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Refugees and the Promise of Asylum in Postwar France 1945 1995

Author : Greg Burgess
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This book recounts France’s responses to refugees from the liberation of Paris in 1944 to the end of the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia in 1995. It questions whether France fulfilled the promise of asylum for those persecuted for the ‘cause of liberty’ made in its Constitution of 1946. Post-war development and the demand for immigrant workers were favourable to refugees from the Communist east, from Franco’s Spain, from Hungary after insurrection of 1956, and later from Latin America and Indochina. Asylum developed nationally in conjunction with international developments, the interventions of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the adoption of the 1951 Refugee Convention. Economic ruptures in the 1970s, however, and the appearance of refugees from Asia and Africa, led to the assertion of national priorities and brought about a sense of crisis, and questions about whether France could continue to fulfil its promise.

La France contemporaine

Author : William Edmiston
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Immerse yourself in modern France with Edmiston/Dumenil's LA FRANCE CONTEMPORAINE, 6th Edition. Providing up-to-date information on the political, social, technological, economic and rich cultural forces that affect this fascinating country and its people, the text will improve your understanding of the Francophone world -- and your communication in French. In addition, end-of-chapter comprehension and discussion activities and sample quizzes will help you master the material, maximize your course success and fully appreciate everything that makes France French. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Public Management of Society

Author : Ton van der Eyden
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CD-ROM contains two appendices: The relevance of history for contemporary French public management of society (I-XX centuries) -- Bibliography, public management of society.

The Conservative Human Rights Revolution

Author : Marco Duranti
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The European Court of Human Rights has long held unparalleled sway over questions of human rights violations across continental Europe, Britain, and beyond. Both its supporters and detractors accept the common view that the European human rights system was originally devised as a means of containing communism and fascism after World War II. In The Conservative Human Rights Revolution, Marco Duranti radically reinterprets the origins of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), arguing that conservatives conceived of the treaty not only as a Cold War measure, but also as a vehicle for pursuing a controversial domestic political agenda on either side of the Channel. Just as the Supreme Court of the United States had sought to overturn Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, a European Court of Human Rights was meant to constrain the ability of democratically elected governments to implement left-wing policies that British and French conservatives believed violated their basic liberties. Conservative human rights rhetoric, Duranti argues, evoked a romantic Christian vision of Europe. Rather than follow the model of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, conservatives such as Winston Churchill grounded their appeals for new human rights safeguards in the values of a bygone European civilization. All told, these efforts served as a basis for reconciliation between Germans and the "West," the exclusion of communists from the European project, and the denial of equal protection to colonized peoples. Illuminating the history of internationalism and international law, and elucidating Churchill's Europeanism and critical contribution to the genesis of the ECHR, this book revisits the ethical foundations of European integration across the first half of the twentieth century and offers a new perspective on the crisis in which the European Union finds itself today.

Verfassungsstrukturen Freiheits und Gleichheitsrechte in Europa seit 1789

Author : Diemut Majer
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The Uncertain Foundation

Author : A. Knapp
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France's liberation was expected to trigger a decisive break both with the Vichy régime and with the pre-war Third Republic. What happened was an untidy patchwork of unplanned continuities and false starts. This volume analyses the complex process of regime change, economic renewal, social transformation, and adjustment to a fast-evolving world.

Political Thought in France from the Revolution to the Fifth Republic

Author : Jacob Peter Mayer
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An Historical Introduction to Western Constitutional Law

Author : Caenegem, Raoul Charles Caenegem
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Professor van Caenegem's new book addresses fundamental questions of constitutional organization--democracy versus autocracy, unitary versus federal organization, pluralism versus intolerance--by analyzing different models of constitutional government through a historical perspective. The approach is chronological: constitutionalism is explained as the result of many centuries of trial and error through a narrative that begins in the early Middle Ages and concludes with contemporary debates, focusing on Europe, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

Revolutionary Constitutions

Author : Bruce Ackerman
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Offering insights into the origins, successes, and threats to revolutionary constitutionalism, Bruce Ackerman takes us to India, South Africa, Italy, France, Poland, Burma, Israel, Iran, and the U.S. and provides a blow-by-blow account of the tribulations that confronted popular movements in their insurgent campaigns for constitutional democracy.

The Changing French Political System

Author : Robert Elgie
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Examining the nature of the Fifth Republic after its first 42 years, this study looks at the challenges posed by new parties and new expressions of political mobilization. Entrenched policy routines are being undermined by the emergence of new actors and the failure of old paradigms.