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O Winston Link

Author : Tony Reevy
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The renowned photographer’s stirring tribute to the last steam locomotive railway and the end of an American way of life. O. Winston Link photographed the Norfolk and Western, the last major steam railroad in the United States, when it was converting its operations from steam to diesel in the 1950s. Link’s N&W project captured the industry at a moment of transition, before the triumph of the automobile and the airplane that ended an era of passenger rail service. His work also revealed a small-town way of life that was about to experience seismic shifts and, in many cases, vanish completely. Including a collection of more than 180 of Link’s most famous works and rare images that have never before been published, O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line offers a moving account of the people and communities surrounding the last steam railroad.

Life Along the Opeongo Line

Author : Joan Finnigan
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Life Along the Apalachicola River

Author : Jim McClellan
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In the Apalachicola River Valley, outdoor adventure is a way of life. It's a culture of fishing, hunting and everything in between, but this culture is fading as overdevelopment upstream dries up the region's natural resources. These narratives are part of an effort to capture the memories and keep those traditions alive. The quirky stories include calling a gator to a creek bank, exploring the origin of "Polehenge" and understanding just what makes Catawba worms so special. Learn the basics of frog gigging and ponder how many fish make a "mess." Author and Florida native Jim McClellan revives local stories from the banks of the Big River and preserves the allure of this fading swamp paradise.

The Vermont Quebec Border

Author : Matthew Farfan
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The Vermont-Quebec Border: Life on the Line is a visual record of life in the villages, towns, and countryside in this unique and special part of the world. In recent years, issues relating to the border have been thrust to the forefront as never before. This is due not only to growing security concerns but also to an increasing scrutiny in the media of border issues and of how heightened security is impacting life in communities all along the border. The border has played an important role in the history and everyday lives of the people living along its length, both in Vermont and Quebec, and it will undoubtedly continue to shape these communities in the years to come.

Somewhere Along the Line

Author : Tommy Anthony
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Life Along the South Manchurian Railroad

Author : Ito Takeo
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As part of a worldwide movement, nations and multinational groups are trying to reach closure regarding past atrocites and inhumanites, including what happened in Nanking in 1937. The contributors to this book show that these activites are a search for the common causes of human atrocites.

Life along the Inner Coast

Author : Robert L. Lippson
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For decades, marine scientists Robert and Alice Jane Lippson have traveled the rivers, backwaters, sounds, bays, lagoons, and inlets stretching from the Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Keys aboard their trawler, Odyssey. The culmination of their leisurely journeys, Life along the Inner Coast is a guide to the plants, animals, and habitats found in one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. It is a valuable resource for naturalists, students, and anyone who lives or vacations along the Atlantic inner coast. Southern Gateways Guide is a registered trademark of the University of North Carolina Press

Along Lost Lines

Author : Paul Atterbury
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Rich in romance and nostalgia, this book takes the reader on an odyssey around Britain in pursuit of the lost railways. It focuses on the 10,000 miles of lines closed in Britain since the 1950s, bringing to life the story of train travel as it used to be.

Stranger by the Creek

Author : Anthony Earl Wohlleb
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As my eyes adjust, seeing clearer than I ever have before, I realize that I'm staring at my own sleeping body on the bed in front of me! What is this? I have not died - I know this, I can feel that there is still a connection to the old body I have left behind. My only thought: I have to get help...I have to wake up Grandpa! A week. I was beginning my summer stay with Grandpa for a week - our usual yearly routine. This is the first night of my time over here and I thought I was having trouble falling asleep, but apparently, I was already sleeping and I didn't realize it. As I run in a panic towards his closed door and reach for the doorknob...I can't grab it! My hand passes right through as if I were...a ghost. "What am I?" I ask myself this, and thinking about the doorknob, I decide to hesitantly push my way through the door and suddenly I'm in his room. I immediately run over to Grandpa and my hand passes through him in the same way. "Something happened...I don't know what to call this, but I'm obviously not me!" I cried. Shortly afterward, in the silence and in the middle of my fright, a voice questions, "You feel helpless?" The golden outline of a man appears. I have yet to realize that this man will change my life forever.

The King s Greatest Secret

Author : John Roy Bohlen
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Opening the Dragon Gate

Author : Chen Kaiguo
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This authorized biography of the contemporary Taoist expert Wang Liping (1949 -) tells the true story of his apprenticeship in Taoist wizardry, as well as Taoist principles and secrets of inner transformation. The 18th-generation transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism, Wang Liping is heir to a tradition of esoteric knowledge and practice accumulated and refined over eleven centuries. This is the first English translation by noted writer Thomas Cleary of the authorized biography by two longtime disciples of this living master of the Dragon Gate branch of the Complete Reality school of Taoism, which integrated Buddhism and Confucianism into a comprehensive new form of Taoism.

Queer Beauty

Author : Whitney Davis
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The pioneering work of Johann Winckelmann (1717-1768) identified a homoerotic appreciation of male beauty in classical Greek sculpture, a fascination that had endured in Western art since the Greeks. Yet after Winckelmann, the value (even the possibility) of art's queer beauty was often denied. Several theorists, notably the philosopher Immanuel Kant, broke sexual attraction and aesthetic appreciation into separate or dueling domains. In turn, sexual desire and aesthetic pleasure had to be profoundly rethought by later writers. Whitney Davis follows how such innovative thinkers as John Addington Symonds, Michel Foucault, and Richard Wollheim rejoined these two domains, reclaiming earlier insights about the mutual implication of sexuality and aesthetics. Addressing texts by Arthur Schopenhauer, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde, Vernon Lee, and Sigmund Freud, among many others, Davis criticizes modern approaches, such as Kantian idealism, Darwinism, psychoanalysis, and analytic aesthetics, for either reducing aesthetics to a question of sexuality or for removing sexuality from the aesthetic field altogether. Despite these schematic reductions, sexuality always returns to aesthetics, and aesthetic considerations always recur in sexuality. Davis particularly emphasizes the way in which philosophies of art since the late eighteenth century have responded to nonstandard sexuality, especially homoeroticism, and how theories of nonstandard sexuality have drawn on aesthetics in significant ways. Many imaginative and penetrating critics have wrestled productively, though often inconclusively and "against themselves," with the aesthetic making of sexual life and new forms of art made from reconstituted sexualities. Through a critique that confronts history, philosophy, science, psychology, and dominant theories of art and sexuality, Davis challenges privileged types of sexual and aesthetic creation imagined in modern culture-and assumed today.

The Lines of Life

Author : David Novarr
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The study of biography has leaped from surveys of biographical writing and statements of biographical practice to semiotic and post-structuralist discussions of the modality of biography without adequate consideration of what has already been done in the theory of the genre. Professor Novarr has closed that gap with this comprehensive and judicious historical survey and assessment of all the major (and many of the minor) statements made about biography in the crucial period 1880-1970. It traces, in the work of writers like David Cecil, Leon Edel, Mark Schorer, Paul Murray Kendall, and others, the nature of the relation between biographer and subject, the concept that biography is essentially the interpretation of one mind by another, and the idea that the biographer's angle of vision is both inevitable and important.

The Life of William Thomson Baron Kelvin of Largs

Author : Silvanus Phillips Thompson
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A comprehensive biography, first published in 1910, of the influential mathematician and physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824-1907).

Physics of the Life Sciences

Author : Jay Newman
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Each chapter has three types of learning aides for students: open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, and quantitative problems. There is an average of about 50 per chapter. There are also a number of worked examples in the chapters, averaging over 5 per chapter, and almost 600 photos and line drawings.

Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

Author : Harold Gatty
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Useful, instructive manual shows would-be explorers, hikers, bikers, scouts, sailors, and survivalists how to find their way outdoors by observing animals, weather patterns, shifting sands, and other elements of nature.

20th Century Photographers

Author : Grace Schaub
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This book is a compilation of interviews and essays that cover a broad range of photographers and photographic disciplines. Each photographer profiled made a living by concentrating on a specific aspect of the craft, but in doing so transcended their livelihood to become recognized for more than the type of images they created. Each had a distinct "style," creative approach, dedication to the craft, point of view about themselves and the world. These interviews were conducted during a seminal period in the shift from film to digital and from print reproduction to global distribution on the Internet. Just like their photographs continue to inspire today, now these pros’ words can live on as an invaluable reference for the photographers of the future. The truth and wisdom in this collection transcend time and technology.

Life of George Bent

Author : George E. Hyde
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George Bent, the son of William Bent, one of the founders of Bent's Fort on the Arkansas near present La Junta, Colorado, and Owl Woman, a Cheyenne, began exchanging letters in 1905 with George E. Hyde of Omaha concerning life at the fort, his experiences with his Cheyenne kinsmen, and the events which finally led to the military suppression of the Indians on the southern Great Plains. This correspondence, which continued to the eve of Bent's death in 1918, is the source of the narrative here published, the narrator being Bent himself. Almost ninety years have elapsed since the day in 1930 when Mr. Hyde found it impossible to market the finished manuscript of the Bent life down to 1866. (The Depression had set in some months before.) He accordingly sold that portion of the manuscript to the Denver Public Library, retaining his working copy, which carries down to 1875. The account therefore embraces the most stirring period, not only of Bent's own life, but of life on the Plains and into the Rockies. It has never before been published. It is not often that an eyewitness of great events in the West tells his own story. But Bent's narrative, aside from the extent of its chronology (1826 to 1875), has very special significance as an inside view of Cheyenne life and action after the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864, which cost so many of the lives of Bent's friends and relatives. It is hardly probable that we shall achieve a more authentic view of what happened, as the Cheyennes, Arapahos, and Sioux saw it.

Values Clarification

Author : Dr. Sidney B. Simon
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Are you getting what you want out of life? Do you know where you draw the line when it comes to sex, money, cheating on your income tax ... or accepting an indecent proposal? Becoming aware of your values is the key to making wise choices in all aspects of your life, from picking a partner to buying a house. Created by Dr. Sidney Simon, coauthor of the bestselling Getting Unstuck, and two other leading professionals, this workbook has already had an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives. Its scores of intriguing, interactive exercises were designed to uncover the hidden beliefs that reveal what matters most to you, how you deal with life-changing conflicts, which career choices will make you happiest, what leisure time activities provide you with the most pleasure, where you honestly stand on controversial issues, what day-to-day events are likely to make you angry ... excited ... anxious ... confident, how best to motivate yourself, and what beliefs can cause conflict in your family or love relationship.

A Film Actor s Technique

Author : James A. Baffico
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A comprehensive step-by-step how-to guide for the beginner movie actor.