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Lessons of the Masters

Author : George Steiner
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When we talk about education today, we tend to avoid the rhetoric of "mastery," with its erotic and inegalitarian overtones. But the charged personal encounter between master and disciple is precisely what interests George Steiner in this book, a sustained reflection on the infinitely complex and subtle interplay of power, trust, and passions in the most profound sorts of pedagogy. Based on Steiner's Norton Lectures on the art and lore of teaching, Lessons of the Masters evokes a host of exemplary figures, including Socrates and Plato, Jesus and his disciples, Virgil and Dante, Heloise and Abelard, Tycho Brahe and Johann Kepler, the Baal Shem Tov, Confucian and Buddhist sages, Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger, Nadia Boulanger, and Knute Rockne. Pivotal in the unfolding of Western culture are Socrates and Jesus, charismatic masters who left no written teachings, founded no schools. In the efforts of their disciples, in the passion narratives inspired by their deaths, Steiner sees the beginnings of the inward vocabulary, the encoded recognitions of much of our moral, philosophical, and theological idiom. He goes on to consider a diverse array of traditions and disciplines, recurring throughout to three underlying themes: the master's power to exploit his student's dependence and vulnerability; the complementary threat of subversion and betrayal of the mentor by his pupil; and the reciprocal exchange of trust and love, of learning and instruction between master and disciple. Forcefully written, passionately argued, Lessons of the Masters is itself a masterly testament to the high vocation and perilous risks undertaken by true teacher and learner alike.

Lessons with the Master

Author : Paul Walker
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A detailed and unique training resource, Lessons with the Master is a meticulous account of the teaching methods and lesson strategies of world-famous karate master Hirokazu Kanazawa, chief instructor and president of the Shotokan Karate International Federation of Japan. Author and karate instructor Paul Walker spent three years studying karate under the direct guidance of Master Kanazawa and his expert instructors and has now compiled his diary entries of those years into this easy-to-understand reference for all students and instructors of Shotokan karate. Lessons with the Master offers ideas, tips, and guidance on the use of authentic Shotokan karate-do to supplement and improve current training and drill-teaching. Using the database of lessons, the additional explanations on lesson components, and the many other instructional tips, students and coaches can design an endless number of coherent and effective workouts and incorporate them seamlessly into their regular karate training. Detailed lesson notes, a glossary, and Walker's engaging anecdotes make Lessons with the Master an indispensable resource for all karate practitioners.

Anatomy Lessons From the Great Masters

Author : Robert Beverly Hale
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This classic book, whose foremost author was one of the great artistic anatomy teachers of the twentieth century, is an invaluable instructor and reference guide for any professional, amateur, or student artist who depicts the human form. Revealing the drawing principles behind one hundred inspiring masterpieces, the book presents work by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rubens, Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, and other greats. These superb portrayers of figures knew that the secret of drawing them was seeing how underlying bone and muscle structures mold the body’s surface forms. Readers are shown how to learn from these great examples as the authors guide them through all the steps they would take in a life class or studio working with live models.

Didache Hora ah English Lessons of the Master for All the Tribes by the Twelve English Only

Author : Jackson Snyder
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DIDACHE! HORA'AH! Lessons of the Master for All the Tribes by the Twelve, a new Hebraic-English (only) translation of this classic ancient teaching utilizing True Names & Hebraic technical terms. Included are the last four chapters of the Epistle of Barnabas - the "the two roads" parallels. Topics include Rules for the Assembly, Successful engagement of Life's Road, Choosing Morim, Shlichim, and Neviim, Washings / Miqvot, the Todah Rabbah (Communion), the Sacrifices, Rules for Giving Money, Hospitality, Personal Conduct, and signs and wonders of the last days.

Lessons With Master Liang T ai Chi Philosophy and Life

Author : Ray Hayward
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A compilation of Master T.T. Liang's teachings on T'ai-Chi, plus articles and stories about Master Liang.

Zen Master Avatar Prem Anadi Bunny Rabbit The Third Gives Violin Lessons

Author : Zen Master Avatar Prem Anadi Bunny Rabbit the Third
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365 Chess Master Lessons

Author : Andrew Soltis
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Increase your chess knowledge within the year! In this book, Andrew Soltis analyzes 365 key chess games in an easy way for busy people. In this book, 365 of the most instructive short games of chess are analyzed, step by step, by well-respected author Andrew Soltis. Arranged as daily lessons, this book is perfect for chess players who would like to reach the next level of skill but can't devote hours and hours each day to study. Learn to feel confident with each tactic – each game features test-yourself quizzes (with answers at the back of the book) to help cement understanding, as well as chess diagrams for those who learn visually. Challenging tactics are revisited in later games to help you recognize when they occur and how chess masters use them to their full advantage. With this book, Andrew encourages you to learn to think like a chess master within the year. From Castling to Zugzwang, learn something new everyday!

Lessons from the Len Master

Author : Ron Zayas
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What is the secret to success? Why do some people find it and others search around in vain? While he has no magic bullet, Ron Zayas was fortunate enough to have an involved father who has provided a varied and rewarding set of advice throughout his life on everything from overcoming cliques at work, to being an ethical business leader, to negotiating deals that last, to spotting liars and disarming them. Using his years as a CEO, entrepreneur, and C-level officer at a large, global company, Ron wraps sage advice from his Cuban father in short, funny stories that anyone can relate to. Lessons from the Len Master is an entertaining, funny, and concise manual perfect for CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to reach goals or simply get more out of life.

Eight Master Lessons of Nature

Author : Gary Ferguson
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'A classic' - Sir Tim Smit, Co-founder of the Eden Project 'I saw truth, I saw beauty, I saw a better future in these pages.' - John Lewis-Stempel For too long we have set ourselves apart from nature, seeing ourselves as superior, removed, independent. But in doing so we have lost sight of all that the natural world can teach us. In Eight Master Lessons of Nature, Gary Ferguson reveals the wisdom of the natural world. By keenly observing and admiring wildlife and their surroundings, he shows us why sympathy is our greatest asset and crucial to our survival, that feminine rule is default in the natural world, and how even from the ashes of destruction, life is still able to thrive. Written in rich and nourishing prose, Ferguson gently dismantles the walls we have erected between ourselves and nature, showings us the wonder of our surroundings in all their splendour. Drawing on stories from art and science, flora and fauna, philosophy and history, he carefully unravels the dazzling web of connections that binds us to earth and the rich supply of wisdom that is stored here. The result is a powerful and timely reminder of our place in this world, our interdependence, and how much nature is able to teach, heal and ultimately restore us.

Cupbearer to Master Builder Leadership Lessons Inspired by Nehemiah

Author : Vinnie Venturella
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We can find excellent leadership lessons in a lot of places. One of the most interesting and instructive would be the study of Nehemiah. He is one of the great leaders in the Bible and is one of the great leaders in all of history. In this project, we will explore leadership lessons gleaned from his own personal journal and focus on the first seven chapters of the book that bears his name. Additionally, I will reference quotes and other scripture to reinforce the lesson. I summarize each chapter with Nehemiah’s “Master Builder Principles.” Nehemiah was a master builder. He built a wall around Jerusalem in just fifty-two days, when others apparently could not. He built the Jews’ confidence. He built progress. He built a strong and positive culture. He built relationships. He built his positive reputation. He built a phenomenal legacy. He built an example for all to emulate. I love the study of leadership, have been doing it for 33+ years, and expect to do it my whole life. Leadership fascinates me and the more I study it the more I validate how critical it is to teams, organizations, our nation, and our church. My life’s purpose is to Positively Influence Lives. This is done primarily through leadership. My measure of success with this project is expose readers to God’s Word, expose readers to some leadership lessons, and enable readers to build upon their leadership knowledge.