the challenges of pluralism and to convey knowledge that is relevant for a public debate rather than defending their own particular point of view. Indeed, facilitating debate might be considered to be the best achievement of a publication of this kind.

International Perspectives on Education Religion and Law

Author : Charles J Russo
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This volume examines the legal status of religion in education, both public and non-public, in the United States and seven other nations. It will stimulate further interest, research, and debate on comparative analyses on the role of religion in schools at a time when the place of religion is of vital interest in most parts of the world. This interdisciplinary volume includes chapters by leading academicians and is designed to serve as a resource for researchers and educational practitioners, providing readers with an enhanced awareness of strategies for addressing the role of religion in rapidly diversifying educational settings. There is currently a paucity of books devoted solely to the topic written for interdisciplinary and international audiences involving educators and lawyers, and this book will clarify the legal complexities and technical language among the law, education, and religion.

Law and Religion in Post communist Europe

Author : Silvio Ferrari
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This book is the first comprehensive description of the Church-State systems that are in force in the post-Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The reports it contains are structured along similar lines, so that analogies and differences of the national legal systems can easily be identified and no significant profile of Church and State relations is overlooked. After a short historical and sociological introduction, each report deals with issues like registration of religious organizations, financing of Churches, religious education in public schools, etc.

Law Education and the Place of Religion in Public Schools

Author : Charles J. Russo
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This text presents a comparative, cross-cultural analysis of the legal status of religion in public education in eighteen different nations while offering recommendations for the future improvement of religious education in public schools. Offering rich, analytical insights from a range of renowned scholars with expertise in law, education, and religion, this volume provides detailed consideration of legal complexities impacting the place of religion and religious education in public education. The volume pays attention to issues of national and international relevance including the separation of the church and state; public funding of religious education; the accommodation of students’ devotional needs; and compulsory religious education. The volume thus highlights the increasingly complex interplay of religion, law, and education in diverse educational settings and cultures across developing and developed nations. Providing a valuable contribution to the field of religious secondary education research, this volume will be of interest to researchers, academics, and educators with an interest in religion and law, international and comparative education, and those involved with educational policy at all levels. Those more broadly interested in moral and values education will also benefit from the discussions the book contains.

Research Handbook on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Law and Religion

Author : Russell Sandberg
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Following 9/11, increased attention has been given to the place of religion in the public sphere. Across the world, Law and Religion has developed as a sub-discipline and scholars have grappled with the meaning and effect of legal texts upon religion. The questions they ask, however, cannot be answered by reference to Law alone therefore their work has increasingly drawn upon work from other disciplines. This Research Handbook assists by providing introductory but provocative essays from experts on a range of concepts, perspectives and theories from other disciplines, which can be used to further Law and Religion scholarship.

When Law and Religion Meet

Author : April L. Bogle
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Law. Religion. Do they have anything to say to each other? If so, what, and toward what end? And is the notion of productive dialogue between these two fields not surprising but essential? Long considered unlikely bedfellows at best and, at worst, outright opponents, law and religion have been meeting in significant ways, thanks to the seminal and ongoing work of Emory University??'s Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR), where scholars worldwide come together for this express purpose. Neither belligerently butting heads nor cozying up for a t?te-?-t?te, representatives of these two disciplines are daring to look at the big questions that bridge their domains ? and are daring to propose ways of working together. These encounters go way beyond verbal sparring and schmoozing. Joining the ranks of law and religion professors at CSLR conferences are the leaders of major religions in the U.S. ? Judaism, Islam, and multifaceted Christianity ? along with psychologists, sociologists, biologists, and policy makers. Commemorating CSLR??'s twenty-fifth anniversary, When Law and Religion Meet traces what motivated the Center??'s beginnings, what has impelled its work over the last quarter century, and what fuels the trajectory of law and religion, both separately and together, as they continue in productive dialogue. This pithy, illustrated volume is one that a wide range of readers will want to skim, explore, and return to.

Law Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe

Author : Myriam Hunter-Hénin
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This topical study of a highly sensitive area of education presents a valuable insight for students, researchers and academics with an interest in cultural and religious diversity, human rights and education. This collection considers how contemporary cultural and religious diversity challenges and redefines national, constitutional and legal frameworks and concepts, within the context of education and offers a critical reflection on the extent and meanings given to religious freedom in education across Europe.