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Learning Styles and Strategies for Management Students

Author : Carvalho, Luísa Cagica
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Today, globalization, advances in technology, greater access to information, and communication via social networks generate an explosion of knowledge and cause the working world to experience rapid change based on knowledge and continuous learning. The challenge for universities is to have a curriculum that prepares students for this digital world, but many characteristics of the school curriculum have been unchanged for decades. Consequently, student experiences can be very different from the experiences required by the labor market. In a learning environment, the desired results will not be achieved if several essential elements are not considered in the instructional teaching process, including learning style, age, and maturity level. Learning Styles and Strategies for Management Students is a critical scholarly resource that provides essential research on the growing recognition of the critical role of education through concepts and principles of styles and strategies of learning. Additionally, it explores key developments in the methodologies, strategies, and learning styles of students, mainly in management studies. Featuring an array of topics such as digital education, sustainability, and management, this book is ideal for academicians, researchers, administrators, curriculum designers, policymakers, practitioners, and students.

Learning Styles and Strategies for Management Students

Author : Luísa Cagica Carvalho
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"This book explores emerging and innovative aspects of educational practices through concepts and principles of learning styles and strategies"--Provided by publisher"--

Style Differences in Cognition Learning and Management

Author : Stephen Rayner
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This book aims to mark fifteen years of contributions to the field of style research in cognition and learning presented at the annual conference of the European Learning Styles Information Network. The style field is a multidisciplinary, global community made up of researchers in several domains of knowledge including education, psychology, business, computer science, information systems, management, human resources and other related fields. The book will be relevant for readers who are interested in differences in thinking and learning, covering a wide range of style-related themes with appeal to readers seeking an international and interdisciplinary perspective. Interested practitioners will include professionals working in the areas of HR Management, Organizational Learning, Business Management and all phases of Education. The application of style differences, for example, impacts widely upon work and human performance in areas of policy-making, team-management and project development (sports, social agency, and medicine). New or alternative research paradigms facilitating revision and consensus in the field of style differences are presented. The aim of integrating research and practice is developed to achieve consensual theory for style differences in human performance. Style Differences in Performance is a timely and field-defining volume that will change the way academics and practitioners across international and disciplinary boundaries think and talk about the field of learning style and its implications for human achievement.

Applied Language Learning

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Multiculturalism and Learning Style

Author : Rita Dunn
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Students from diverse cultural groups can achieve academically if their learning style preferences are identified, validated, and responded to through compatible teaching and counseling interventions.

Practical Approaches to Using Learning Styles in Higher Education

Author : Shirley Griggs
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The first book that shows professors of higher education how to use learning-style approaches in their college classrooms.

Learning styles in education and training

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The application of learning styles theory and research continues to hold great promise for practitioners in both education and training as a potentially powerful mechanism for enabling pupils, students and trainees to better manage their own learning throughout their educational and working lives. The selection of papers from the 10th annual European Learning Styles Information Network conference (held in July 2005 at the School of Management, University of Surrey) presented here raise a number of pertinent issues which are significant in the on-going debate regarding the value of cognitive a.

Cultivating Learning within Projects

Author : A. Sense
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This book offers a fresh perspective on how to cultivate learning within a project environment. It provides a framework to facilitate project practitioners' systematic reflection on their learning activities and to help them build a project learning practice. Combining theory and data, it will appeal to a wide academic and practitioner audience.

Teaching Yourself To Teach

Author : Selena Watts
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A Teacher’s Guide to Inspire, Motivate, and Provide the Best Learning Experience For Your Students. Are you a teacher who struggles with classroom management and lesson planning? Alternatively, are you considering becoming a teacher and are looking to develop the essential teaching skills? A lot of teachers claim teaching is the most challenging, and at the same time, the most rewarding job in the world. Not many get the chance to shape young minds and influence people to achieve great things in life. Teachers do... but it’s a hard road to travel on. Most people don’t even realize the challenges teachers face every day. From lesson planning to dealing with problematic students and overbearing parents, teachers have to juggle various responsibilities all at once. The biggest one, of course, is providing the best possible learning experience for students. This particular task is extremely difficult--you have to be able to motivate and inspire a certain group of people every day while maintaining authority and making sure they understand the material. It’s no wonder then, that many teachers feel like they’ve given everything they have and struggle to keep their students interested. The education system doesn’t help much with this particular problem--most of the time, you simply get a curriculum and they send you on your own way. If you’re a freelance teacher, you don’t even get that. It’s a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this cold-hearted system is hindering education in general, and leaving teachers to their own means can backfire and have serious sociological consequences. But on the other hand, the system provides a crazy amount of freedom for teachers to do their own thing and be creative and versatile in their jobs. This, of course, puts an enormous amount of pressure on teachers, especially young, new teachers who are only starting to find their own teaching style. With the emergence of online classrooms and various virtual educational tools, teaching has become an art, and the teaching skills that were once valued before simply don’t compare in this new, digital world. Luckily, some of those skills are still considered essential and can be applied to both physical and virtual classrooms. In Teaching Yourself to Teach, you will discover: 8+ types of learners that will help you appraise your students and come up with the best teaching strategies for each one of them Blended learning techniques that allow you to incorporate digital tools in your real-life classrooms to enhance the learning experience A guidebook on classroom management, that will help even the most inexperienced teacher establish authority from the start Numerous tips and strategies for boosting motivation and inspiring students to excel in your class, even if you have some that are currently struggling Simple lesson planning instructions, carefully designed to make sure your classes are of the highest educational quality Tips on how to deal with problematic students and help them overcome their various learning issues And much more. Even if you’re an excellent teacher, adored by both students and parents, it never hurts to upgrade your skills to improve and enrich your teaching style. As a teacher, all you want is for your students to be passionate about learning and realize the potential you know they’re capable of reaching. If you want to develop crucial teaching skills and discover how to plan and execute the best classes possible, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

Resources in Education

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