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Learning to Teach Modern Languages in the Secondary School

Author : Norbert Pachler
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This book focuses on the key skills of teaching modern foreign languages. A practical focus is underpinned by theoretical perspective and account is taken of national statutory frameworks.

Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Author : Norbert Pachler
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Praise for previous editions:- ‘A wealth of theory, research, practical advice, case studies and tasks in one volume...Indispensable for both HEI tutors and mentors, and an important book to recommend to all MFL students.' – Language Learning Journal ‘Presenting clear, straightforward, factual information on all current issues facing MFL student teachers ... An excellent reference guide during the first years of teaching.' – Mentoring and Tutoring Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School has established itself as the leading textbook for student teachers of foreign languages in the UK and internationally. The practical focus is underpinned by a theoretical perspective and backed up by the latest research, encouraging you to develop a personal approach to foreign language teaching. This new, fourth edition, has been comprehensively updated to take account of recent policy and curriculum changes, and now covers a range of relevant statutory frameworks. Fully revised chapters cover the key knowledge and skills essential for becoming a foreign language teacher: What can we learn from research into language teaching and learning? Teaching methods and learning strategies Creating a meaningful learning environment Transition from Primary to Secondary The role of digital technologies Teaching in the target language Receptive skills and productive skills Teaching and learning grammar Planning and reflecting on classroom practice Pupil differences and differentiation Assessment for and of learning It includes many examples of how to analyse practice to ensure pupil learning is maximised, together with activities and tasks to support you as you analyse your own learning and performance. Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School provides practical help and support for many of the situations and potential challenges you are faced with in school. It is an essential purchase for every aspiring secondary foreign languages school teacher.

Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools

Author : Ann Swarbrick
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A companion to Aspects of Teaching Secondary Modern Foreign Languages, this book charts developments during the past few decades of reform in MFL teaching, considering the origins of these reforms and analysing their impact on the classroom. The reader is divided into four sections: 'Controversies and disagreements' is an overview of changes to MFL teaching and learning during the last thirty years; 'MFL, schools and society' looks at the role of MFL in a wider social and educational context; 'Developing strategy' looks at how more effective MFL teaching might be achieved; 'Research and the MFL teacher' looks at the implications for classroom practice of recent research into MFL teaching and Learning.

The Elements of Foreign Language Teaching

Author : Walter Grauberg
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This text presents an integrated description of learning and teaching foreign languages in general, and French and German in particular. Vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, speaking and writing are discussed with a threefold approach: through a linguistic description, an analysis of the learning process and many practical suggestions for teaching.

New Insights Into Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Kees Van Esch
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This book aims to offer insights into cognitive, sociocultural and pedagogical aspects of foreign language learning and teaching. It focuses on different competences, such as communicative competence, intercultural competence and the autonomy of the language learner. A significant feature of this volume is that it bears the fruit of collaboration between researchers and practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic and, therefore, offers a variety of perspectives. The book is divided into four parts, focusing on the following four areas of research: sociocultural theory, communicative language teaching, intercultural competence and learner autonomy. The first chapter of each part covers theoretical issues by outlining the origins and development of a theory and explaining its core concepts. In the second chapter, theoretical, empirical and applied research is reviewed, and the implications for foreign language learning and teaching are discussed. The third chapter of each part is devoted to the application of the theories in focus. It presents either an example of a research project or an application of the theory in terms of developing materials and/or giving suggestions for good practice in the foreign language classroom.

A Practical Guide to Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Author : Norbert Pachler
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This practical guide offers valuable support for student-teachers and teachers in their early professional development. Divided into three sections it covers: key pedagogical issues and planning developing key skills, knowledge and understanding broadening your perspective. Teaching is rapidly becoming a more research and evidence-informed profession and the materials in this book are specifically designed to support developments in the (pedagogical) knowledge base in teaching. The guide extends the popular Learning to Teach Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School by providing detailed examples of theory in practice. These examples are based on the up-to-date research and practice. In addition, they provide links to relevant sources supporting evidence-informed practice.

Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages

Author : Nicola McLelland
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Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages provides a comprehensive history of language teaching and learning in the UK from its earliest beginnings to the year 2000. McLelland offers the first history of the social context of foreign language education in Britain, as well as an overview of changing approaches, methods and techniques in language teaching and learning. The important impact of classroom-external factors on developments in language teaching and learning is also taken into account, particularly regarding the policies and public examination requirements of the 20th century. Beginning with a chronological overview of language teaching and learning in Britain, McLelland explores which languages were learned when, why and by whom, before examining the social history of language teaching and learning in greater detail, addressing topics including the status that language learning and teaching have held in society. McLelland also provides a history of how languages have been taught, contrasting historical developments with current orthodoxies of language teaching. Experiences outside school are discussed with reference to examples from adult education, teach-yourself courses and military language learning. Providing an accessible, authoritative history of language education in Britain, Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages will appeal to academics and postgraduate students engaged in the history of education and language learning across the world. The book will also be of interest to teacher educators, trainee and practising teachers, policymakers and curriculum developers.

Issues in Modern Foreign Languages Teaching

Author : K. Field
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Issues in Modern Foreign Languages Teaching draws together a range of issues in the teaching of modern foreign languages into one volume that will encourage students and newly qualified teachers to consider and reflect on the issues so that they can make a reasoned and informed judgement about their teaching of MFL. It will be relevant for students and newly qualified teachers at both primary and secondary level and will fill a gap in their knowledge due to time constraints - and an emphasis on standards - on ITT and PGCE courses.

The Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary School

Author : Patricia Driscoll
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It has been argued for some time that to improve language learning in Britain we need to start earlier, as many other European countries do. This book is addressed to policy makers and teachers who are considering the possibility of getting involved in the teaching of MFL in the primary school.

Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning

Author : Elke Schneider
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Offering strategies and techniques for teaching modern foreign languages - an often severely challenging subject for pupils with dyslexia - this book is specifically designed to meet the needs of the busy subject specialist teacher looking for guidance on supporting pupils. The book examines alternative approaches to teaching modern languages and introduces useful teaching materials and software. A list of references to resources and organizations offer the reader further assistance. While the book focuses on foreign language learning and teaching at the secondary level, ideas are provided on how to adapt the strategies for both younger and older foreign language learners with dyslexia. The book can be used effectively as a professional text for in-service and pre-service foreign language teachers as well as support staff.

Learning to Teach Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Author : Norbert Pachler
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Designed as a text to support student teachers in training, this book focuses on the key skills of teaching modern foreign languages. The practical focus of the book is underpinned by a theoretical perspective including ample opportunities for reflection. Account is taken of national statutory frameworks. The book aims to assist student teachers in developing a personal approach to modern foreign languages teaching and to choose the most effective and appropriate methods to help pupils gain relevant knowledge, skills and understanding. For mentors and tutors working with student teachers this book provides an overview of the areas covered by student teachers during their course of initial teacher education. Chapters cover, for instance: the teaching of grammar and cultural awareness assessment the use of the target language for instruction and interaction the use of new technologies in the classroom. Examples are given in French, German and Spanish, but most are transferable to other languages.

A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Author : Norbert Pachler
File Size : 89.59 MB
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How can you effectively motivate young people to engage with foreign language learning? How can young people engage with new ideas and cultural experiences within and outside the classroom? The new edition of A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School offers straightforward advice and inspiration for training teachers, NQTs and teachers in their early professional development. Written by a team of expert professionals, it offers a wide range of strategies for successful teaching in the languages classroom. Key topics covered include: Helping pupils develop better listening skills Effective speaking activities Choosing the best texts and technology for reading skills Teaching grammar Internet tools and services for teaching and learning Integrating formative assessment The intercultural dimension of language teaching Collaborating with primary schools and successful transition Teaching Arabic and Mandarin Working with TAs and FLAs Classroom research and reflective practice This fully revised and updated second edition includes new chapters on homework, motivation and less widely taught languages, while the core sections on reading and writing, planning, and culture and diversity have been significantly updated to reflect important changes in research, practice and policy. A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School extends the popular Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School by providing detailed examples of theory in practice, based on the most up-to-date research and practice, as well as links to relevant sources supporting evidence-informed practice. It is an essential compendium of support and ideas for all those embarking upon their first steps in a successful career in teaching foreign languages.

Teaching and learning Language and culture

Author : Michael Byram
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Offers some theoretical innovations in teaching foreign languages and reports how they have been applied to curriculum development and experimental courses at the upper secondary and college levels. Approaches language learning as comprising several dimensions, including grammatical competence, change in attitudes, learning about another culture, and reflecting on one's own. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Teaching Modern Languages to Young Learners

Author : Marianne Nikolov
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This book is targeted at modern languages teachers of primary school children and focuses on curricula and syllabi, as well as on teaching materials and methodology. The papers look into issues related to both pre- and in-service teacher education, innovative curriculum and syllabus design in tertiary education and lower primary schools, and how new ideas can be implemented at national and classroom levels. The first six papers focus on teacher education curricula and teacher development in pre-service and in-service programs, whereas the last four papers examine curricula, teaching materials and projects in primary schools.--Publisher's description.

Success Stories from Secondary Foreign Languages Classrooms

Author : Colin Christie
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With the benefits of the university contribution to initial teacher education in the spotlight, this book illustrates what successful university-school partnerships can offer. The six case studies describe best practice from across London ITE partnerships, where a strong theoretical framework underpins languages learning in secondary school. Against the backdrop of ever-changing policy and ever-evolving theory, this book highlights practical approaches that will keep students learning languages after the age of 14.

Independent Thinking on MFL

Author : Crista Hazell
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Crista Hazell's Independent Thinking on MFL: How to make modern foreign language teaching exciting, inclusive and relevant takes teachers on a tour of how to get the teaching of a new language right. Foreword by Ian Gilbert. Learning a new language has the power to transform a life, as well as help break down the barriers that seem to be re-emerging between nations, cultures and people. In the UK, MFL teaching has always had to battle with the 'everyone speaks English' argument, not to mention that, for so many, all that remains of their years learning a foreign language is bitte, por favor or s'il vous plait. But with teachers like Independent Thinking Associate Crista Hazell at the front of the class, things can be very different. Drawing on her many years of experience as an MFL teacher and head of department, Crista shares tips, techniques and inspirational ideas geared to help teachers build confidence, increase enjoyment and improve outcomes as they take their MFL teaching to a whole new level. Crista provides a range of strategies from how to hook students in the minute they enter the classroom to ensuring that the vocabulary sticks designed to help learners develop confidence, take risks and enjoy the challenge that learning a new language brings. She also offers ideas and advice on how to make learning new vocabulary and grammar a great deal more effective and empowers teachers to open up the benefits and enjoyment of learning a language to all students, not just those in the top sets. Ultimately, however, her book sets out to help teachers create engaging, relevant and memorable learning experiences in the MFL classroom and encourage their learners to become lifelong and passionate linguists. For MFL teachers and heads of languages departments in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

Foreign Language Education in America

Author : Steven Berbeco
File Size : 72.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Foreign language teaching in America today falls into three distinct fields of influence and interest: public and private schools, college and other post-secondary programs, and courses for adult learners. At a time when academics and instructors in each of these fields seek to answer similar questions, too few published resources recognize and address the parallels among them. In response, Foreign Language Education in America is an edited book with contributions that represent the diversity in foreign language education today, including perspectives from elementary, middle schools, high schools, university-level courses, summer programs, federal government, and international learning. This is a practical guide to the state of the field that fills a much-needed gap for scholars, researchers, administrators, and practitioners who are looking for a resource that describes effective practices across the field.

Improving Foreign Language Teaching

Author : Ernesto Macaro
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Improving Foreign Language Teaching provides teachers and teacher trainers with a research-based structure for the effective teaching and assessment of second languages. As well as outlining a model for teacher development, the book identifies and exemplifies eight key principles for effective language learning, which can be used to guide curriculum design and decisions about classroom pedagogy. Improving Foreign Language Teaching also presents practical activities, related materials, and guidance on how student progress can be monitored and recorded. Based on the research of the authors and other international experts, together with the work of a consortium established by the authors and teachers in a range of secondary schools, the book focusses on the development of language skills and communicative competence. It also proposes an assessment system which better reflects how learners progress in language learning than current models. Taking as its starting point the challenge of a curriculum in flux and complex pedagogical approaches, this book offers clear research-informed guidance for effective planning, teaching and learning. It will be essential reading for all those concerned with the improvement of language learning and teaching in the secondary classroom.

Modern Foreign Languages 5 11

Author : Jane Jones
File Size : 87.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Foreign language teaching is a flourishing area of the primary curriculum and can offer many valuable, enriching and enjoyable learning experiences for children. Written to support busy schools and teachers in planning, teaching and delivering the new primary MFL entitlement for all KS2 pupils, this book brings together a wide range of key pedagogical issues into one user-friendly handbook: teaching approaches and resource ideas using new technologies getting assessment right progressing to the secondary school. Providing snapshots of good practice as well as a bank of practical ideas to help integrate foreign language teaching into the curriculum, this book will be key reading for all current and trainee teachers involved in the successful implementation of primary MFL.

Cultural Studies in Foreign Language Education

Author : Michael Byram
File Size : 39.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written by the winner of the 1987 BAAL book prize, this book deals with the acquisition of understanding of foreign cultures and peoples. It is also a study of the philosophy and purpose of language teaching in all its facets, in the context of foreign language teaching in secondary education. The book is written for language teachers and, though it draws on disciplines not usually included in their education and professional training, it does so from within the profession's own perspective. It is an attempt to raise teachers' and learners' awareness of the full educational value of foreign language learning