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Lieutenant Kurosawa s Errand Boy

Author : Warran Kalasegaran
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Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016 Longlist During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, an eight-year-old Tamil boy is separated from his father, forced to work for the Kempeitai and renamed Nanban. From Lieutenant Kurosawa Takeshi, he learns their language and customs, studies their martial arts and prays to their Emperor. While watching the cruelty with which the Imperial Army rules Singapore, Nanban becomes just as ruthless to survive. Twenty years later, a young misfit strives to make a successful living as a seamstress. Papatti is swept up in her ambition, trying to drum up crowds and get featured in the national newspapers, when she meets a cunning politician and an eager dockworker who both try to win her attention. Then she is faced with a harrowing loss, and is forced to find her place in a new world. Over decades of tempestuous history, the lives of Nanban, Papatti and Lieutenant Kurosawa intertwine in surprising and powerful ways, and beg the question: how is reconciliation possible in the face of war and heartbreak?

Lieutenant Kurosawa s Errand Boy

Author : Warran Kalasegaran
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State of Emergency A Novel

Author : Jeremy Tiang
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Siew Li leaves her husband and children in Tiong Bahru to fight for freedom in the jungles of Malaya. Decades later, a Malaysian journalist returns to her homeland to uncover the truth of a massacre committed during the Emergency. And in Singapore, Siew Li's niece Stella finds herself accused of being a Marxist conspirator. Jeremy Tiang's debut novel dives into the tumultuous days of leftist movements and political detentions in Singapore and Malaysia. It follows an extended family from the 1940s to the present day as they navigate the choppy political currents of the region. What happens when the things that divide us also bind us together? Winner of Singapore Literature Prize 2018, Fiction Shortlisted for Singapore Book Awards 2018, Best Fiction Title Finalist for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016

Impractical Uses of Cake

Author : Yeoh Jo-Ann
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Winner of the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize Sukhin is a thirty-five-year-old teacher who lives alone. His life consists of reading, working and visiting his parents’ to rearrange his piles of “collectibles”. He has only one friend, another teacher who has managed to force Sukhin into a friendship by sheer doggedness. While on an errand one afternoon in Chinatown, he encounters a homeless person who recognises him. This chance reunion turns Sukhin’s well-planned life upside down, and the pair learns about love and sacrifice over their shared fondness for cake.

Misdirection Book One of The Savant Trilogy

Author : Ning Cai
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Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016 Longlist The first book in an exciting new YA mystery trilogy about a teenage savant on the trail of her family's killer, from the multi-talented Ning Cai, international magic celebrity and author. When parkour champion Maxine Schooling wakes from a three-year coma, she has no memory of how her parents and little brother were killed the night she was attacked. Using her new-found photographic memory, she covertly helps her hacker BFF with the police investigation of a savage serial killer on the loose. In her race to track down the Singapore Spectre, Max finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy involving stage illusions, a secret exposé, and a controversial megachurch headed by a powerful man. For over a decade, Ning Cai was known as a multi-award-winning stage illusionist and escape artist. After a brief period of retirement, she returned in 2017 as the mentalist Ning: Mind Magic Mistress. Her memoir Who is Magic Babe Ning? was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize.

The Movie That No One Saw

Author : May Seah
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Finalist for the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize Adjonis Keh (the “d” is silent) is a successful actor who apparently has everything: looks, adoration, a shelf filled with acting awards, and all the vanilla yogurt he can eat (thanks to a hefty endorsement deal). He also has a dark secret: he can’t act. So far, he has managed to fool the world with a clever little trick—until the day he meets an inquisitive young journalist whose unexpected friendship causes him to question everything in his life.

VideoHound s Golden Movie Retriever

Author : Jim Craddock
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Describes and rates more than twenty thousand videos, and provides indexes by theme, awards, actors, actresses, and directors.

The Overlook Film Encyclopedia

Author : Tom Milne
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Since the initial publication of the first three groundbreaking volumes -- Horror, Science Fiction, and The Western -- The Overlook Film Encyclopedia series has been deemed the most authoritative, stylish, and compulsively readable film reference series ever. In The Gangster Film, series editor Phil Hardy has created yet again a landmark in film reference. Included in this lavish volume are critical entries on more than 1,500 gangster films, complete with plot synapses and credits, and 650 black and white photographs to capture the look of this exciting genre. Arranged chronologically, The Gangster Film offers deliciously opinionated and detailed descriptions, statistical information, credits and trivia from early classics such as Public Enemy, Key Largo, Dragnet, and On the Waterfront to contemporary blockbusters such as The Grifters, Chinatown, The Godfather, and Pulp Fiction. Essential, authoritative, and entertaining, The Gangster Film is the guide for serious students of film, film buffs, and home viewers.

China Monthly Review

Author :
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Vol. 34 includes "Special tariff conference issue" Nov. 6, 1925.

The China Monthly Review

Author :
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Halliwell s Who s who in the Movies

Author : Leslie Halliwell
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Author : Phil Hardy
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