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Library Collection Development Policies

Author : Frank W. Hoffmann
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Offers a step-by-step guide for revising or writing a collection development policy for a school library or learning resource center, and examines both traditional and digital information, weeding, acceptable-use policies, and copyright issues.

Library Collection Development Policies

Author : Frank W. Hoffmann
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This book represents an ongoing effort to fill the void in the library literature relating to collection development policies. The authors, whose experience each spans four decades as library educators and practitioners, created the book-as well as a forthcoming companion volume devoted to school libraries-to assist both library school students and professionals in the field in the compilation, revision, and implementation of collection development policies. Cutting edge trends such as digital document delivery and library cooperation are also covered. Furthermore, given the premise that a well-rounded policy reflects all activities concerning the collection management process-including the evaluation, selection, acquisition, and weeding of information resources-it is hoped that this work will also prove useful to non-librarians possessing some kind of stake in high quality library holdings, such as library board members, politicians, and administrators directly responsible for library operations, and institutional patrons.

Collection Development Policies and Procedures

Author : Elizabeth Futas
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This volume will help you acquire and manage a strong collection for your library, even when budgets are being cut. Topics covered include purchasing materials, formulating selection criteria, sharing materials with other institutions, and evaluating and preserving materials. This edition by the late Elizabeth Futas begins with the results of the author's survey of academic and public libraries. The author then explains how a sharply focused and clearly articulated collections development policy can assist libraries in providing the best possible service in the most cost-effective manner. These and other ideas, practices, and policies in this new edition will allow libraries to continue meeting the needs of their particular constituents, even in uncertain economic times.

Collection Development Policies

Author : Daniel C. Mack
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Considering the amount and variety of topics being published, effectively organizing and guiding a library in today's accelerated world is no easy task.

Guide for Written Collection Policy Statements

Author : American Library Association. Subcommittee to Revise the Guide for Written Collection Policy Statements
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Explains the essential points of a collection policy statement, and prescribes language and measures for these policies

Collection Development in the Digital Age

Author : Maggie Fieldhouse
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This topical edited collection is cross-sectoral and international in scope, drawing together the perspectives of practitioners and academics at the forefront of modern collection development. They explore how practitioners can take an active role influencing strategy in this new environment, draw on case studies that illustrate the key changes in context, and consider how collection development might evolve in the future. The collection is divided into four sections looking at the key themes: • The conceptual framework including a review of the literature • Trends in library supply such as outsourcing and managing suppliers • Trends in electronic resources including the open access movement and e-books • Making and keeping your collection effectively including engaging with the user-community and developing commercial skills. Readership: LIS students and all practitioners involved in collection development and management in academic, school, public, commercial and other special libraries.

Library Collection Development for Professional Programs Trends and Best Practices

Author : Holder, Sara
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Collection development, the process used by librarians to choose items for a particular library or section of a library, can be time-consuming and difficult due to the many factors that must be taken into consideration. Library Collection Development for Professional Programs: Trends and Best Practices addresses the challenging task of collection development in modern academic libraries, which is largely learned on the job. This publication contains practical advice and innovative strategies essential for current collection development librarians and future librarians seeking guidance in this complex position.

Public Library Collection Development in the Information Age

Author : Annabel Stephens
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Public Library Collection Development in the Information Age discusses the increasing amounts of information that are used in collection development. Case studies, interviews, and research are the basis for this book's suggestions to improve your collection methods without straining your library's budget. It will help you acquire the most useful materials while sharing information with collaborating libraries to offer patrons the latest and largest variety of resources. Discussing a topic that is scarcely addressed in collection literature, this book explores ways in which one informational medium—the Internet—impacts materials budgets, selection tools, and alternative sources of information during the selection process. Offering methods that apply to libraries of different sizes and financial capability, Public Library Collection Development in the Information Age provides you with ideas and suggestions for the improvement of collection development methods, including: examining how libraries use information to plan and budget for collection development developing a budget method that takes several factors into consideration, such as population impact, property tax revenues, circulation, reference needs, and client needs centralizing selections in order to allocate additional staff time and to choose resources patrons want without sacrificing the utility of local collections building public library collections with the assistance of vendors and the five levels of vendor participation using the conspectus method to assess and organize the collections of small libraries for easier access researching three public libraries in the United Kingdom to determine how varying levels of automation affect patron resources and services To help you integrate the appropriate electronic resources into collection development policies and procedures, Public Library Collection Development in the Information Age discusses which formats, access methods, pricing schemes, and differences in scope will best meet your selection needs. Containing proven strategies that will target your collection priorities and criteria to evaluate the use and effectiveness of electronic resources, this book will help revise your collection development methods to satisfy the informational needs of patrons.

Library Collection Development Policy

Author : National Agricultural Library (U.S.)
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Library Collection Development Policies

Author : Richard John Wood
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This text aims to simplify the creation of a collection development policy. It covers all types and sizes of libraries and is a comprehensive, useful, and up-to-date guide available to librarians and library science students.

Library Collections Their Origin Selection and Development

Author : Richard K. Gardner
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Types of library materials: how they are produced and marketed. Creating library materials. Distributing library materials. Types of publishers. Nonprint and other specialized materials. Finding out about library materials. Reviews and reviewing. Aids to retrospective collection development. Building collections. Selection: theory and principles. Selection procedures. Weeding and storage. Collection development policies. Collection evaluation and standards. Resource sharing. Censorship.

Groves Public Library Collection Development Policies

Author : Groves Public Library
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The New York State Library Collection Development Policy 1980

Author : New York State Library
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Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections

Author : Vicki L. Gregory
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Packed with discussion questions, activities, suggested additional references, selected readings, and many other features that speak directly to students and library professionals, Gregory’s Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections is a comprehensive handbook that also shares myriad insightful ideas and approaches valuable to experienced practitioners. This new second edition brings an already stellar text fully up to date, presenting top-to-bottom coverage of the impact of new technologies and developments on the discipline, including discussion of e-books, open access, globalization, self-publishing, and other trends; needs assessment, policies, and selection sources and processes; budgeting and fiscal management; collection assessment and evaluation; weeding, with special attention paid to electronic materials; collaborative collection development and resource sharing; marketing and outreach; self-censorship as a component of intellectual freedom, professional ethics, and other legal issues; diversity and ADA issues; preservation; and the future of the field. Additional features include updated vendor lists, samples of a needs assessment report, a collection development policy, an approval plan, and an electronic materials license.

Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

Author : Peggy Johnson
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Addresses the art of controlling and updating your library's collection. Discussions of the importance and logistics of electronic resources are integrated throughout the book.

Collection Development Policy

Author : New South Wales. Department of Technical and Further Education. Library Services
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Collection Development Policy University of Detroit Libraries

Author : University of Detroit. Library
File Size : 85.62 MB
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Collection Development Policy for the University of Kansas Libraries

Author : University of Kansas. Libraries
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Columbia University Libraries

Author : Columbia University. Libraries
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Collection Development and Collection Evaluation

Author : Michael R. Gabriel
File Size : 88.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contains approximately 2,000 citations to books, periodical articles, theses, and scholarly papers in English. ...a comprehensive guide to literature...useful to all librarians interested in strengthening their collection development operation, policies and procedures. --PUBLIC LIBRARY QUARTERLY