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Lexical Conflict

Author : Danko Šipka
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This work explores the lexical richness of over 100 world languages and proposes solutions for instances of imperfect equivalence between them.

The Language of Ethnic Conflict

Author : Irving L. Allen
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Available for the first time in English, this is the definitive account of the practice of sexual slavery the Japanese military perpetrated during World War II by the researcher principally responsible for exposing the Japanese government's responsibility for these atrocities. The large scale imprisonment and rape of thousands of women, who were euphemistically called "comfort women" by the Japanese military, first seized public attention in 1991 when three Korean women filed suit in a Toyko District Court stating that they had been forced into sexual servitude and demanding compensation. Since then the comfort stations and their significance have been the subject of ongoing debate and intense activism in Japan, much if it inspired by Yoshimi's investigations. How large a role did the military, and by extension the government, play in setting up and administering these camps? What type of compensation, if any, are the victimized women due? These issues figure prominently in the current Japanese focus on public memory and arguments about the teaching and writing of history and are central to efforts to transform Japanese ways of remembering the war. Yoshimi Yoshiaki provides a wealth of documentation and testimony to prove the existence of some 2,000 centers where as many as 200,000 Korean, Filipina, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Burmese, Dutch, Australian, and some Japanese women were restrained for months and forced to engage in sexual activity with Japanese military personnel. Many of the women were teenagers, some as young as fourteen. To date, the Japanese government has neither admitted responsibility for creating the comfort station system nor given compensation directly to former comfort women. This English edition updates the Japanese edition originally published in 1995 and includes introductions by both the author and the translator placing the story in context for American readers.

Lexical Layers of Identity

Author : Danko Šipka
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Provides a systematic approach to lexical indicators of cultural identity using the material of Slavic languages.

Conflict Antithesis and the Ancient Historian

Author : June W. Allison
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Language Across Languages

Author : Emanuele Miola
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The Building Blocks of Meaning

Author : Michele Prandi
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The shaping of complex meanings depends on punctual and relational coding and inferencing. Coding is viewed as a vector which can run either from expression to content or from concepts to (linguistic) forms to mark independent conceptual relations. While coding relies on systematic resources internal to language, inferencing essentially depends on a layered system of autonomous shared conceptual structures, which include both cognitive models and consistency criteria grounded in a natural ontology. Inference guided by coding is not a residual pragmatic device but it is a direct way to long-term conceptual structures that guide the connection of meanings. The interaction of linguistic forms and concepts is particularly clear in conceptual conflict where conflictual complex meanings provide insights into the roots of significance and the linguistic structure of metaphors. Complementing a formal analysis of linguistic structures with a substantive analysis of conceptual structures, a philosophical grammar provides insights from both formal and functional approaches toward a more profound understanding of how language works in constructing and communicating complex meanings. This monograph is ideally addressed to linguists, philosophers and psychologists interested in language as symbolic form and as an instrument of human action rooted in a complex conceptual and cognitive landscape.

The Morality of Conflict

Author : Samantha Besson
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The Morality of Conflict explores the relationship between the law and pervasive and persistent reasonable disagreement about justice. It reveals the central moral function and creative force of reasonable disagreement in and about the law and shows why and how lawyers and legal philosophers should take reasonable conflict more seriously. Even though the law should be regarded as the primary mode of settlement of our moral conflicts, it can, and should, also be the object and the forum of further moral conflicts. There is more to the rule of law than convergence and determinacy, and it is important therefore to question the importance of agreement in law and politics. By addressing in detail issues pertaining to the nature and sources of disagreement, this book suggests the value of a comprehensive approach to thinking about conflict, which until recently has been analyzed in a compartmentalized way. It aims to provide a fully-fledged political morality of conflict by drawing on the analysis of topical jurisprudential questions in the new light of disagreement.

A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Author : Frederick Startridge Ellis
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Corpus Processing for Lexical Acquisition

Author : Bran Boguraev
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The lexicon has emerged from the study of computational linguistics as a fundamental resource that enables a variety of linguistic processes to operate in the course of tasks ranging from language analysis and text processing to machine translation. Lexicon acquisition, therefore, plays an essential part in getting any natural language processing system to function in the real world. Computers that process natural language require a variety of lexical information in addition to what can be found in standard dictionaries. Moreover, machine-readable dictionaries of the conventional sort have been found to be inadequate for fully supporting realistic natural language processing tasks. This volume describes corpus processing techniques that can be used to extract the additional lexical information required. Bringing together a balanced blend of the theoretical and practical, the contributions provide the most recent look at lexical acquisition techniques and practices. These include coping with unknown lexicalizations, task-driven lexical induction, categorization of lexical units, lexical semantics from corpus analysis, and measuring lexical acquisition. The problems addressed reflect a host of topics including recognition of open compounds, incremental acquisition of meanings from sentence usages, recognition of new senses of existing words, sense disambiguation, recognition of specific classes of works, and recognition and annotation of patterns of word use, each of them important to the overall language analysis process, and each employing text analysis techniques in a useful and theoretically motivated way. Language, Speech, and Communication series

Lexical Selection in Ford Madox Ford s The Good Soldier

Author : C. Ruth Sabol
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Language Conflict and Minorities

Author : Peter H. Nelde
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A Semiotic Theory of Language

Author : Sebastian K. Šaumjan
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A cumulative tale relating how the king of Kennelwick castle receives a mysterious bundle from the Queen of Spain for his birthday present.

Papers from the Annual Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

Author : Chicago Linguistic Society. Regional Meeting
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Papers from the 23rd Annual Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

Author : Chicago Linguistic Society. Regional Meeting
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Directions in Indian Sociolinguistics

Author : R. S. Gupta
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Contributed seminar papers.

Concepts of Conflict War and Peace in the Malay Language

Author : Asmah Haji Omar
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Post conflict Peacebuilding

Author : Vincent Chetail
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This Lexicon clarifies and illuminates the multiple facets of post-conflict peacebuilding by presenting its major themes and trends from an analytical perspective. It features 26 essays on key elements, written by international experts. Reflecting a diversity of perspectives, it highlights the challenges associated with post-conflict peacebuilding.

Scientific American

Author :
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Papers from the Parasession on Lexical Semantics

Author : Chicago Linguistic Society
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Lexical Context Effects in Reading and Naming

Author : Wido La Heij
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