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Lehrter Station

Author : David Downing
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Caught between Soviets and Americans, John Russell can't escape his role as an accidental spy Book 5 in the John Russell historical thriller series. It’s 1945, and British journalist John Russell has finally reunited with his German girlfriend, Effi, in London after a dangerous flight from war-torn Berlin. But Russell realizes his new life in England isn’t going to last when he is tracked down by Soviet agent Shchepkin, who helped Russell escape the disastrous last days of the war and the Russian army’s destruction of Berlin. It is time to repay the debt, and Shchepkin’s bosses in Moscow are not the forgiving types. Russell has no choice but to agree to be transferred back to Germany, where he will resume his cover as an investigative journalist and hand over US intelligence reports on the German Communist Party. Meanwhile, Effi struggles to revive her acting career, but she cannot fight the desire to uncover ex-Nazi Party members still at large in Berlin. In this dangerous new world, where alliances change every day, will John and Effi be able to leave the past behind? Or are the new enemies the same as the old?

Berlin The Symphony Continues

Author : Carol Anne Costabile-Heming
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The sudden fall of the Berlin Wall is one of the defining images of the late twentieth century. The subsequent unification of Germany and the decision to return Berlin to its status as capital has made the constant changes within the city a matter of public interest. It also offered Berlin the opportunity to create a new image for itself, one that can serve as a counterbalance to the politically charged recent history of Berlin as the capital of Nazi Germany and former East Berlin as the capital of the German Democratic Republic. Poised between capitalist Western Europe and the former communist powers in Eastern Europe, Berlin occupies a fascinating geopolitical space. This anthology presents a unique glimpse into the various constituencies that make up Berlin and that impact the city's challenges and promises.

The cathedral of the winged wheel and the sugarbeet station

Author : Richard Deiss
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This book contains anecdotes, trivia and interesting facts on 222 railway stations in Europe, from Amsterdam to Ankara and Lisbon to Helsinki. Das Bahnhofsbuch in englischer Sprache enthält Anekdoten und interessante Fakten zu 222 Bahnhöfen in Europa.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal Systems

Author : Basant Agrawal
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Solar photovoltaics is one of the most promising renewable energy technologies, producing electricity on site directly from the solar radiation without harming the environment and depletion of materials. The Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) system is a technology which merges PV and thermal systems, simultaneously providing both electric and thermal energy. Through this combination more energy is generated per unit surface area in comparison to the standalone photovoltaics system. Benefits of the BIPVT system include significantly increased electrical performance, faster payback than traditional systems, negligible impact on the environment and the product is easier and less expensive to install with low maintenance required. This book describes the recent developments in PV technologies, solar radiation available on the earth, various BIPVT systems and their applications, energy and exergy analysis, carbondioxide migration and credit earned, life cycle cost analysis and life cycle conversion efficiency. Presently there is no single book which covers all the basic and the advanced concepts related to the implementation of solar energy for the passive heating and cooling of the building. In addition to the basic concepts, the book includes the technology advances, modelling and analysis and ongoing research in the area of BIPVT. Key features of book include: -Solar heating and cooling concepts -Thermal comfort -Performance analysis of BIPVT system -Worldwide case studies -Energy payback period -Techno-economics and sustainability of the system The book, written by experts in the field with years of research and teaching, is intended for the specialists, scientists and people involved in research in the disciplines of renewable energy, energy studies, building energy or carbon credit. For the practicing professional, advanced senior or graduate student with work experience, the book should be used as part of an integrative program enabling them to make deep linkages and thus better decisions in the professional world.

The Surreal Reich

Author : Joseph Howard Tyson
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The Third Reich proves Lord Byron's maxim that truth is stranger than fiction. Hitler's mania made the Reich surreal. This book documents his neuroses, charisma, ruthlessness, and "storybook" rise to power. It's alarming that an astute psychopath with acting ability became an absolute dictator in a modern European state. German political naivety contributed to his miraculous ascent. During election campaigns between 1927 and 1933 Hitler posed as an anti-Communist savior, while concealing his real agenda of war, genocide, and quack "eugenics." The Surreal Reich closely examines all leading Nazis. It shows how Hitler had different sets of favorites at various times. Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, and Ernst Rohm in the early years; Hermann Goering and Josef Goebbels through the middle period, then Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann from 1939 to 1945. Nazism's heyday occurred during an era of supposed progress. Yet escalating war casualties in that "enlightened age" tell a different story. 620,000 people died in America's Civil War, only 5% of them civilians. World War I caused approximately 16 million fatalities. Most of the 5 million non-combatants succumbed from starvation or Spanish Influenza. World War II resulted in 60 million deaths, 52% of them civilians. One warped "idealist" sparked that fruitless orgy of destruction: Adolf Hitler.

The City and the Railway in the World from the Nineteenth Century to the Present

Author : Ralf Roth
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This volume explores the relationship between cities and railways over three centuries. Despite their nearly 200-year existence, The City and the Railway in the World shows that urban railways are still politically and historically important to the modern world. Since its inception, cities have played a significant role in the railway system; cities were among the main reasons for building such efficient but lavish and costly modes of transport for persons, goods, and information. They also influenced the technological appearance of railways as these have had to meet particular demands for transport in urban areas. In 25 essays, this volume demonstrates that the relationship between the city and the railway is one of the most publicly debated themes in the context of daily lives in growing urban settings, as well as in the second urbanisation of the global South with migration from rural to urban landscapes. The volume’s broad geographical range includes discussions of railway networks, railway stations, and urban rails in countries such as India, Japan, England, Belgium, Romania, Nigeria, the USA, and Mexico. The City and the Railway in the World will be a useful tool for scholars interested in the history of transport, travel, and urban change.

Bothe Richter Teherani

Author : Klaus-Dieter Weiss
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Impressive in size, emotional and visual impact, the buildings of Hamburg-based architects Bothe Richter Teherani are also remarkable for their attention to finishing detail, functionality and financial accountability, and have won international recognition. BRT s style is provocative and controversial; it took the city of Cologne 10 years to come to terms with their glass crane structures, predestined to become the heart of the Rhine and Ruhr valleys, and BRT s project to build Europe s highest building in the waters of Hamburg harbour is the subject of heated discussion. BRT s labyrinthine yet systematic concepts to maximize space in office buildings, the futuristic connotations of space shuttles and zeppelins, and their treatment of urban and public spaces are documented in this volume. The accompanying essays and text contributions investigate the aims of the architects, somewhere between pragmatism and vision, between fine detail and the greater complexity of urban life.

Escaping Hitler s Bunker

Author : Sjoerd J de Boer
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As the Soviet troops fought their way ever closer to the Reich Chancellery in the final days of the Third Reich, deep underground in Hitler’s bunker fateful decisions were being made. Hitler and some of those closest to him resolved to commit suicide, whilst others sought to try and escape. But who did manage to slip past the Russian soldiers and reach freedom? How did they escape, and what routes did they take through the ruined streets of Berlin? Equally, what became of those who escaped, where did they go, and what happened to those who did not get away? All of these questions are answered in this book. Following years of research in Berlin, the author has been able to identify the various groups and individuals that left the bunker and has traced the paths taken by those who escaped and those that perished. The final days in Hitler’s bunker are revealed in atmospheric detail, as the Red Army closed in and the inevitable end loomed menacingly nearer with the passing of every hour. Many notable persons, such as Bormann, Speer, Göring and Hanna Reitsch, went to say a last farewell to the Führer, while others, such as Goebbels, prepared themselves for suicide rather than being taken prisoner by the Russians. By using detailed maps showing the escape routes, first-hand testimony from those who survived, photographs of the devastated German capital in 1945, as well as images of the various routes as they can be followed through Berlin today, the author explores the last moments of the Third Reich in startling clarity.

The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide

Author : David McCormack
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This highly detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for anyone considering visiting the site of Hitler's `Gotterdammerung' in April-May 1945. Using his in depth knowledge as a historian and battlefield guide, David McCormack vividly describes the apocalyptic struggle played out amongst the ruins of a once great city. The author's intimate knowledge of the ground ensures that the Wagnerian climax of the Third Reich is presented in a series of dramatic tableaux which capture the regime's final convulsive death throes. Prepare for a fascinating journey across the Berlin battlefield as it is today. The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part Two-The Battle of Berlin-is the essential guide to understanding both Hitler's downfall in Berlin and Stalin's greatest triumph.

Hitler s Pilot

Author : Hans Baur
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