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Lenin and his Rivals

Author : Donald W. Treadgold
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Originally published in 1955, this is an illuminating study of the political thought and action of the Russian intelligentsia, in the decade up to and including the Revolution of 1905-6. It is based on the writings, including those in the revolutionary press, by which the chief figures of the main opposition parties expressed their political theory, strategy and tactics and related them to the turbulent events of those years. It is also based on personal interviews with some of the survivors of these political struggles. The book is focused on the emergence, starting in 1889 of the major political parties in Russia and it tells of their efforts to form a common front against Tsarism in the revolution which they confidently expected in the early years of the century.

Lenin and His Rivals

Author : Donald W. Treadgold
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Lenin and His Rivals

Author : Donald W. Treadgold
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Lenin and the Russian Revolution

Author : Steve Phillips
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A study of Lenin and the Russian Revolution. It is designed to fulfil the AS and A Level specifications in place from September 2000. The AS section deals with narrative and explanation of the topic. There are extra notes, biography boxes and definitions in the margin, and summary boxes to help students assimilate the information. The A2 section reflects the different demands of the higher level examination by concentrating on analysis and historians' interpretations of the material covered in the AS section. There are practice questions and hints and tips on what makes a good answer.

Lenin and His Rivals the Struggle for Russia s Future 1898 1906 by Donald W Treadgold

Author : Donald Warren Treadgold
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Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State

Author : NA NA
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Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1870 - 1924) led the first successful revolt against market-based liberal democracy and founded the Soviet State in 1917, serving as the new nation s chief architect and sole ruler for the next five years. This collection of primary sources allows readers to learn about Lenin through his own words and emphasizes Lenin s actions rather than his ideology. Jeffrey Brooks and Georgiy Chernyavskiy have translated newly available documents that make it possible to provide a more accurate portrait of a ruthless political strategist whose actions created a new political, economic, social, and cultural system that in its heyday challenged the military, technological, and cultural might of the United States. Document headnotes, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography offer additional pedagogical support and encourage students to analyze the actions and beliefs of a man who transformed world history and whose legacy continues to affect social and political movements throughout the world.

Revolution and Culture

Author : Zenovia A. Sochor
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Zenovia A. Sochor here assesses one of the most important debates within the Bolshevik leadership during the early years of Soviet power-that between A. A. Bogdanov and V. I. Lenin. Once comrades-in-arms, Bogdanov and Lenin became political rivals prior to the October Revolution. Their disagreements over political and cultural issues led to a split in the Bolshevik Party, with Bogdanov spearheading the party's left-wing faction and attracting a following of notable intellectuals. Before Lenin died in 1924, however, he had succeeded in shaping Soviet society according to his own vision, and today Bolshevism is commonly identified with Leninism while Bogdanovism is little known. Sochor provides the first full exposition in English of Bogdanov's views, which, she asserts, must be understood to appreciate the choices available and the paths not taken during the formative years of the Soviet regime.

The Non geometric Lenin

Author : Ralph Carter Elwood
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This collection of eleven essays deals with Lenin’s life in western European emigration in the years before the First World War. The first five essays explore Lenin’s efforts to build a purely Bolshevik Party through the creation of a unique school for underground workers outside of Paris, his schismatic machinations in calling the 1912 Prague Conference, his problematic relations with the new Bolshevik daily ‘Pravda’, his unsuccessful attempt to call a party congress in 1914, and his defeat at the Brussels ‘Unity’ Conference summoned by the International Socialist Bureau on the eve of the war. These essays are based on a detailed reading of Western and Soviet sources, and they question the common assumption that Lenin was unquestioned inside his own faction and that pre-war Bolshevism was a monolithic entity well-prepared to seize power. The latter essays discuss Lenin’s curious friendship during the pre-war period with Roman Malinovsky, who turned out to be a police spy, and Inessa Armand, a Bolshevik feminist with whom he had a romantic relationship. They also investigate such mundane but little-studied topics as what he liked to eat in emigration, his annual habit of taking bourgeois vacations and his obsession with athletic pursuits. The picture which emerges from these studies is not of a single-minded, perfect leader solely devoted to carrying out revolution, but rather of a ‘non-geometric’ Lenin with very human foibles and weaknesses.

From Lenin To Khrushchev

Author : Hugh Seton-Watson
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This book is intended to be both less and more than a survey of communism in the world today or a history of communist movements. It focuses on the relationship of communist movements to social classes and to the internal balance of political power in their respective countries.


Author : Stefan T. Possony
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Originally published in the UK in 1966, this was the first biography of Lenin which tied together extensive material unearthed in WWII, and it illuminates the complex personality and explains the riddle of Lenin's seemingly impossible rise to power. Using primary sources such as previously inacessible documents from the German, Austrian and Japanese foreign offices, and the vast holdings of the Hoover Institution, the book cuts through many comtemporaneous myths in Communist sources. The volume is a landmark in the study of the birth of Soviet Communism and its revolutionary enterprise.