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Legally Innocent

Author : Maurice Gittens
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Jayson and Dave employed tactical assassin styled moves, and committed murder to remove the potential of threat from their turf. In this game, however, what goes around can come around. Jay soon found himself in an interesting twist resulting in his brief incarceration for a murder that due to the absence of a self-defense provision in the state law, he could not be convicted as charged under the law in effect. Accordingly, by arrangements in place between the U.S. Attorney's office, and the office of the district attorney, conviction was guaranteed at the federal level, and the case was moved on the basis of federal offense committed by Jayson at the time he had to defend himself from deadly force.

Baptism in its Mode and Subjects considered and the arguments of Mr Ewing Dr Wardlaw refuted

Author : Alexander CARSON
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Baptism in Its Mode and Subjects

Author : Rev. Alexander Carson
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United States Congressional Serial Set

Author :
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Terrorist Death Penalty Enhancement Act of 2005 and the Streamlined Procedures Act of 2005

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security
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Criminal Procedure

Author : Jens David Ohlin
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Criminal Procedure: Doctrine, Application, and Practice by Jens David Ohlin is designed to respond to the changing nature of teaching law by offering a flexible approach with an emphasis on application. Each chapter focuses on Supreme Court cases that articulate the constitutional requirements, while call-out boxes outline statutes or state constitutional law provisions that impose more stringent rules. Short problem cases, also in boxes, ask students to apply these principles to new fact patterns. Each chapter ends with a Practice and Policy section that delves deeper into the conceptual and practical obstacles to the realization of procedural rights in the daily practice of criminal law. The result is a modular format, presented in a lively visual style, which recognizes and supports the diverse pedagogical approaches by today’s leading criminal procedure professors. Professors and students will benefit from: A mixture of classic and new Supreme Court cases on criminal procedure Call-out boxes that outline statutory requirements Call-out boxes that focus on more demanding state law rules Problem cases that require students to apply the law to new facts A Practice and Policy section which allows a deeper investigation of doctrinal and policy controversies, but whose placement at the end of each chapter maximizes instructors’ freedom to focus on the materials that most interest them Notes and questions, inviting closer examination of doctrine and generate class discussion Innovative pedagogy, emphasizing application of law to facts (while still retaining enough flexibility so as to be useful for a variety of professors with different teaching styles) Logical organization and manageable length Open, two-color design with appealing visual elements (including carefully-selected photographs)

The General Principles of the Law of Evidence

Author : Frank Sumner Rice
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Commentaries on the Criminal Law

Author : Joel Prentiss Bishop
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University of Pennsylvania Law Review

Author :
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Being analytically described in its chief respects and principal truths in the order of this analysis fully stated with a detail of man s spiritual nature and chief relations

Author : John Richard Pickmere
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The Bill of Rights and American Legal History Criminal procedure 4 v

Author : Paul L. Murphy
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Common Sense and the Fifth Amendment

Author : Sidney Hook
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Prison Legal News

Author :
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Readings in Criminal Justice

Author : Jack Donald Foster
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Criminal Policy Making

Author : Andrew Rutherford
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This volume presents a wide-ranging collection of critical essays which address aspects of criminal policy. A central purpose is to illuminate those processes which determine the shape and direction of criminal policy within liberal and democratic states.

Criminal Justice

Author : George F. Cole
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Legal Reasoning and Briefing

Author : Jesse Franklin Brumbaugh
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Constitutional Interpretation

Author : Craig R. Ducat
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One of the best-known, most comprehensive and widely read Constitutional Law textbooks published, CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATION is consistently updated to reflect current issues and cases relevant to students. Offering a good balance between textual explanation and edited Court cases written in clear, concise language, the text remains the standard text for students and instructors alike.

Loyola of Los Angeles law review

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The National Journal of Criminal Defense

Author :
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