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Oversight Hearings on American Secondary Education

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education
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The Stress Less Teacher Planner

Author : Scholastic Teacher's Friend
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A teacher planner based on self-care!

Stress in Teaching

Author : Raymond V. D'Arienzo
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Report of the Departmental Committee on the Pupil Teacher System

Author :
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Stress busting for Teachers

Author : Chris Kyriacou
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Drawing on his experience of research and many stress-busting workshops he has run for teachers, the author of this book explains the nature and source of stress, how to pre-empt stress, a range of direct action and palliative coping strategies and what successful schools do to minimize stress on their staff. It aims to be the key to defeating teacher stress.

Teaching and Stress

Author : Martin Cole
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Staying Mentally Healthy During Your Teaching Career

Author : Samuel Stones
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The mental health of teachers in school is just as important as the well-being of the pupils they support. Recent research reveals some alarming statistics, including that 74% of teachers are unable to relax and have a poor work-life balance. This book examines a range of relevant issues including workload, managing behaviour, developing resilience and managing professional relationships in order to address some of these concerns and provide comprehensive guidance and workable, evidence-informed strategies to support all those teaching in schools and colleges.

Teacher Well being

Author : Elizabeth Holmes
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Almost all teachers experience stress in their working lives. In this book, Elizabeth Holmes highlights the potential causes for stress, from day-to-day problems such as having a difficult class or the perpetual need to take work home, to underlying, long-term concerns about caree

Emerging thought and research on student teacher and administrator stress and coping

Author : Gordon S. Gates
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This collection of chapters presents research focused on emerging strategies, paradigms, and theories on the sources, experiences, and consequences of stress, coping, and prevention pertaining to students, teachers and administrators. Studies analyze data collected through action research, program evaluation, surveys, qualitative interviewing, auto ethnography, and mixed methods gathered from students and educators in the United States, Italy, Holland, Turkey, and Australia.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Educational and Psychological Perspectives on Stress in Students Teachers and Parents

Author : Beeman N. Phillips
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Job Burnout and Stress in Regular and Special Education Teachers

Author : Jeffrey Charles Raison
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Teaching Without Stress

Author : H. L. Gray
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Teacher Stress

Author : Dean Schwanke
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Stress Management for Teachers

Author : Elizabeth Hartney
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Teaching has long been recognised by researchers as one of the most stressful professions. However, only in recent years has the scale of occupational stress faced by teachers finally been addressed by government policy. In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Hartney provides readers with a basic understanding of stress, in the context of teaching in schools, and its effects on personal and professional well-being. Drawing on recent research into stress in teachers, the latest political changes affecting teachers, and stress management effectiveness, she suggests a wide range of strategies and an exhaustive and up-to-date list of resources to assist teachers and trainees in coping with all manners of stress, from stress in the classroom and the requirements of administration, to career development and coping with difficult people.

Coping with Stress in Teaching

Author : Joy N. Humphrey
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Teachers in Stress

Author : Amy Hittner
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Teacher Stress

Author : Marita Moll
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This bibliography contains 387 references on the subject of teacher stress appearing in sources between January 1977 and April 1982. The definition of stress was expanded to include items on burnout, alienation, morale, and job satisfaction to provide a more complete list of references on factors contributing to the problem of stress. The sources consulted in preparing this bibliography include: (1) Bibliographie du Quebec; (2) British Education Index; (3) Canadian Books in Print; (4) Canadian Education Index; (5) Current Index to Journals in Education; (6) Directory of Education Studies in Canada; (7) Educational Administration Abstracts; (8) Onteris (Ont. Ministry of Education); (9) Radar; (10) Resources in Education; and (11) Subject Guide to Books in Print. References include books, articles, and theses. (Author/JD)

The Meanings of Teaching

Author : Consortium for Cross-Cultural Research in Education
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Describes how secondary school teachers from nine countries have experienced several aspects of their professional lives.

Organizational Stress and Job Satisfaction of Public High School Teachers

Author : Lowell Wayne Price
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