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Legacy of Blood

Author : Jim Harper
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Combining in-depth analysis with over 200 film reviews, 'Legacy of Blood' is a comprehensive examination of the slasher movie and its conventions to date, from 'Halloweeen' to 'Scream' and beyond.

Diablo Legacy of Blood

Author : Richard A. Knaak
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In a novel based on the popular computer game, Norrec Vizharan stumbles upon the ancient armor of Bartuc, the legendary Warlord of Blood, a cursed artifact that draws Norrect into a tortured struggle against his own bloodthirsty desires as he searches for the truth about the terrifying curse before he is lost to the darkness forever or falls into the hands of the evil demons pursuing him. Original. (A Blizzard Entertainment M-rated electronic game) (Horror)


Author : Anthony Mascarenhas
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The Medical Legacy of Moses Maimonides

Author : Fred Rosner
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Textbook of Post ICU Medicine The Legacy of Critical Care

Author : Robert D. Stevens
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Surviving critical illness is not always the happy ending we imagine for patients. Many ICU survivors suffer from a range of long-lasting physical and psychological issues such end stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, cognitive impairment, neuromuscular weakness, and depression or anxiety, which affect their overall quality of life and ability to lead productive lives. This lingering burden or 'legacy' of critical illness is now recognized as a major public health issue, with major efforts underway to understand how it can be prevented, mitigated, or treated. The Textbook of Post-ICU Medicine: The Legacy of Critical Care discusses the science of the recovery process and the innovative treatment regimens which are helping ICU survivors regain function as they heal following trauma or disease. Describing the major clinical syndromes affecting ICU survivors, the book delineates established or postulated biological mechanisms of the post-acute recovery process, and discusses strategies for treatment and rehabilitation to promote recovery in the ICU and in the long term. The chapters are written by an interdisciplinary panel of leading clinicians and researchers working in the field. The book serves as a unique reference for general practitioners, internists and nurses caring for long term ICU survivors as well as specialists in intensive care medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and rehabilitation medicine.

A Legacy of Historical Gleanings

Author :
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Legacy of Suspicion

Author : Molly Grover Shallow
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The Drug Abuse Commission in Washington suspected an art supply dealer, Peter Munroe, of drug sales in a university art department . When agent Doug Chase checks up on Munroe at his home, the elderly dealer commits suicide. The Commission investigates but remains baffled, instructing Chase to mark the case Open but Inactive. In June 1944 a Resistance Army was operating in the Vercors mountain region of eastern France. The OSS parachuted a US Ranger-trained liaison agent, Paul Martin, there instead of the locally requested arms and supplies. Martin had some adventures and fell in love with a local partisan, Odile. Martin was captured by the Germans, severely questioned and sent to prison camp in July 1944. It was possible for him to reveal information during questioning to protect Odile, pregnant with his child. He was never known to have returned to the Vercors. In the Spring of the present time, Chase meets Odiles grand-daughter Paulette at a French Embassy party in Washington. They are deeply attracted and she shows him her grandmothers war memorabilia. The agent dimly recognises a man in her newspaper photograph, checks it with Commission facilities, and finds that her grandfather, Paul Martin, may have been Peter Munroe. During summer vacation, Chase and Paulette visit the Vercors after her grandmothers death where he verifies his suspicion without revealing Peter Munroes identity. No one can be certain of Paul Martins revelation to his German captors of a hospital cave because there was an unidentified informer. The case of Peter Munroe is marked Closed. Chase finds undeveloped roots in himself.

Extremely Violent Societies

Author : Christian Gerlach
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In this groundbreaking book Christian Gerlach traces the social roots of the extraordinary processes of human destruction involved in mass violence throughout the twentieth century. He argues that terms such as 'genocide' and 'ethnic cleansing' are too narrow to explain the diverse motives and interests that cause violence to spread in varying forms and intensities. From killings and expulsions to enforced hunger, collective rape, strategic bombing, forced labour and imprisonment he explores what happened before, during, and after periods of widespread bloodshed in countries such as Armenia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nazi-occupied Greece and in anti-guerilla wars worldwide in order to highlight the crucial role of socio-economic pressures in the generation of group conflicts. By focussing on why so many different people participated in or supported mass violence, and why different groups were victimized, he offers us a new way of understanding one of the most disturbing phenomena of our times.

Criminology Civilisation and the New World Order

Author : Wayne Morrison
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In this self-reflective era, accounts of criminology's history as a state- and science-dependent discipline are in the ascendant. But how many address the torque of criminology towards colonialist thought and practice or the relation between criminology and genocide? These are two of the central themes in this study.

Essentials of Blood Product Management in Anesthesia Practice

Author : Corey S. Scher
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This comprehensive book is written to inform and improve outcomes of patients in need of blood management during surgical procedures. Information is presented in an accessible format, allowing for immediate use in clinical practice. Beginning with an overview of the history of blood transfusions, early chapters present the foundational information needed to comprehend information in later chapters. Nuanced procedures, drugs, and techniques are covered, including new biologicals to assist clotting and blood substitutes. Further discussions focus on potential complications seen in blood transfusions, such as diseases of the coagulation system, pathogen transmissions, and acute lung injuries. Chapters also examine the complexities of treating specific demographics, of which include the geriatric patient and patients suffering from substance abuse. Essentials of Blood Product Management in Anesthesia Practice is an invaluable guide for anesthesiologists, surgeons, trauma physicians, and solid organ transplant providers.